Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Passion Of A United Europe And Donald Tusk

[Note: In my humble opinion, Mr. Tusk is no 'second stringer' and is someone I have been watching closely for several years now...]

The Passion of Second Stringer Donald Tusk

“Don’t give up,” the fight against Brexit was the message recently expressed by outgoing EU President Donald Tusk. Tusk cannot abide the idea of anyone resisting his vision of a united Europe projecting its bureaucratic nightmare on the rest of the world.
Brexit is an affront to his very nature because it represents the free choice of people to say no to him. Tusk, like many at the top of the EU hierarchy, are ideologues. At best they were shaped by a false sense of danger about the future of Europe and the world.
At worst, they are simply power mad opportunists giving voice to their inherent desire to dominate others.
And so, his exhortation to Remainers in the UK to keep fighting to stop Brexit is yet another sad attempt, like King Canute, to hold back the tide of populism that is sweeping across Europe. And it is odious, careerist ideologues like Tusk who have accelerated this pushback by populations all over Europe against his idea of a European super state.

Because every time he opens his mouth, he betrays his disdain for those that don’t share his vision. He openly admitted to working against the will of a majority of Brits who voted to leave his club. No one in British or European media even commented on the brazen interference of these remarks on the outcome of the election campaign underway in the UK

No depth of mendacity is unplumbed by those in favor of European integration. Because they know that, ultimately, “when things get serious you have to lie,” as Tusk’s mate and also soon-to-be-pastured Jean-Claude Juncker famously said.

The sheer desperation evident in Tusk’s remarks can be summed up in his insistence that the only way for Britain to regain its former glory is as a hind teat within the EU, mercilessly milked for taxes and sapped of investment within their Kafkaesque plutocracy.
I wonder, Don, but how will the UK become anymore of a ‘second-rate player’ than it is under the EU? For decades Britain’s growth has fallen to fall in line with that of an EU on the verge of financial collapse.
The only way the UK fails to thrive in a post-Brexit world is if the EU decides to punish it for its recalcitrance. There’s no compelling reason to put up tariffs or barriers to trade. The default position is that they will return because that’s what men like Donald Tusk want to do to project power and primacy.

The EU is building a technocratic, unelected Imperial Europe built on a model of governance, frankly, worse than that of the old Soviet Politburo. At least in the USSR there wasn’t any pretense of democracy or choice.

The EU has a parliament with no legislative authority and whose masters are chosen in backroom deals far more controlled than any domestic party congress. At least Boris Johnson had to publicly campaign among his own party to replace Theresa May and now is standing for confirmation of his position across the whole of the UK

The EU is supreme over its member states. Not sovereign, superior. In the same way the US Federal Government is supreme, yet not sovereign, over the States.

Pieces of paper, mind you, that are supposed to assist in keeping society civil not subservient. It’s fascinating watching Donald Tusk get the vapors over the threat of a post-Soviet Russia saying they are a strategic problem not a strategic partner while the EU becomes more anti-democratic by the day and Vladimir Putin in Russia presides over a Russian Federation which is slowly devolving power out of Moscow and handing it back to the regions through investment and respect for local differences.
Did I ever hear Tusk stand up for Polish sovereignty in the face of Angela Merkel’s attacks on his home country for how it selects its supreme court? Did Tusk argue against Article 7 proceedings against Poland?

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