Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Earthquakes and Volcanos

I assume everyone is aware of the recent 7.7 quake in Indonesia. "Magnitude 7.7"

Additionally, one story that I have not been covering, is the number of active volcanos around the world; which represents more evidence of seismic activity around the world. Most recently:

"Swarm of Small Quakes Occurring at Alaska Volcano"

A swarm of small earthquakes began Monday at a volcano near Anchorage in what scientists said was a warning that Mount Redoubt could be waking from its slumber.The swarm of small quakes started early in the day near the summit of Mount Redoubt, about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, with a regular pattern often seen when magma is moving inside a volcano, Wessels said.

Just something else worth watching in these last days.


hartdawg said...

growing up in alaska i remember mt redoubt going off in the 80s and covering up computers and cars due to ash.

Scott said...

Interesting - were there quakes associated with the volcano back then as well?

hartdawg said...

no. it wasnt a major eruption either.