Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the news...

First, we see Jordan's King Abdullah coming out with his updated view of the Middle East:

"Future of Israel in jeopardy"

"I think the long-term future of Israel is in jeopardy unless we solve our problems," the monarch, who was to leave for Washington Saturday for US President Barack Obama's Nuclear Security Summit, told the paper.

"Over the Israeli-Lebanese border; if you spoke (to some Lebanese) today they feel there is going to be a war any second. (It) looks like there is an attempt by certain groups to promote a third intifada, which would be disastrous. Jerusalem as you are well aware is a tinderbox that could go off at any time, and then there is the overriding concern about military action between Israel and Iran," King Abdullah said.

"So with all these things in the background, the status quo is not acceptable; what will happen is that we will continue to go around in circles until the conflict erupts, and there will be suffering by peoples because there will be a war."

It sounds like King Abdullah has been reading biblical prophecy (not really, but he is correct in his view that there will be a war). He adds more in this article:

"Jordan's King Abdullah regrets peace with Israel"

Jordan's King Abdullah II, widely regarded as the most moderate of Arab leaders, indicated in an interview with The Wall Street Journal published on Tuesday that he regrets his father's decision to make peace with Israel.

"Our relationship with Israel is at an all-bottom low. It hasn't been as bad as it is today and as tense as it is today," said Abdullah.

He noted that Jordanians do not see any real tangible benefit from the peace with Israel:

What Abdullah didn't mention was that according to the peace treaty between the two nations, Israel provides Jordan with a large portion of its annual water needs, and that many Israelis do business in Jordan, even if their Jordanian counterparts choose not to reciprocate.

However, Abdullah again left the picture incomplete, failing to note that when his country illegally occupied Jerusalem from 1948-1967, it summarily denied Jews and often Christians access to their holy sites.

Abdullah concluded by warning Israel that its future would be at stake if it did not make peace on Arab terms in the very near future. Such saber-rattling from a leader considered Israel's best friend in the Arab world is further evidence of the increasing radicalization of the region, even its more "moderate" elements.

So...Israel now needs to "make peace on Arab terms". Interesting. It's interesting because the "Arab terms" actually would include the complete destruction of Israel.

In other news:

"Iran missile will strike Tel Aviv if hit"

An aide to Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that the Islamic republic will strike Tel Aviv with its missiles if it comes under attack, Fars news agency reported on Tuesday.
"If the enemy takes its chance and fires a missile towards Iran, the dust from an Iranian missile strike will rise in the heart of Tel Aviv even before the dust from the enemy attack settles" in Iran, said cleric Mojtaba Zolnoor, who is Khamenei's representative in the elite Revolutionary Guards.

And this article (below) is very revealing. I have been wondering what Israel's position is, regarding the recent rhetoric about the idea of the "international community" creating a "Palestinian State" by force, without Israel involved in the process:

"U.S. bid to revive Mideast talks at dead-end"

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, whose Western-backed government has a limited governing role in the Israeli-controlled West Bank, has announced plans to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state, possibly as early as the summer of 2011 - even without a peace deal.

Toward that aim, Fayyad has begun ambitious reforms of the government and
security forces, building up Palestinian institutions and developing the
economy in preparation for independence.

The international community has welcomed Fayyad's reform efforts, raising
fears in Israel that a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood could win international recognition.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned the Palestinian Authority this week against plans to declare independence unilaterally next year, saying such a move could prompt Israel to annex parts of the West Bank and annul past peace agreements.

Lieberman warned that Israel would not tolerate such a step, and could revoke a series of agreements made under the so-called Oslo interim peace accords of the 1990s or even annex parts of the West Bank.

"Any unilateral decision will release us from all of our commitments and will allow us also to make unilateral decisions," Lieberman was quoted as saying by Israeli media.

"For example, imposing Israeli sovereignty on certain areas, cutting off all kinds of ties and transfers of money and a string of benefits and agreements put into place since the Oslo accords," he said.

Recent actions from various nations who were, at one time, favorable to Israel (Turkey, Jordan and the U.S.) - reveal to us - that indeed - "all nations" are now against Israel. There is no doubting that.

Israel stands alone in this world. However, God will supernaturally protect them in their greatest time of need. The stage is being set for this right now - and we are watching it evolve before our very eyes.


hartdawg said...

isreal still has one ally left,evangelical christians, and isreal knows this. once the christians are gone, then isreal will be alone and thatswhen God intervenes.

Anonymous said...

It continues to amaze me how quickly all of this is happening. America has been falling asleep for many years, but the fact is, they are sound asleep right now.

I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. Half the time I am upset and angry and disappointed and grieving for this country. The other half I am able to look up and see the great plan of our God.

Hart, it sure does look like you are right about this. Strangely, we have a president who simply doesn't care what people (or several of his constituencies) think about anything he does. Again, it's like nothing I have ever seen before. Great orator but his policies will destroy this great country.

Zechariah 12:3--we are truly living in the days where this prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes.

Scott said...


I agree - but the evangelicals can't help fund or assist Israel militarily - and we can't set policy mandates to Israel like the administration can - and in reality, thats all that matters. And its what worries me.

But I see your point - there is a very strong pro-Israel group in existence in America - but compared to the power of the gov''t, its small potatos.

Also agree with second comment - I have never seen a time like this either. I recall living through the Carter years - but even then, we didn't see a "dismantling" of our entire system as we do today.