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Things To Come: Open Air Prisons - aka '15-Minute Cities'

Alan Barton

On the World Economic Forum’s website, a simple search indicates there are about 6,380 pages referencing Smart Cities and about 1,330 results on a 15 Minute Cities search. Those two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but rather are joined at the hip in many various ways. 

 Much can be learned by perusing those articles, but we will not do so other than a few references here and there as there is so much glorious propaganda and double speak that makes them look like the end all for human existence from here on out.  

One such example is a white paper titled Governing Smart Cities: Policy Benchmarks for Ethical and Responsible Smart City Development  published in July 2021 where they open up and give the reasons behind them; “The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of resilience in societies across the world. The crisis has seen cities, in developed and developing nations alike, reaching for data and tools to get real-time intelligence and make targeted interventions to save lives. Digital tools are a step towards realizing the “smart city” that technologists have been anticipating for years.” 

Please note this phrase from that white paper; “data and tools to get real-time intelligence and make targeted interventions”. That is the real purpose of Smart Cities, to deprive you of any privacy and monitor your every move, thought and actions.  

To accommodate all of that data they have instituted 5G wireless communications to facilitate its disbursement to the authorities that claim to require it for enactment of whatever ideas are in their evil little minds.  Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Smart Phones, completely integrated with all of your medical, financial, educational, family and friends associations; who you speak with, what you say, where you go, how you eat, how you use the restroom (ever heard of Smart Toilets?), how and what you peruse on the internet, what movies you watch, what music you listen to, what political policies you like or dislike and how you vote, and so much more including what you may be doing to avoid detection.  

Digital monies, cellfone tracking systems, the ability to turn the phones camera and mic on at any time remotely is already a common practice and they can detect where you are and who you are with using those devices.  Not to mention for those that use “burner” phones to try to avoid such spying, they also have voice and facial recognition as well as spy balloons hovering over the US as well as spy aircraft both civil and government circling over many parts of the US where they think persons of interest may be.  Watch some MonkeyWerx videos if you do not believe this fact.

So just what do Smart Cities have to do with 15 Minute Cities you might rightfully ask?  Great question; please allow me to give some mumbled answer if I may.  How, you may ask, can they better control where and with whom do you associate?  How can they make it easier to keep track of so many billions of people worldwide and not plug up the data links with so many items, and to better control what they allow you to do based on the decisions that the AI computers that go over such vast quantities of data?  Another great question that deserves some discussion; but first just what are those 15 minute cities we are referring to. 

Most media outlets decry any malevolence or conspiracy concerning the subject; “the hottest conspiracy theory of 2023 comes from an unlikely corner: town planning. This relates to the idea of “the 15-minute city” and has even gone so far as to be mentioned in UK parliament by an MP who called the idea “an international socialist concept” that will “cost us our personal freedom” and the “15-minute city itself is a simple idea. If you live in one, 

it means that everything you need to go about your daily life—school, doctors, shops, and so on—is located no more than a 15-minute walk from your house.”  Sounds all well and good, but that is not the truth but is what the WEF and other secret societies push as their propaganda to get you to happily subsist in one.  Are there presently any 15 minute cities around?  Well – sort of is an accurate answer, but they are really trying hard to become so.  Many cities claim they are converting into them, and so it may be best to show an example so let’s look at one to better understand how it actually works.

I-News in the UK said “The term was coined by Paris-based urbanist Carlos Moreno in 2016 and has since become hugely popular amongst academics and urban planners as a way to reduce dependency on vehicles and lower carbon emissions.”  As side note, Paris is transitioning into one as fast as they can figure out how to do so and the “mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, was among the first to seize the idea when she promised to implement the policy within the French capital as part of her mayoral election campaign in 2020.” 

Continuing with that I-News report on Oxford pushing to become fully compatible with the concept, “Most people associate 15-minute neighbourhoods with the introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zones and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), which place restrictions on how cars can move about a city.

