Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the news: The U.S. continues anti-Israeli stance

I'll let the article speak for itself:

"Smoke or Fire? U.S. Denies 'Final Status' Plan"

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who advised former President Bill Clinton and was sidelined from being an official Obama advisor because of his anti-Israel views, suggested to the White House that it scrap its attempts to continue the PA-Israeli track for mediated talks.

The New York Times recently detailed a meeting of presidential aides at which Brzezinski made his proposal. President Obama attended part of the meeting, and media reports of details of discussions may have been a trial balloon.

Times reporter Helene Cooper wrote that the meeting was chaired by national security advisor General James Jones, a former thorn in the side of the IDF when he was the American military envoy in Israel. He insisted that an American plan for a new PA state is the only way to break the current diplomatic stalemate.

President Obama reportedly listened without agreeing or disagreeing, but his presence gave prominence, if not support, for the views of Brzezinski, which were shared by Brent Scowcroft and Samuel Berger, national security advisers to former presidents.

Previous experience in Washington’s involvement in the Middle East has shown that the executive branch and the State Department often deny reports of new initiatives but later implement them after arguing that such moves were necessary to “keep the peace process moving forward.”

An Obama final status plan would almost assuredly include dividing Jerusalem, with the Palestinian Authority declaring it as its capital.

Jonathan Tobin wrote on the Commentary web site, “The effort to leak this story to multiple outlets appears to be a continuation of Obama’s feud with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Having failed to make Netanyahu bend to his will on the building of homes in existing Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Obama is now raising the stakes by pointedly holding out the possibility that he will impose his own partition on Israel’s capital after the certain failure of the so-called ‘proximity talks’ — so named because the Palestinians will not even sit in the same room to talk peace with Israelis.

“Obama’s diplomatic war on Israel seems to be just beginning.”

In a related article we see the following:

"Is Obama targeting Israel's nuclear program?"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided suddenly late last week to not attend this week's US-hosted nuclear arms summit. Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Atomic Affairs Dan Meridor will represent Israel in Netanyahu's stead.

According to Netanyahu's office, the decision was made after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to turn the summit into an international effort to bring an end to Israel's nuclear program. Without the Israeli leader in attendance, it will be much more difficult to do that.

But Israel's Ma'ariv daily newspaper reported just before the weekend that it may not have been only Egypt and Turkey that planned to ambush Netanyahu.

Scientists at Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona told the newspaper that for the past several months, they have been unable to obtain visas to enter the US and attend American universities, where in the past they regularly advanced their knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry and nuclear engineering.

The scientists said the Obama Administration has placed an unofficial embargo on parts and supplies needed for the Dimona reactor.

Is it possible that Obama himself intended to strong-arm Netanyahu into finally signing Israel up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Considering tensions between the two leaders in recent months and Obama's near-outright hostility toward Israel, many in Jerusalem believe that to be the case.


Everything that we read and everything that we see lately reveals that Obama is no friend to Israel. This is shown by the way Netanyahu is treated by the U.S. administration (horribly), the verbiage which comes from the White House relating to the Middle East, and the pro-terrorist stance that the administration takes, predictably on virtually every issue (find ONE example where Obama has asked for concessions from the terrorist groups surrounding Israel. Just one.) - additionally - the concessions demanded upon Israel are more draconian than any previous administration.

Its crystal clear - the U.S. has abandoned any and all support for Israel. The U.S. is also attempting to divide Jerusalem and divide Israel (by connecting the West Bank to Gaza, via a "land strip", effectively dividing Israel).

The so-called "peace plan" offered up by Obama and other anti-Israeli countries/terrorist states, would weaken Israel significantly (the West Bank and the Golan Heights are extremely importantly from a military perspective). It would also "move" Jerusalem - something that is strictly forbidden in the eyes of God Himself (just re-read Zechariah 12 to see God's words on this).

The Obama administration is taking on a position which is in direct conflict with God, God's plan and God's view of Israel. I suspect this administration has no idea of the pertinent biblical scriptures regarding Israel and how countries around the world treat Israel, and the consequences of such action. That is too bad, because God is very clear on this topic.

Those countries who have historically battled against Israel haven't done too well. All one has to do is look at historical information on those countries who have opposed Israel, and its not a pretty picture. The U.S. seems to be traveling down a well-worn path. A path to destruction.

We knew it had to happen sooner or later (I had assumed that the U.S. would fall from prominence as a result of the Rapture or, perhaps during the Tribulation, but it appears now that it may happen sooner). The U.S. will fall from being an "important player" in the world during or before the Tribulation. In fact, the U.S. doesn't even receive a passing glance in the vivid descriptions given to the world powers who are engaged during that time. Something happens to the U.S. - something that removes it from power. It could be that the U.S. simply becomes folded into the constantly expanding EU, and effectively loses its prominence as a result.

Or - it could be that the U.S. falls under God's declaration given in Zechariah 12 and Genesis 12 - and takes a "hit" because of its actions which are overtly against Israel, while weakening and dividing both Jerusalem and Israel. Just like all of the other countries who have unsuccessfully attempted their anti-Israeli position throughout history.

Obama continues this current anti-Israeli position at his own peril. And at our peril. His arrogance is astonishing - and it has now reached epic levels - he is not only opposed to Israel - but he is opposed to God Himself. Good luck with that one.

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