Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One More Time

I try to avoid redundancy as much as possible, but one story just won't go away, and it seems to require some more attention. At the risk of sounding obsessive about this, the UFO story continues to mystify and it continues to persist in the media. It is becoming more and more difficult to avoid the topic, as it seems almost daily that one story or another will appear from around the world. This trend has seemed even more notable over the last several months.

Trying to apply logic and biblical principles, there are certain conclusions that may be reached.

1. Perhaps there are places in the universe that have intelligent life. The Bible doesn't expressly address this topic. If God had a plan for some other forms of intelligent life, to exist on other planets, and choose not to inform us for whatever divine reasons, then He most certainly could do that. If this scenario serves as the explanation for the various sightings and "abductions", then it would seem that the prophetic scriptures would have mentioned something like this - particularly something of this magnitude. Additionally, I find it hard to believe that some alien life form would spend THIS MUCH time and effort - traveling millions of light years across the universe - all while making their presence known - as they hover in the atmosphere for decades upon decades - with no apparent purpose. That seems a stretch for even the most vivid imagination.

2. Perhaps every single sighting has a rational explanation which does not include alien life forms. In this scenario, each of these sightings, including those coming from military personnel around the world and airline pilots, air traffic control staff and other credible witnesses. This is a possibility, but it is hard to imagine that every single such episode has a different explanation.

3. The other explanation - one that is getting a lot of attention in prophecy circles and discussed in this forum - includes that these sightings have a demonic basis and is somehow being used to prepare/condition the public to accept this "explanation" for the Rapture of the Church. If indeed this were the case, then it would explain a lot of things being observed.

Before going to today's link, keep in mind the following scriptures as they relate to our end times prophecies:

- In reference to the false prophet:

"And he performed miraculous signs even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth." (Revelation 13:13-14)

- In reference to the antichrist:

"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing" (2 Thessalonians 2:9-11)

With this in mind, Paul McGuire has written an interesting article regarding his views on this topic and he brings out some information from "the days of Noah" which may be highly germane. This was sent out in a newsletter, and here is a link to his main site (not to endorse his site, as I don't categorically agree/disagree with everything he says), as he often has unique insight into prophetic matters:

Paul McGuire World News and Prophetic Updates

Here are some of his comments regarding the UFO situation:

The goal of the elite in our world has been for over a century, a one world communist government. They know that the Middle Class around the world are not going to willingly give up their freedoms and their hard earned wealth to join a one world communist government. Therefore crisis must be used to transition them into acceptance.

The primary strategy has been manufactured crisis, such as the Great Depression and the current global economic crisis. Economic collapse, a nuclear terrorist attack and even something more powerful is needed to cause the global Middle Class to give up their freedom and their money in order to live under a global totalitarian state.

It is possible that a general announcement from the major governments of the world stating that we are being attacked by aliens, or that aliens are already here demanding we surrender our nuclear weapons and join a World Communist Government, could be in the near the near future.

The aliens could be real, as in the case of Fallen Angels coming in from another dimension, the Nephilim, or brainwashing the masses into believing there are aliens. Either case would produce the same results. For years we have been indoctrinated by movies like Independence Day, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and Hell Boy 3, which deal with themes of the world uniting to fight a common enemy. This enemy could be global cataclysm, global warming, aliens, asteroids and Nephilim-like creatures. We are being brainwashed to accept world government as the answer. That is why in Europe Obama called himself, a citizen of the world and that is what most students have been indoctrinated to believe.

In the last year or so there has been a steady increase in the sightings of UFO's. Major sightings of UFO's happened in New York City and then in El Paso, Texas within about a week. Prior to that ,major scientists and high ranking military officers held an international conference where they talked about UFO's flying over military bases and doing things like shutting down their nuclear weapons and then allowing them back on. Most of this was suppressed information that happened 10-20 years ago and it is just now being let out. The Vatican announced that there was life on other planets and that UFO's are real.

The United Nations just announced that they just created a special Ambassador to the aliens. All of this is pretty serious stuff and it is accelerating. Could we be moving to a long planned Alien Disclosure Event by the major governments of the world for the purpose of moving us into a one world government?

