Wednesday, February 22, 2023

E Palestine Launched 'MyID' Emergency Service One Week Before Train Derailment

East Palestine launched “MyID” emergency service to surveil locals’ biometrics data just one week before train derailment

Exactly one week before a Norfolk Southern freight train carrying noxious, cancer-causing chemicals derailed and subsequently exploded in a “controlled release,” residents of East Palestine, Ohio, were told to sign up for a MyID tracking device from the local fire department.

An announcement from the East Palestine Fire Department explained that MyID provides “an easy method to provide valuable medical information to first responders in the event of an emergency.”

“Roll out [sic] is scheduled to begin in November, 2022,” it further reads. “The base service will be free to residents of East Palestine as an added service of the Fire Department.”

Bob Moore, a local 70-year-old farmer and longtime East Palestine resident, told the independent media that he ignored local news reports prior to the disaster urging residents like himself to sign up for MyID, allowing them to receive a biometric tracking device capable of relaying updates to first responders about their health conditions amid an emergency or “major disaster” not unlike the one that occurred in real life a week later.

The timing of the MyID rollout, Moore explained, is nothing short of suspicious – almost like the whole thing was planned as a false flag event.

“It was exactly a week before the derailment happened,” Moore explained. “The people were asked to go to the local fire department in downtown East Palestine to get that MyID.”

“They began monitoring your physical activity, your heart rate, your respiration, anything you might be exposed to. I see this as the kind of sensor you would put on an astronaut or on an athlete that you wanted to track to see how he’d react to stress or being winded, or in this instance chemical exposure. It’s a monitoring device.”


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Mankind does not need any funky monitoring device to tell all those whom have Technology used demonic wise, populace has about had enough with being terrorized by terrorists among us, in my opinion!