Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Right on Schedule

So the rhetoric about the peace talks being "off" was simply political posturing after all - and it was SO predictable. Now the real agenda comes out:

PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders

Senior Palestine Liberation Organization official Yasser Abed Rabbo said on Wednesday that the Palestinians will be willing to recognize the State of Israel in any way that it desires, if the Americans would only present a map of the future Palestinian state that includes all of the territories captured in 1967, including East Jerusalem.

Abed Rabbo continued, "It is important for us to know where are the borders of Israel and where are the borders of Palestine. Any formulation the Americans present – even asking us to call Israel the 'Chinese State' – we will agree to it, as long as we receive the 1967 borders. We have recognized Israel in the past, but Israel has not recognized the Palestinian state."

And this:

Palestinians demand Israel present map of its borders

"If this map is based on the 1967 borders and provides for the end of the Israeli occupation over all Palestinian lands... then we recognize Israel by whatever name it applies to itself in accordance with international law," Abed Rabbo told the AFP.

Of course, with the 1967 borders, Israel would have to give away the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem. This would create an almost indefensible state of Israel against enemy attacks in the event of war. It was just a matter of time before this request came out and it came in less than 24 hours.

In other news:

Thousands greet Ahmadinejad on first state visit to Lebanon

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began his first state visit to Lebanon on Wednesday, giving a strong show of support to the Shi'ite militant group Hizbullah and stirring up the country's tumultuous political divides.

Thousands of Lebanese — mostly Hizbullah backers — lined the main highway into the capital from Beirut's airport, where Ahmadinejad arrived Wednesday. Loudspeakers blasted songs as women sold Hizbullah flags and balloons to onlookers.

Iran is the most powerful ally of Hizbullah which holds widespread support among Lebanon's Shi'ites and boasts the country's strongest military force. But Ahmadinejad's visit has sparked concern among Western-backed factions locked in a political struggle with Hizbullah over the direction of the country.

The Lebanese daily Assafir reported that Ahmadinejad may hold a tripartite meeting with his Turkish Prime Minster Tayyip Erdogan and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri counterparts on Friday.

The paper reported that the Iranian president extended his trip so the three can meet "amid major headlines."

Hero's Welcome for Ahmadinejad in Lebanon

The visit is timely for Hizbullah, which is the subject of a United Nations investigation into the assassination of former anti-Syrian Prime Minister Rafik Hariri several years ago. Hizbullah is a minority member of the Lebanese coalition government but holds a grip on legislation through its veto power in the national cabinet.

Hizbullah, which is financed by Iran, has gained wide support on southern Lebanon, where it created a state within a state following the hasty departure of Israeli troops in 2000, ordered by then-Prime Minister and current Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Lebanon crowds cheer Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

It is the Iranian leader's first visit to Lebanon since he took office in 2005, and some members of Lebanon's pro-Western parliamentary majority see it as a provocation.

Before he arrived, Hezbollah's rivals in government issued a statement saying Mr Ahmadinejad was seeking to transform Lebanon into "an Iranian base on the Mediterranean".

This is just the first day of Ahmadinejad's visit. It will be interesting to see exactly what he has up his sleeve. We'll be watching this one closely.


hartdawg said...

so what`s the problem? havent the palastinians lived up to their bargains in the past? after all, they just wanna be neighbors and live side by side in peace and harmony with isreal. maybe now they can visit each other and sing songs around the campfire with each other just as obama and hillary imagined. now their will be peace!

hartdawg said...

.....WAIT! lets not get too excited just yet. do you think netanyahu believes the plo? i hope he is smarter than that. i hope i didnt put a damper on everyones dreams. i must be a real pessimist.

Scott said...

I don't see Netanyahu going back to the 1967 borders. Its just too much of a strategic disadvantage in a military sense. But who knows anymore.

There won't be a peace plan before the AC arrives, so by definition none of this will actually happen. We'll see the various battles discussed (Ezek 37-38/Psa 83 etc) - first. Then the AC then a peace deal.

Thats how I see it anyway :)

hartdawg said...

so no singing around campfires together, palastinians and isrealis? no side by side peace and harmony? arent you being "negative"?

Scott said...

Always....What does brother Hal always say? Politically incorrect, factually correct? (well, its something like that anyway :)

hartdawg said...

ya....that`s what he says.