Monday, October 25, 2010

In the news

After a slow weekend, there are several stories surfacing this morning in prophecy related news:

1. Another unusual earthquake in the middle of America. This makes the third such quake over the last three weeks:

Magnitude 4.6 Earthquake Hits Northwest Wyoming

2. It looks like this coming winter could be very very cold:

The Super La Nina and the Coming Winter

La Nina is the lesser-known colder sister of El Nino. La Nina chills the waters of the tropical Pacific Ocean, and in turn cools the entire planet for one to two years or more. This chilling has the potential to bring bone-numbing cold to many parts of the world for this and the following winter. As a result, world energy demand may spike in the next one to two years as much colder weather hits many of the major industrial nations.

This La Nina appears to be special, at least so far. It is well on its way to being the strongest of these events since the super La Nina of 1955-1956. During that powerful La Nina that lasted two years, the global average temperature fell nearly one degree Fahrenheit from 1953 to 1956.

3. More mortars are being launched from Gaza into Israel (more proof that the "land for peace" deal isn't working out so well):

Palestinians fire 5 mortar shells from Gaza

The attacks came after three mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel exploded on Sunday evening, with one landing in an open field in the Eshkol Regional Council. The other two exploded in Gaza.

4. Israel prepares for the worst case scenario:

Lieberman orders 'day after' plans for tackling nuclear Iran

Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has commissioned a report on how to prepare for a nuclear-armed Iran as doubt mounts about the efficacy of preventive action, an Israeli source said on Monday.

In a sign the government is examining a full range of options, Lieberman, the most hawkish member of Netanyahu's coalition, has ordered ministry strategists to draft a paper on "what to do if we wake up and discover the Iranians have a nuclear weapon", said the senior Israeli political source, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Another interesting quote was inserted into this article:

Foreign Ministry planners are also preparing a report on possible responses should the Palestinians unilaterally declare a state taking in all of the occupied West Bank, where continued Israeli settlement has bogged down U.S.-sponsored peace efforts.

Now that is something I would like to see. How exactly would Israel respond if the "world's nations", or the "international community" determined that they would impose a Palestinian state and include new israel borders without any agreement by Israel?

More on this topic here:

Israel FM drafts response to unilateral Palestinian state

5. Israel is now being blamed for the missile site explosion in Iran:

Report: Israel planned explosion at Iranian missile site

An explosion that killed 18 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on October 12 was ordered by the Mossad, French newspaper Le Figaro suggested on Monday. Another cause for the blast mentioned by the paper was a targeted Israeli air raid.

Le Figaro also alleged that the explosion occurred at a secret missile site for the long-range Shahab-3, capable of being modified to carry a nuclear payload and striking Israel.

Mossad behind Iranian military base blast

The French newspaper said the blast proved to be a serious blow to Iran's ability to defend its sensitive security installations, further weakening its ability to defend its nuclear facilities in case of an attack.

It is amazing that Israel has the capability to somehow reach deep into Iranian territory - to a site embedded in the mountains - and actually manage to destroy part or all of this facility. It is hard to imagine any other group or nation as having the desire or the capability to accomplish something like this. Tt also serves as a testimony as to how serious this situation is to Israel and their very survival. One has to wonder what else is on the horizon as Iran reaches nuclear weapons capability.

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