Christians need to be prepared for such an announcement. Whether or not the event is manufactured in the sense of being global mind control theater or Fallen Angels using technology that have come to the earth as "aliens" in UFO's, the reaction will be the same. Genesis 6 spells out in great detail that Fallen Angels became attracted to human women and mated with them producing an interspecies race of Fallen Angel and human.

A combining of the DNA of demons with humans. Their children were a combination of demon and human DNA called the Nephilim or the giants of old. The Old Testament is filled with references to a race of giants. The giant Goliath who was killed by David was most likely a Nephilim. In Genesis 5 & 6 we read how God was sorry that He created the human race because they had become wicked, violent and evil.

According to God, every thought and imagination of man was wicked and evil. God judged the world by destroying everything except what went on the Ark with Noah.
If look at the account of Noah, the Flood and the Ark through genetics and DNA, we discover some very interesting things.

First, it appears that the tipping point of God flooding the earth was not just the evil in the world. It seems that the final sin which caused God's judgment was the interbreeding of Fallen Angels and human women who produced an unholy race of Nephilim. In Jude 1:6-9, we read about these angels being judged by God for going after "strange flesh" and interbreeding with human women. Noah was commanded by God to bring a select few men and women with him and a male and female from every species on the Ark. The purpose was to destroy the interspecies breeding and to start over again with DNA that was not polluted.

Again, this is intended only as "food for thought". It is also worthwhile, however, to be prepared for whatever may come our way, this side of the Rapture. There is no telling what types of things we could see in the near future as the road continues to be paved for the Tribulation. We may see absolutely nothing else as far as this story unfolds - that is, if the Rapture takes place sooner rather than later. However, there is also no telling what we may witness on earth prior to the beginning of the Tribulation, as we draw closer and closer to the last seven years and the "counterfeit signs and wonders" begin in earnest.

It always helps to be prepared.


Joe Agnello said...

Very interesting Scott. The only thing I would add is that I tend to agree with John MacArthur on the demons breeding with humans thing. I think it's more plausible with the entirety of Scripture that demons and mankind never interbred, but rather that due to their overt wickedness and demon worship, men were inviting demon possession, and women were craving marriage to demon possessed men, and thus a race of demonically raised human children were filling the earth.

I may not have articulated MacArthur's position on that perfectly, but it goes something like that. It seems to make the most sense to me anyway.

Based on 1 Corinthians 15:39, I think it's unlikely they actually mixed DNA: "All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of animals, another of fish, and another of birds." Granted, angelic flesh is not listed, but I think it can be assumed that they too have different flesh.

That article makes a very interesting connection though to the "as the days of Noah" comment by our Lord (Matthew 24:37). I'm glad you pointed it out.

Strange days indeed Scott.

Joe Agnello

Scott said...

Very strange Joe. I really don't know what to make of all of this - its just something I hope people are aware of AND if some deception does come our way on this side of the rapture, people will be prepared and have no fear in the knowledge of where it may be coming from. the story is just getting TOO much attention these days to ignore. We'll see......

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I read a story yesterday of a woman that was abducted by 'aliens' many times. she said she had her tubes tied yrs before and this alien corrected that and so she could become with child by them. Three months later they came back to her and took the baby out. Later the aliens came back to show her the baby. she said it look like both species. After this appearance with the baby she was so heart broken, she excepted Jesus as her Saviour. a few months later the 'alien' came back. She began saying the name of Jesus over and over and the alien kept backing away. they were scared of the name.

The woman says she is heartbroken by having a mixed child and her never knowing it. And, that they haven't returned since that time of her saying the name of Jesus.

You don't know whether to believe this or not. But, IF these fallen angels that are acting as 'aliens' now ARE breeding with humans...maybe this IS true?

I believe satan is just setting up one great way to explain the disappearance of the Christians.

This is one "spooky" topic! what are your thoughts on this?


Scott said...


There are many many stories identical to the one you quoted. I'm not sure how believable they all are, but there are so many various stories like this from a lot of different places in the world, one has to wonder. And I have also heard that whatever these "beings" are, are indeed repelled by the name of Jesus. IF true, and again, there is no way of knowing for certain - then it ties into the whole demonic-deception story along with the "Days of Noah" reference and everything that brings, as quoted by Joe above and Paul MaGuire. I have no idea what to believe, but its worth considering this scenario.