Saturday, November 30, 2019

'Zombies' Of Black Friday - What Happens When Food Runs Out?

The Shopping "Zombies" Of Black Friday - If People Will Do This Over Gadgets And Gifts, What Happens When Food Runs Out?

By Susan Duclos 

Black Friday, known as the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States, is the day after Thanksgiving, where stores all across America slash prices, offer massive sales for shoppers to start their early Christmas shopping.

Throughout the years we have seen everything from people skipping Thanksgiving dinner to spend nights outside of stores doorways until they open so they can get inside first to grab items on sale, to outright fistfights over the last of a product that is on sale.

I referred to many of these shoppers as shopping "zombies" for a reason, one that is almost impossible to explain but which we can offer a convincing visual making the point clearly.

In the video below, at the 2:41 minute mark, you see two employees at a store, standing at the doors, preparing to open them. Outside those glass doors is a sea of people just pushing against the doors, waiting for them to open. Once opened these people literally fall into the store in a mad rush that truly is reminiscent of watching scenes from the TV show The Walking Dead, with one person actually falling down, then crawling away as to not be trampled on.

Others fall as well as more people simply step over them, or on them, to get passed them and into the store.


In 2017, Stefan Stanford asked a very insightful question when reporting on the insanity of what goes on during Black Friday, asking "With an estimated 164 million Americans hitting the stores to buy electronics and other items and fights breaking out all over the place, what happens when it is food that they are fighting for instead of electronics and other junk gadgets?"

A very good question, as readers watch the last compilation videos at the end of this article, showing utter chaos and craziness of Black Friday, keep that question in mind.

With food shortages and price hikes expected after the mid-west flooding, then the early frost, while many ranchers lost livestock, and other issues out of country with meats and pigs, one really has to wonder how dangerous the people seen in the video above and the ones below, are going to be when it isn't just a Christmas gift they are fighting over but could very well be their families only meal for the day or week?

It is hard to imagine the shopping "zombies" seen in those videos having the foresight to have prepared for the possibility of food shortages with emergency survival foods, or water, or any other basic necessity which would be needed in a SHTF scenario, so there is absolutely no doubt they will fight tooth and nail over any food items left on the shelves.


Black Friday seems to bring out the worst in many people, where in order to get that "percentage" off as a sale, people will kick, scream, hit, and basically allow themselves to be turned into shopping "zombies" that act no better than wild, rabid animals.

Now just imagine these same people in a TEOTWAWKI situation.

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