Friday, February 24, 2023

Netanyahu readies strike on Iran nuclear facilities after secret meetings: report

Netanyahu readies strike on Iran nuclear facilities after secret meetings: report

Israel will prepare for possible action against Iran’s nuclear facilities after a series of secret meetings between the prime minister and leaders from the defense and intelligence ministries, according to a leaked report. 

"Israel will not allow Iran to become nuclear," Brigadier-General (Reserves) Amir Avivi, founder and chairman of the Israeli Defense Security Forum, told Fox News Digital. "As we are witnessing the continued unhindered progress of the Iranian military nuclear program with weapons-grade enrichment, Israel is readying its credible military option."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held five meetings with his defense and intelligence chiefs, as well as the head of Mossad, to discuss the possible attack, local news outlet Channel 12 reported. The report did not name any source, and The Times of Israel speculated that officials could have leaked the report in order to make clear the country’s resolve and intent. 

Tensions between Israel and Iran have flared in recent weeks after a drone strike hit Iranian military facilities, with Iran claiming "early investigations suggest that the Israeli regime were responsible for this attempted act of aggression." 

Israel has regularly raised concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, and the report could be part of a plan to push Western allies to act rather than leave Israel to act alone. It has warned the U.S. and France that it will act alone if the international community does not provide support, The Telegraph reported. 

"The only thing that has ever stopped rogue nations from developing nuclear weapons is a credible military threat or a credible military action," Netanyahu said at a national security conference on Tuesday. 

"A necessary condition and often a sufficient condition is credible military action," he continued. "The longer you wait, the harder that becomes. We’ve waited very long.

Avivi, a former Israeli defense official, made clear that a nuclear Iran "will not be a threat to Israel alone," but would ultimately "destabilize the entire Middle East and challenge the U.S.-dominated world order." 

"If the free countries of the world fail to take action against Iran, Israel will not have a choice but to act alone to safeguard its very existence," Avivi continued. "The regional and global repercussions of a confrontation between Iran and Israel will reach farther than the war in Ukraine and may likely challenge global stability at an unprecedented magnitude."

When asked to comment on Israel's Channel 12 report, a spokesperson at Prime Minister Netanyahu's office told Fox News Digital that they had "nothing to add."

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