Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the brink of war

The violence in the Middle East is growing, along with the increasingly ominous rhetoric:

"Gaza terrorists pound southern Israel with mortars"

Palestinian terrorists operating out of the northern Gaza Strip fired at least six mortar shells at communities in southern Israel on Wednesday morning. There were no injuries or damage reported in the attacks.

The mortar barrage comes just days after Gaza's Hamas rulers assured the international community that they had no intention of continuing attacks on Israel or of allowing Palestinians living under their jurisdiction to continue firing rockets and mortars at Jewish towns.

"Gaza Terrorists Break Pledge, Bombard Negev with Mortars"

Initial reports said the explosives had struck locations within the Eshkol Regional Council area, although at least one other report said the shells had landed within Gaza. No one was injured and no damage was reported.

The attacks came despite assurances from the Gazan Authority's ruling Hamas terrorist faction last Friday that it had no desire to continue rocket attacks into Israel, and that it had convened a council of terror groups in an effort to curb the firing on the Negev. The Islamic Jihad terrorist group had announced on Monday that it agreed to the ban.

"We will react to aggression"

Lebanese PM Michel Suleiman says Lebanon and Hizbullah are ready to respond to any Israeli attack.

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said Wednesday that the Lebanese army and militant organization Hezbollah is prepared to react to any "Israeli aggression."

In an interview with Arabic-language newspaper 'El-Watan' which will be published Thursday, Suleiman said that "Israel is poised to attack at any moment, so any new military activity will not be taken lightly."

In a talk with high school students in early March, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel is not looking for confrontations, and will not initiate attacks in the northern region.

Barak continued by saying that if we are forced into a confrontation, we will react, and we will “hold the government of Lebanon and all of Lebanon responsible for any Hizbullah attack, and we strongly advise them not to try and take action against us.”

"Israel responds to Turkish Threat"

Israeli leaders have said that in light of the resumption of rocket attacks from Hamas-run Gaza, another anti-terrorism IDF military operation is inevitable.

"Israel Distributes Gas Masks Nationwide"

Israel has begun its nationwide program to provide protection kits with gas masks to every citizen in the country, and for the first time ever, the IDF Home Front Command has teamed up with the nation's Postal Service to distribute the equipment.
The campaign, officially launched on Tuesday, is being carried out to ensure that every Israeli will be protected in case of chemical, biological or other attack that could temporarily threaten one's ability to breathe.


What does all of this mean?

First, lets break down what is happening in the region:

1. Hamas and friends are currently sending missiles into Israel.
2. Israel has promised, in no uncertain terms, that they will respond to such action. And they will.
3. Turkey (a key ally with Russia and Iran in the invasion of "Gog-MaGog") has threatened Israel if Israel goes back into Gaza (they will - its now a guarantee).
4. Turkey's involvement escalates the situation dramatically.

That summarizes where we are today.

Its a powder-keg right now and it is on the verge of igniting.

Wars and rumors of war indeed. Just as Jesus warned us.

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