Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turkey making their predicted moves: Prophecy in focus

Turkey has been fascinating to watch in terms of the last days scenario. Only a few years ago, it was difficult to determine which direction Turkey would go - would they make moves towards the EU and away from radical Islam, or would they move in the direction of biblical prophecy and align with Russia and Iran, as predicted in Ezekiel 38-39?

Over the last couple of years, Turkey, in a predictable manner has moved more and more in the direction of radical Islam, and into the waiting arms of Russia and Iran. Coupled with that, has been their strong anti-Israeli stance and rhetoric over the last several months. There is no question where their loyalties are at this point in history.

Before the articles that are out today, which serve to support this view, a timely commentary was written by Terry James of Rapture Ready (see a few quotes below; the article is well worth reading): "End-Times Stage-Setting in View"

Togarmah is the name for the ancient territory now primarily occupied by Turkey. The people of Togarmah are prophesied to join the Persian (primarily present-day Iran) in the Gog-Magog attack of Ezekiel chapters 38-39. Recently, the government of Turkey has changed dramatically from an administration friendly to the West and Israel to one openly hostile in its rhetoric to the Jewish state.

This is partially true because Turkey is dependent upon Iran to supply much of its natural gas for energy. However, the Islamic ties are an increasingly powerful influence that binds together these prophetically intertwined peoples.

The rapid movement of Turkey as of late from the Western sphere of influence into the Eastern--particularly into the radical Islamic camp--calls for increased watchfulness.

We are now seeing further and strengthening alliances between Turkey and Israel's enemies (in addition to Iran and Russia) in the region:

"Turkish-Syrian drill raises concerns in Israel"

Joint military exercise, similar to one held a year ago, signals tightening of ties between Ankara, Damascus. Israeli state officials fear Turkey may transfer Israeli technology to Syria

The joint military drill is aimed at tightening cooperation between Turkish and Syrian land forces defending the shared border. At the core of the exercise is the establishment of procedures which would enable the border protection forces to communicate and coordinate operations...

The tightening of Turkish-Syrian ties raises concerns in Israel, mainly due to their political significance and the possibility that the relations will expand to full out military cooperation. Such cooperation may include the transfer of technology Turkey received from Israel into Syrian hands.

Then the following article appeared this morning as well:

"Syrian-Turkish Joint Army drill Intensifies"

Syria is tightening its military alliance with Turkey as it reinforces its recent threat to send Israel back to “the Stone Age” if it attacks Hizbullah. Syrian President Bashar Assad told a Kuwaiti newspaper on Saturday it has “surprises" in store for Israel.

Turkish military officials said that its soldiers began joint military exercises with Syria on Monday, the second time in a year. The army maneuvers are another sign of closer ties between Damascus and Ankara, which was considered to be a friend of Israel until last year, when it fell in line with most of the Arab world’s anti-Israel campaign.

Turkey also has established closer ties with Iran, and an Iranian-Turkish-Syrian-Lebanese axis would pose a monolithic threat to Israel from the north.

Syrian sources told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai that if Israel were to attack the Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist army, Syria would impose a naval blockade on Israel, using ground-to-sea missiles.

The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad also has the capability to fire 60 ballistic missiles and 600 tactical missiles in one day, the sources told the newspaper. They added that if Hizbullah is attacked, Syria would fight alongside the Lebanese army, which has shown signs of being part and parcel of Hizbullah’s forces.

As stated before, only a couple of years ago it appeared that Turkey was one of the last pieces of the prophetic puzzle yet to fall into place (and that includes ALL "end times" prophecy, not just prophecy centered around Ezekiel 38-39). There was really no way back then to know which way Turkey would move (other than biblical prophecy, that is) - and now, over the last months, Turkey has become a vocal critic of Israel, while strengthening their alliances with Russia and Iran.

Right on schedule.


Joe Agnello said...

Scott, thanks for pointing these things out. I think that Turkey has become one of the most interesting places to watch for the past year or so.

As best as I understand it, modern day Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan are all included within Ezekiel 38's alliance. What's amazing to me is that although Armenia has been at conflict with Turkey and Azerbaijan for quite some time, since the Fall of 2009 their differences are being settled and they have been signing various treaties. Armenia and Azerbaijan are still working things out, but my guess is that since Turkey and Armenia have ended it, Azerbaijan and Armenia will indeed work it out too.

The things happening with Turkey are really quite extraordinary. Between these little details, and then the big details of Turkey's relations with Russia, Iran and Syria (even though Syria will likely have been destroyed by the Ezekiel 38 fulfillment), and how Turkey has turned against Israel, I am completely amazed. I think for the first time in the history of the world, the Ezekiel 38 alliance is actually forming into place.

If what we think we are seeing is in fact actually happening, that longed for last trump is not far off!

Thanks for your watchful eye Scott.

Joe Agnello
Chicago, IL

Scott said...

Its my pleasure, and thanks for the insightful comments. We're definitely looking at Russia, Iran and Turkey, probaby northern Africa and then, as you say, we may well be looking at Armenia and Azerbaijan and also some additional regions involved. One way of thinking about it too - is that many of the people that have infiltrated Hamas and Hezbollah are from these regions too, which makes it all the more interesting.

It has indeed lined up with the alignment of nations for the first time in history. And I have watched Turkey very very closely now for several years. Even 2-3 years ago, turkey and Russia quietly forged a bunch of economic and now military alliances. Then Iran-Turkey started strengthening their relationships and now, more recently, Turkey-Syria.

As you say, all of the pieces are now in place.

Amazing indeed....