Sunday, April 11, 2010


In the last 48 hours (its been very active):

"7.1-Magnitude strikes off Solomon Islands"


5.0 Chile
5.5 New Guinea
5.5 Indonesia
5.6 Taiwan
5.0 E. Pacific Rise
5.3 Santa Cruz
5.9 Fiji
5.4 Chile
5.1 W. Chile Rise
5.1 New Guinea
5.1 Easter Island
5.3 Indonesia


"Latest Earthquakes"

Earthquake Map"


In a completely unrelated news story, but one that adds to yesterday's post (Iran "baiting Israel"):

Iran has come out today bragging (very "publicly") about their developing a new, more advanced anti-aircraft system:

"Iran produces air defense missile"

Obviously, this would be of great interest to any country planning on "invading" Iran. Also - obviously, such a country would want to carry out any "invasion" prior to the installation of such an "anti-aircraft system". Hmm....


Iran is developing a new, more advanced anti-aircraft system, the country's defense minister said Sunday on Iranian national television.

Ahmad Vahidi said the new Mersad, or Ambush, air defense system would be able to hit modern aircraft at low and medium altitudes.

Iran has been looking to upgrade its air defenses, especially as Israel has refused to rule out an airstrike over concerns that Teheran is developing nuclear weapons — a charge it denies.

This seems like more of the same baiting that Iran has engaged in for so long now. They know that this will only serve to shorten the timeframe for attacking their nuclear facilities. Obviously Israel would want to attack prior to the installation of this system.

We shall see.

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