Saturday, April 3, 2010

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Heading into this weekend, things seem relatively quiet. There are a lot of articles circulating in the Middle East regarding the U.S. abandoning Israel; those people in the Middle East see the significance of this change in American policy but it goes largely unnoticed in the West. Today we see a few things of interest:

"U.S. Military Analyst: Obama is the First Anti-Israeli President"

One quote says it all:

Obama Refuses to Recognize the Basic Equation
The American animosity towards Israel “is not about housing in Jerusalem or anything else,” Peters emphasized. “We need to back up and get a little wide-angle picture and recognize the fundamental issue in play here: Israel wants to live in peace with its neighbors, and its neighbors want Israel destroyed. The President refuses to understand that.”

"Ahmadinejad: Sanctions strengthen us"

In a speech Saturday, the Iranian president also said US pressure on Iran had backfired and made Washington more isolated in the eyes of the world.

Faced with the prospect of new sanctions because of Iran's nuclear defiance, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday that new penalties would only strengthen the country's technological progress by encouraging it to become more self-sufficient.

"Despite Obama's sanctions, Ahmadinejad can keep smiling"

Just yesterday U.S. President Barack Obama announced that there is evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and warned that the entire Middle East would be 'destabilized' if they succeed in attaining nuclear arms, and further trigger an arms race in the region.

Yet it is highly unlikely that Obama's chosen line of action to stop this growing trend will prove to be the right one. In an interview on CBS Obama stressed that a united international community will back the soon-to-be-approved sanctions against Iran.

The trouble is that time is exactly what is lacking in the equation. According to analysts across the globe, Iran will be able to manufacture nuclear warheads by the end of this year. Yet while the Americans debate what to do with Iran after the expected failure of the current sanctions, the centrifuges will continue to enrich uranium in either the Natanz or Qom nuclear plants.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can continue to smile.

And of course, Tehran did not hesitate to respond. Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili said after meetings in China that "In our talks with China it was agreed that tools such as sanctions have lost their effectiveness, " adding that ""Iranians are familiar with sanctions ... We consider sanctions as opportunities ... We will continue our [nuclear] path more decisively."


Today, it seems that there is a relative lull in what has been a big wave of birth pains. It comes as a welcome relief, especially on a weekend when we are focused on the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Ultimately this weekend serves as a huge reminder of why we watch prophecy as we do: For most of us, certainly those prophecy watchers I have had the pleasure of meeting, either in person or on-line - we watch the signs because these signs inform us that we are closer and closer to the ultimate goal - to be in the very presence of Jesus. That moment we all anticipate - that moment that we live for - that moment when we can actually bow before Christ, in person, and thank Him for everything He did for us - to thank Him for going to the cross on our behalf.

That moment is approaching for all of us - and as incredible as it seems - it will happen and it will happen soon.

A one-on-one encounter with Jesus. It's what we live for - the ultimate motivation for prophecy watching.

Maranatha! He is coming soon!

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