Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Rockets Fired Into Tel Aviv - Families Rush To Bomb Shelters

Families Rush to Bomb Shelters in Tel Aviv as Palestinians Fire Rockets at Major Israeli Cities

Air raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv, Israel’s major coastal city, on Tuesday evening and residents were rushed to bomb shelters as Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of rockets at Israeli civilians for the second night in a row.

Sirens sounded once, then stopped, then sounded again, as loud booms were heard inside the bomb shelters. Children cried as parents tried to comfort them during the rocket attack — an event far more common in Israel’s southern border towns.

There were unconfirmed reports of Arab residents of Jaffa, a mixed Arab-Jewish city near Tel Aviv, celebrating at the air raid sirens.

Breitbart News’ own Israel correspondent, reporting from a bomb shelter, noted that local Internet access had been lost amid ongoing riots. Residents were exchanging information by ordinary cell phone, and reported that the sky was “on fire” with repeated explosions as Iron Dome missile batteries attempted to intercept the incoming barrage.

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