Monday, May 10, 2021

Hate Speech And Thought Control

The Hate Speech Fabrication as Orwellian Thought Control

Cultural Marxism

The pervasive spectre of ‘hate speech’ is all around us, created by those who want to portray certain opinions in the worst possible light in order to delegitmise them. If you dare to hold a different opinion on certain issues and go on to articulately express those opinions which could well resonate with other people, then it is designated as being hate speech. Not because it is hateful, but because those opposed to that opinion have no counter-argument to it and so label it as being something morally bad.

There are ideolgically motivated enemies of free speech who want the public to believe that any criticism of multiculturalism, mass immigration and ‘diversity,’ will lead to the very worst extremes of political and ideological upheaval. They want to conjour up images in the publics mind of ‘oppressed minorities’ being attacked and forcibly removed from the country by goose stepping ‘neo-nazis.’ They want people to believe that speech that is critical of mass immigration is tantamount to violence and therefore violence is a reasonable response against those doing the criticising.

What the public needs to understand however, is that multiculturalism, mass immigration and ‘diversity’ are already forms of ideological extremism being forced onto the European people by a globalist elite and that the leftist groups that claim to defend ‘oppressed minorities’ are simply useful idiots of globalism who are also ideologically driven to see Europeans destroyed as a group and the West destroyed as a European civilisation.

Whilst they purposefully engineer European nations into their own ideological image, anybody who criticises it is labelled as a ‘racist’ and the criticism is called hate speech. This is simply an effective way of silencing political opponents and it works in much the same way as the Bolsheviks rounding up political opponents for ‘counter-revolutionary’ thought crime or to give it its real term, political incorrectness. In Bolshevik Russia, if you were politically correct in your thinking you were fine, if you were politically incorrect in your thinking then you would find yourself in the gulag, a reeducation camp, or dead.

This is how the accusation of ‘hate speech’ works, it is designed to marginalise and demonise non-conformist political opinions and to make those opinions subject to criminal prosecution in order to silence them.

The poorly defined concept of hate speech is designed to prevent free thinking amongst the European people, it is used in a way that makes them turn away from political ideas that they may otherwise agree with because they don’t want to be tarnished with the accusation of being a ‘hater’ or supporter of hate speech. Essentially the use of ‘hate speech’ as a pejorative term is a form of thought control.

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