Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Rocket Fire Continues Through The Night In Israel: IDF Hits 130 Targets In Gaza, 200 Rockets Fired Into Israel

IDF says it hit 130 targets in Gaza overnight after 200 rockets fired at Israel

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Massive barrage targets Ashkelon at dawn as Hamas threatens to turn city ‘into hell’ ; Hamas says 20 killed in attacks

IDF says it hit 130 targets in Gaza overnight after 200 rockets fired at Israel

The Israel Defense Forces says some 200 rockets have been fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip from Monday night to Tuesday morning, dozens of which have been intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

The military says it has conducted retaliatory strikes on roughly 130 targets in the Strip, including the home of a top Hamas commander, Hamas’s intelligence headquarters, two attack tunnels that approached the security barrier and rocket production and storage sites.

The IDF says it has also killed at least 15 Hamas members who were launching rockets at Israel.

Three Israelis reported wounded in barrage on Ashkelon

Three Israelis are reportedly hurt as at least two rockets fired from Gaza hit buildings in the southern Israeli city.

One of the wounded is moderately hurt.

Palestinians in Gaza fire dozens of rockets at Ashkelon early in the morning. Video shows most rockets are intercepted, but at least two buildings are hit

Hamas says it launched barrage on Ashkelon after IDF strike on civilians

The Hamas terror group says it launched a large-scale rocket barrage on the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon early this morning in response to an IDF strike on a civilian apartment block near Gaza city.

At least one building in Ashkelon sustains a direct hit.

Hamas says in a statement it will “turn Ashkelon into hell” if the IDF continues to target civilian buildings in Gaza.

Pictures from Gaza showed an apartment building was hit in the al-Shati camp near Gaza city

Heavy barrage of rockets launched at Ashkelon, one building hit

Rocket warning sirens are wailing in Ashkelon and residents report several loud explosions. Videos show a direct hit on a building.

Reports say more than 20 rockets are fired at the southern Israeli city,

There are no immediate reports of casualties.

IDF said to strike targets across Gaza as rocket fire continues

The Israeli airforce is carrying out strikes across the Gaza Strip throughout the night as rocket fire from the Strip continues to target Israeli communities.

Palestinian media reports strikes around the southern cities of Rafah, and Khan Younis and an on apartment building in the al-Shati camp near Gaza city. A building was also destroyed in Gaza city’s upscale Tel al-Hawa neighborhood

Sirens wail in communities near Gaza as rocket barrages continue through night

Rocket sirens are sounding in Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip as terrorists in Gaza continue to fire rockets and mortars into Israel throughout the night.

Sirens go off in Sderot, Sha’ar Hanegev and Eshkol.

There are no immediate reports of injuries.

Hamas vows to continue rocket attacks

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says the rocket attacks will continue until Israel stops “all scenes of terrorism and aggression in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque.”

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