Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Netanyahu: Hamas Will Pay 'Heavy Price' For Firing Rockets At Jerusalem

Netanyahu vows Hamas will pay ‘heavy price’ for firing rockets at Jerusalem

Israeli leaders on Monday vowed a forceful response after Palestinian terrorists launched multiple rocket barrages into Israel, including at Jerusalem.

The rocket fire came amid escalating Israeli-Palestinian violence that has centered on Jerusalem, where on Monday major clashes again erupted between Palestinian rioters and police on the Temple Mount. The Gaza-ruling Hamas terror organization, which claimed the rocket fire toward Jerusalem, had threatened to launch the projectiles if Israeli forces did not withdraw from the Temple Mount.

“We’re in a struggle spread across several fronts: Jerusalem, Gaza, and other areas in Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during an official state ceremony for Jerusalem Day. “The terror groups in Gaza crossed a red line on Jerusalem Day evening.”

He added: “Israel will respond with great force. We won’t tolerate harm to our territory, capital, citizens, or soldiers. Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price.”

The premier further warned that the “current conflict may last for some time” and said Israel had not sought an escalation in violence.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned Hamas, after holding a security assessment with senior officials.

“The Hamas organization in recent weeks has violated Israeli sovereignty, crossed red lines. It will bear the consequences,” Gantz threatened in a video statement.

He said several “offensive operations” of varying scope had been approved “that will severely damage Hamas and the other terror groups. Operations that will ensure the security of the State of Israel and restore total calm for the long-term.”

Gantz also pledged Israel would “do everything” to guarantee freedom of worship and said Hamas bore “sole responsibility” for the tensions.

“These offensive operations are expected to last until we accomplish the goals we set,” he added.

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