Monday, November 18, 2019

Mass Protests Continue In Iran - 67 Demonstrators Killed

MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN - 67 Demonstrators Killed - Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air (VIDEO)
by Jim Hoft

The mass protests continued Monday in Iran.
The protests are spreading to the major cities — at least 75 cities now.
Protesters ransacked several state run radio and television stations.
In Tehran Pars protesters overturned a police bus and set it on fire.
Iranians are chanting death threats at the regime.

This video is from the holy city of Qods.
Defiant protesters in the city of Robat Karim – south of Tehran – took over the city hall, controlled the city, forcing the suppressive police forces to flee. Centers of suppression and plunder in the city, including 12 banks, have been set ablaze by the young protesters.

Protesters in Tehran Pars overturned a police bus and set it on fire. The city hall of Salehiye in Tehran was attacked by insurgent youth. Protesters shouting “Death to Bassiji” attacked and burnt down the Kosar Pazand Bank, another center for regime plunder. In the southern district of Mallard in Tehran, protesters set fire to another petrol station.

The regime forces were firing on anti-government protesters in Shiraz from the air.
This is amazing!

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