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Update: Mark of the Beast

I always check on what Mike Mickey has to say and his commentaries are always interesting and worth reading. This week he provides an excellent update on what we are watching with regard to the "Mark of the Beast".

Here it is in its entirety (Link here):

Advancements Made Toward The Mark

by Michael G. Mickey

Revelation 13-16-17: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Bible prophecy makes it clear that the prophetic future is going to be reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984 - a time when the government of the Antichrist to come will be so powerful that everyone will be required to swear allegiance to him as their very god through the taking of a 'mark' in their right hand or forehead. Those who refuse to do so will be branded enemies of the Antichrist's global regime and will suffer the consequences of same. Not only will they become the hunted of the Tribulation Period, they will possess no means to buy or sell, greatly complicating their efforts to survive. What a frightening thought!

Is the mark of the beast really going to exist in the future?

The simple answer is yes, but how can we know today that bible prophecy has correctly foretold what the future holds? Simply by reading the news, in my humble opinion, and drawing simple conclusions based on same.

One of the largest concerns in law enforcement today is the volume of identity theft taking place around the globe, closely followed by the need of government to know more about people, both citizens residing inside our borders and foreigners visiting or schooling here from abroad, than ever before. Why? Presumably to prevent terrorist acts on the scale of the Oklahoma City bombing, September 11th - or worse.

On face value, government poking around more than it ever has before doesn't bother most law-abiding citizens, but the question is how far is the government willing to go to know what it perceives it needs to in order to keep us and our nation safe? Beyond that, what will be the consequences when someone evil enough to use well-intentioned technologies initially designed to protect humanity chooses to instead utilize it to enslave humanity? Bible prophecy seems to connect the dots where that issue is concerned, the end result being the mark of the beast described in scripture above.

Let's look at some news stories of interest where potential mark of the beast technologies are concerned and see how close we may be to the fulfillment of bible prophecy on this front of the end times scenario.

Does the technology exist to track our every movement through RFID microchips?

We are often told the answer to that question is no, but there is information out there suggestive that this is anything but true.

It is common knowledge that tracking microchips are now being placed in cellular telephones. These are primarily being marketed as useful to parents who are interested in keeping tabs on their teenage children, but could the same technology be used by the government to track you? It's a valid question in an age when court battles are being waged between the government and popular online services like Yahoo because the government wants to read your e-mail whenever it likes - without a search warrant no less.

Let's consider the ramifications of the use of microchips for tracking people a step further than parents keeping an eye on their children and imagine how we would feel if our government, indicating it wants to look over our well-being, much as a parent watches after their child, required us all to have a microchip implanted in us to store our medical records or be a form of positive identification for us? Would we be okay with that? What if a tracking microchip was a component of such a device - one the government told us it would never use unless our life was in danger, for example?

No one can track us using those little chips, Mike! You're fearmongering!

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to have someone write me and say something along those lines. After all, we've been given no cause to think anyone is looking to track us or even that the technology needed to do so exists, right? Wrong!

PositiveID Corporation, maker of the implantable RFID microchip their company calls the VeriChip, has stated numerous times that its implantable RFID chips can only be read from a short distance. Then again, on the other hand, the company's CEO, Scott Silverman, has appeared on The Sean Hannity Show, going so far as to hold a tiny chip up the size of a grain of rice in his hand and say the company is developing a PLD (Personal Locating Device) that will be capable of being implanted under the clavicle of a child, for example, allowing for the tracking of human beings by satellite and other means.

Personally, I think evidence exists that RFID microchip tracking technology capable of implantation into humans already exists. How else would a group of young girls, for example, be able to track the migratory paths of Monarch butterflies from Toronto, Canada to the Mexican border as described in a article about a recent event sponsored by IBM?
Tracking Monarch butterflies on their route from Toronto to the Mexican border might be just what a 12-year-old girl needs to spark daydreams about growing up to design her own micro RFID chip.

Twenty five girls between the ages of 12 and 13 released a group of microchipped butterflies last week, one of several activities on the roster this year at IBM Canada Inc.'s 3-day E.X.I.T.E. camp.Putting the microchip and the hand together
At the police department I worked at prior to retiring, employees were issued RFID microchip-implanted cards which could be swiped over scanners placed strategically to gain access to certain areas within our facilities for security purposes. Practically every time I used one of them I thought of how we were being conditioned, ever so subtly, to use our hands as keys through the use of these devices. The practice of connecting RFID technology to the hand (or human body for that matter) is progressing, taking what I see as the next logical step in normalizing use of the technology.

A article entitled "RFID Wristbands designed for, integrated into various applications" tells us of "comfortable, waterproof silicon, smart wristbands" that are "ideal for access control" in the fields of amusement park, correctional facilities, swimming pools, hospitals, etc.

Just slip your RFID wristband on and off you go! No digging around for a pass card or key necessary! Just wave your wrist over a scanner! It's so simple, resolving what I saw as a downside to their use from a user's perspective. The cards could be a hassle to dig out of your pocket, especially if your hands were full. Not only that, they could be lost which was a pain. Without your card you couldn't even get into the building, much less make a run to the copier, restroom, or anyplace else. This is why, I suspect, we're beginning to see RFID wristbands and the like becoming more commonplace. Even so, while using RFID wristbands lessens the likelihood of the loss of a chip, it doesn't solve the problem completely which is one reason why I suspect, as use of biometric and RFID technologies become more commonplace in society, logic is going to dictate that connecting the technology to people permanently is the solution to the problem.

Once again, as I believe the story linked above highlights nicely, we are quietly being led down the path to fulfillment of bible prophecy and the mark of the beast, even the potential placement of the mark into or on the skin of the hand (or forehead) as described in Revelation 13:16.

Chips are so convenient!

Convenience can't be overlooked as we consider how mankind is being prepared to accept the mark of the beast in the prophetic future.

The following is from an article:
Those never-ending lines at store checkouts could soon be history, thanks to radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags printed through a new roll-to-roll process that could replace bar codes and make checking out of a store a snap.
Guess what would make the process of leaving the grocery store even faster? Paying for your goods via RFID microchip technology, of course! And who couldn't use a little more free time in a busy world like ours?

Make no mistake about it, the snare is being set.

The role scare stories play

As I alluded to earlier, identity theft is one of the largest concerns in law enforcement today, but PositiveID Corporation which makes the implantable RFID microchip known as the VeriChip? Its CEO, Scott Silverman, is touting medical identity theft as a growing problem - one his company's implantable RFID microchip is likely going to be billed as the endgame solution to. The following is an excerpt from a PositiveID Corporation press release dated 4-1-10:
In addition to helping consumers protect themselves from identity theft as it pertains to credit fraud, we are also focused on combating the growing problem of medical identity theft, which affects 7 percent of identity theft victims. Through our secure personal health record, Health Link, which is interoperable with Microsoft Health Vault and soon-to-be with Google Health, we put consumers in charge of their own health information through a robust, patient-controlled interface.
What role is biometric, RFID technology going to play in the near future?

Presently, it is being questioned by TIME Magazine whether a biometric identity card is the key to resolving one of the next items on the agenda of the Obama administration, immigration reform. Not only that, many are wondering if the language of the healthcare reform package recently signed into law by the Obama administration has language in it which may have opened a doorway to the future microchipping of humans for healthcare purposes.


Advancements are being made toward the prophesied mark of the beast becoming a reality on a host of fronts and dramatically so it appears.

Keep looking up, Church! Our redemption draweth nigh!

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