LTNs have proved extremely unpopular with some motorists, who are no longer able to move about their local area as they please.”

“Councils across the UK have faced fierce opposition to the implementation of LTNs, with protesters resorting to pouring oil on roads or vandalising bollards put in place to restrict traffic.

On February 19, thousands of people joined a protest in Oxford against plans to introduce LTNs in the city as part of the council’s wider 15-minute city plan.

The council’s plan aims to limit traffic travelling between neighbourhoods, instead pushing it out to the city’s ring road. Drivers will face £70 fines if they are caught on camera moving across town on local streets.”

The salient points to make note of are “Ultra Low Emission Zones”  and “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), which place restrictions on how cars can move about a city” and “limit traffic travelling between neighbourhoods”.  Please note the “bollards” being placed to stop traffic between neighborhoods and then consider what If you needed to visit your aging mother to tend to her needs, and you are FORBIDDEN to go there. 

What if your children’s school happens to cross such barriers and you are forbidden to go meet them and drive, or even walk them home.  They have placed barriers already in Oxford as well as other cities around the world, and people must drive far out of their way to get to the Ring Roads to access places they must get to in an adjoining neighborhood, causing far more fuel burned and pollution that negates their claimed benefits, let alone tyrannical controls that destroy society let alone families. I love that one sign in the photo above that calls 15 Minute Cities W-E-F GHETTOS as that is just what they are.

As an example of city planning that will result in a brand new 15 Minute City, the old Utah State Prison site at what is called the Point of the Mountain where the Salt Lake County valley meets the Utah County valley has been designated by the people doing the project (developers, state and county personnel) have decided that the area will become a new from scratch hell hole – errr, I meant 15 minute city.  

An architecture website called ArchDaily almost a year ago had an article titled “Rising from the Desert: A 15-Minute City is Coming to Utah” where they said “15-minute cities are a trending urban planning topic that has long been discussed academically and is now slowly being implemented across existing cities in Europe. But now, the first 15-minute city is being designed and built from scratch in Utah. Dubbed “The Point”, the new 600-acre city will be located just outside Salt Lake City, and will be a redeveloped former state prison site where new jobs, housing, public spaces, amenities, and transportation will serve almost 15,000 people in an attempt to explore a prototype for how innovative urban planning concepts can improve the public health and wellness.”

Located just west of I-15 and including community gardens, a central park, connections to the Jordan River Trail (a place I love to hike and bicycle), commercial as well as high density housing, access to public transportation like the high speed commuter rail and “an iconic community that focuses on healthy living while also creating new jobs and housing that will allow residents to live, work, and play in the same area. By designing for ease of mobility, creating an 18-hour district where there are things to do for a majority of the day, and the right combination of new residential types, office space, and supporting infrastructure, the goal is to be a pioneer in how new cities can be built across the United States in the future.”

 That sounds to me to be a utopian nightmare of tyrannical proportions based on the so-called European model that promises to make the worst HOA’s look like primary day care parties.  Limited access to cars (only one allowed per family or housing unit) and none inside the prison –err, I meant planned city.  Sorry that I slipped and called the old prison site a prison, must be something I ate.  But the idea is sound as it is like an open air house arrest, a prison without iron barred windows and electronic monitors of a more modern sort rather than ankle chains or arrest at home ankle monitors.  Yes, it is planned as a full-on Smart City.

The renderings make it appear like the rainbow leaping unicorn haven as seen on so many Star Trek future city concepts.  They also remind me of the all but empty Chinese “Ghost Cities” that are very near to what the new Smart 15 Minute Cities will be like.  Consider that the absolute monitoring systems China already has, and the plans now being implemented nationwide here at home, and the comparison with those Chinese cities is even more applicable and frightening.  The general concept of the thing is like a quarantine program for neighborhoods that they tried to do with the Covid scam that destroyed so many lives, businesses and liberties.  A WEF wet dream in action. 

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