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Hacking The Power Grid, N Korea Preparing Another Nuclear Test, Senator Warns Of Nuke Attack On Seattle, But Law Forbids Them From Preparing

Hacking The Power Grid: They Can Induce Blackouts On American Soil At Will

The American power grid has been hacked.  It also appears that these hackers may take down the entire grid “at will” and induce blackouts when and where they choose.
For an unknown reason, however, the hackers restrained themselves from taking down the power like they did in Ukraine recently.  They simply hacked their way into the system, although speculation is that they just wanted to look around…for now.
You could have seen this one coming a mile away. The narrative is taking shape, folks. The boogie men are being put into place… and when the time is right, “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”, will send the signal to their henchmen to set off the next crisis, stoking fear in everyone’s hearts. Out of chaos, order! –The Daily Sheeple
A report by internet security experts, Symantec, says that a hacking group called Dragonfly 2.0 has gained access to 20 power company networks.

The targets were in the United States, Turkey, and Switzerland. According to Symantec, the hackers did gain access to the interface they would need to control the power equipment, with which they could cause a widespread blackout.
According to one expert, they were just in there looking around. John Hultquist, a researcher for FireEye security, said of another such intrusion, “In our experience groups that have solely targeted energy like this have been carrying out reconnaissance for attack.” –Organic Prepper
Yet Fortune claims that we should not “freak out” because these hackers got into the power grid.  Fortune went on to say that the American power grid is complex and a take down would be difficult. (Yeah.  So complex hackers can’t get in…oh, wait…) But mainly they simply state without any evidence to back up the subjective statement, that adversaries seeking to take down the grid are at the beginning of their journey of destruction, and not at the end.
These adversaries had access to the networks that operate the industrial equipment used to power our country. That sounds scary. But the belief pushed by governments, Hollywood movie scripts, and media headlines for years—that we are standing on the brink of cyber-induced blackouts and mass chaos—is misinformed. Our adversaries are at the starting point of their journey to cause significant disruption to our power grid, not the finish line. –Fortune
But that isn’t comforting to those who understand what a power grid failure would look like, in the grand scheme of things. Disabeling large portions of the grid would cause chaos.  And many, including Symantec, appear to think this was a much bigger issue than initially thought. While the cyber security company believes that this hack was to just “poke around,” it signals that those seeking to do harm are moving onto their next phase of an attack. With recent campaigns potentially providing them with access to operational systems, access could be used for more disruptive purposes in future.
Back in July of this year, hackers got into an American nuclear power plant in Kansas. On the bright side, they were just into the business side of the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant near Burlington, Kansas, and did not obtain access to the controls. But it’s still pretty unsettling that they’d even get that close. If someone was able to get into the control section, not only could they cause a power outage, but they could potentially disable the nuclear safeguards. Eric Chien suspects that while this hack was originally blamed on the Russians (because, really, what isn’t blamed on the Russians?) that the Dragonfly 2.0 hackers were the ones who were responsible. “It’s highly unlikely this is just coincidental.” –The Organic Prepper
The Organic Prepper also points out that it’s hard to miss the fact that this could be nothing more than a red flag event.

Symantec’s report refuses to disclose which power plants were compromised, but there seems to be no doubt the hackers were able to gain access to operational control of them. And while this has been going on for a few years now, they’re getting bolder and nearly have the pieces in place to widespread sabotage our power grid.
Some code strings in the malware were in Russian. However, some were also in French, which indicates that one of these languages may be a false flag. Conflicting evidence and what appear to be attempts at misattribution make it difficult to definitively state where this attack group is based or who is behind it. –The Organic Prepper
Advancements in technology have made manual controls obsolete. Meaning that controlling the power grid is a matter of know-how and internet prowess.  Cyber warfare is the war of the future and there is more and more proof that it isn’t a matter of if, but when.

Undeterred by international condemnation of its latest nuclear test and a new round of sanctions, North Korea is reportedly preparing to carry out another underground atomic test.

Satellite images taken since the regime conducted what it claims was a test of a thermonuclear device at its Punggye-ri proving grounds on September 3 have revealed mining equipment and heavy cargo trucks close to a shaft excavated to the south of the test site. Additional activity has also been confirmed at another underground access point, known as the West Portal.

