Monday, November 25, 2019

The Soros Factor: Open Society Must Be Declared A Hostile Foreign Agent

It’s Time for the West to Outlaw George Soros’ Open Society

by Jim Hoft

What used to be shrugged off as just another crazy conspiracy theory has become too overwhelmingly evident to deny: Billionaire investor George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have become a supranational non-state power that topples governments and threatens the workings of democracy.  Open Society must be declared a hostile foreign agent.

The fact that Ukrainians like MP Serhiy Leschenko and Ukrainian-American DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa sought to influence the 2016 elections is well-documented by reporting by John SolomonPolitico and even a Ukrainian court verdict. Gateway Pundit unveiled the connection to George Soros’ Open Society and the Democratic National Committee in April. Naturally, neither The Guardian nor Fiona Hill offered any evidence for their claims.

Independent conservative media quickly revealed a possible explanation for Fiona Hill’s outrageous act of contempt of Congress: Hill was a member of the board of Soros’s Open Society Institutefrom 2000-2006 on Russian and European affairs, as her CV at the Brookings Institute shows, and also admitted to having worked with the author of the Russia “dossier” Christopher Steele, commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Speaking to Alex Jones in 2017, former Trump adviser Roger Stone said: “George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House. Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the national security apparatus – a woman named Fiona Hill, who has a Harvard background, has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute”.
Naturally, Stone and Jones were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” at the time. Presumably, it will take generations of historians to unravel exactly how the Soros machine contrived the Spygate attack on Trump and American Democracy.
The Open Society network is by no means confined to the USA, however: Overseas, Soros NGOs engage in actual coups and regime change, such as in Ukraine and Macedonia. Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has even charged Soros with being responsible for the murder of Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak.

When the British people voted to regain their sovereignty, George Soros was “proud” to fund the anti-Leave campaign Best for Britain, as The Guardian writes. Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr made up a wild conspiracy theory around Steven Bannon and Cambridge Analytica to explain the Brexit vote, which was completely debunked by the British Information Commissioner’s report but is still cited as fact around the world.

When the center-right Austrian government was brought down in May 2019 over a scandal involving secret video recordings, the story was broken by two journalists who belong to the Soros-funded International Consortium of Investigative JournalistsBastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called Soros “openly set on capturing European institutions”. According to Orbán, EU proceedings against Hungary indicate “the huge influence of Mr. Soros, who wants to gain even more.” This must be prevented in the elections to the European Parliament, Orbàn told Kossuth Radio Jan 25, 2019, because “we want pro-immigration MEPs to be reduced to a minority in the European Parliament”.

Speaking in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, Nigel Farage has called George Soros “the biggest danger to the entire western world”: “His influence here and in Brussels is extraordinary. I fear we could be looking at the biggest level of international, political collusion in history.” Open Society “since 1984 has given away $32 billion” to left-wing political causes, the Foundation acknowledges on its website. Writing in “Secret Empires”, corruption researcher Peter Schweizer has shown how Soros uses “fomenting chaos” and government ties as a lucrative investment tool: The ultimate insider trader.

And now, the government of Israel, a state fighting for its very survival on many fronts and facing the threat of nuclear annihilation, has been paralyzed by a lawfare campaign that originates with the Soros-funded New Israel Fund and its left-wing NGOs Human Rights Defenders Fund(HRDF) and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).

As both Alan Dershowitz and Caroline Glick noted last week, like in Trump’s case, the charges against Benjamin Netanyahu are entirely trumped-up and completely without merit: “From beginning to end, (the) criminal persecution of Netanyahu has been a travesty of every norm in democratic societies governed by the rule of law. Carefully edited and wholly distorted recordings and transcripts of police interrogations of Netanyahu, his wife, son, and advisors were systematically leaked to the media. The fact that every such leak was a felony offense was of no matter. Netanyahu’s attorneys submitted request after request for Mandelblit to order an investigation of the criminal leaks. All were summarily and scornfully rejected”, writes Glick.

Given the antipathy Soros has for the State of Israel, it’s little surprise to find these corruption charges originate with the New Israel Fund, whose ties to Soros were only revealed by a Wikileaks hack. Edwin Black documented the anti-Israel Activities sponsored by NIF in his book “Financing the Flames” 2013, and NGO Monitor documented the anti-Israel activities of Open Society in their report “Bad Investment” 2013.

Apparently, the Soros NGOs realized as early as 2010 they would not be able to get rid of Netanyahu and the Likud government by democratic means, which led to their campaign of “lawfare”, waging war on the State of Israel by legalistic means.

According to this version of events, NIF and the Soros NGOs have been plotting the “disappearance of a Jewish State” for almost 10 years. Given the fact that B’Tselem director Jessica Montel “estimated her 9 million NIS ($2.4 million) budget is 95 percent funded from abroad, mostly from European countries”, it is high time for the democratic countries of the West to consider whether Vladimir Putin did not have an excellent point when he banned Open Society from Russia.

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