Tuesday, February 28, 2023

More Calls For WWII-Style Rationing Of Food And Fuel To Stop 'Climate Change'

Academics Call For WWII-Style Rationing Of Food And Fuel To Stop Climate Change


As we have outlined outlined in detail many times in the past, there is little to no concrete evidence supporting the theory that man-made carbon emissions have any relevance whatsoever to weather and climate change.  There is no evidence of a "climate crisis" and no evidence that human industry and agriculture makes a negative impact on the Earth's temperatures.  There is no evidence that carbon emissions have a causation effect on global warming and no evidence to support "tipping point" theories that assert that a mere 1.5°C increase in temps will lead to environmental catastrophe.   

Climate activists relying on a tiny time frame of around 100 years of our planet's weather history as evidence to support their claims while ignoring the millions of years of temperature changes that occurred without human input is alarming and anti-science.  In fact, the Earth has been much warmer (and cooler) multiple times in its history that it is today suggests that people have very little influence on the climate in general.  

Beyond the lack of scientific evidence in terms of carbon emissions and global warming, there is also the issue of political and social control rooted in climate laws.  Right now in Europe the farming industry is facing bureaucratic Armageddon as governmental red tape and climate based taxation are set to make the growing of food impossible for a majority of farmers.  UN and EU climate controls are being implemented now and will effectively destroy large portions of the EU economy, and the establishment wants to bring these same policies to the US.

Some people might argue that they are not farmers or captains of industry, so why should they care?  The problem is that carbon controls will not be limited to businesses and agriculture; they will one day be present in your home. 

A group of academic researchers now argues that in order to stop climate change (which has nothing to do with man-made carbon) every individual will have to accept restrictions on what they can buy, what they can eat and how much fuel and electricity they can use.  

In a paper titled 'Rationing And Climate Change Mitigation' the group asserts that a rapid reduction of global emissions is needed and that rationing similar to standards enforced during two world wars, and specifically those measures used during WWII, should be enforced again by governments.  Only, this time rationing would not be in the name of supporting a war effort but in the name of fighting the phantom of climate catastrophe.

This is not the first time rationing for individuals has been suggested in relation to climate change, though.  The World Economic Forum and the UN have long argued in favor of a micro-management approach to carbon controls, using the narrative of "individual carbon footprint tracking."  Here, Alibaba president J. Michael Evans boasts at the WEF's Davos conference about "individual carbon footprint tracking" coming soon:

The creation of the climate crisis bogeyman is an obvious ploy for centralized authoritarianism in the name of "the greater good."  

It's a tiny minority of money elites and political elites fabricating the threat of an impending planet-wide disaster while paying groups of activist scientists billions of dollars to support the false claims.  Then, these same elitists offer their own solution, which is to give them even more power to dictate every detail of the lives of average citizens while limiting our access to food, energy and other resources vital to survival (or rebellion).  

This is about creating a world in which every individual is required to constantly justify their existence and prove they are worthy to the globalist machine.  It is tantamount to emissions based slavery.     

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