Analysts believe the damage caused by the recent testto subterranean structures beneath Mount Mantap, accessed through the North Portal, is so extensive that it is unsuitable for further tests.
North Koreas nuclear tests Blasts gain in strength

An analysis of the images by experts from the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, released on the 38 North website, confirms "numerous landslides throughout the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site on the slopes of Mt. Mantip (and beyond) resulting from North Korea's sixth nuclear test".
The satellite pictures, taken five days after the most recent test, show a "large tractor/trailer cargo truck" at the South Portal, with mining carts and other equipment are visible at the West Portal.
"Such activity, coming shortly after the largest underground conducted at Punggye-ri to date, suggests that onsite work could now be changing focus to further prepare those other portals for future underground nuclear testing", the report states.
North Koreas nuclear history: key moments
There have also been suggestions in recent days that a Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missiles is being readied at an underground launch facility in Samjiyon, with a South Korean government official confirming to Radio Free Asia that it is "keeping a close watch on North Korean activities and discussing how to react if they provoke again".
Work at the nuclear test site and on another missile launch were under way before the United Nations Security Council imposed new sanctions on North Korea on Monday.
Pyongyang has reacted defiantly to the new restrictions on imports of fuel and lucrative exports of labourers and textile products.
North Korea has said it rejects the UN resolution and state-run media declared it to be a "product of heinous provocation".

A United States senator has just warned that a nuclear attack by North Korea is imminent.
He wants Washinton state to prepare for the strike, but right now, a little law is getting in his way.
According to Senator Mark Miloscia, the danger to Washington state, which is the closest part of the contiguous US to North Korea, is “starting to become imminent.” Miloscia has warned that the threat of a nuclear attack is growing with each weapons test done by the North and their defiant leader, Kim Jong-Un.
He is urging lawmakers to back the bid for an emergency response plan when they meet tomorrow.
But he’ll be fighting against a law that says the state of Washington cannot prepare for a nuclear war.

It’s a throwback to the Cold War when it was feared that planning for a nuclear strike might suggest the US was preparing to launch one itself and expected a response.

Most people don’t realize that sometimes, not only does the government not have a plan, they deliberately avoid making a plan for political reasons.
That may sound totally asinine, but it’s absolutely true. Especially in the state of Washington. With all the hype surrounding North Korea’s missile tests, many states are reexamining their nuclear preparedness plans, except in Washington, where apparently it’s illegal for state authorities to even make those plans. —Ready Nutrition
“State law does not allow any advanced planning,” said Karina Shagren with the Washington State Emergency Management Division.
RCW 38.52.030, passed in 1983, says “The comprehensive, all-hazard emergency plan authorized under this subsection may not include preparation for emergency evacuation or relocation of residents in anticipation of nuclear attack.”  

The entire world that doesn’t pay heed to the mainstream media thinks he and his son Rory are involved in the Bundy Ranch grazing rights showdown with the Bureau of Land Management, and all he can do is sputter that “this isn’t over” and make vague threats about a mysterious federal task force he plans to sic on rancher Cliven Bundy.
The so-outraged Reid has resorted to calling Bundy’s supporters “domestic terrorists,” loudly and repeatedly, to divert attention from the fact that he actually is involved in the BLM mess — though perhaps not exactly in the way initially thought.
The mainstream media have tried to dismiss the Reid connection by deliberately misrepresenting it. The Las Vegas Sun even seems to think that I personally started the “conspiracy theory” that connects the Reids and a Chinese solar project to Clark County shenanigans. I didn’t, and while it’s flattering to imagine any calumnous catch phrases cast Dingy Harry’s way by yours truly could sway the national agenda, I believe the honor of first blood on that story belongs to Info Wars.
Regarding grazing, the BLM says Bundy’s cattle are illegally grazing on Gold Butte. If that’s the case, then he’s trespassing. And if that’s the case, he shouldn’t owe any grazing fees. If he owes grazing fees, then that implies he has some legal right to use the land, albeit he is expected to pay a tax for it. If that’s the case, then he’s not trespassing and his cattle aren’t there illegally, he is just in arrears. I’m sure this all makes sense to government lawyers and judges who can pull treaties and agreements out of their derrieres to prove their case, but to ordinary folk, this seems like a little bit of circular logic.
But back to Harry Reid.
BLM map of planned renewable energy projects also  shows a company called First Solar among 11 projects sited in Clark County. The list of investors for First Solar includes Goldman Sachs, Ted Turner, Paul Tudor Jones and Al Gore. Here’s my personal favorite part, though: First Solar’s CEO is Michael Ahearn. Ahearn is a fundraiser for President Obama and … ta da! … Harry Reid.

Small world, ain’t it?
These projects are all part of a much larger plan by the Democratic Party to turn the West into essentially a giant battery. The President’s New Energy for America Plan calls for 10 percent of U.S. electricity to be generated by renewable sources by two years ago, a goal that has been slightly surpassed at this point. However, it also calls for a whopping 25 percent by 2025.
My guess is they’re running a little behind schedule.
According to the BLM, a 2009 memo from the secretary of the interior demanded that the Department of the Interior make renewable energy development a top priority. The Moapa solar project is on the fast-track list, according to a BLM report.
So the reason why Cliven Bundy’s cattle were the target of an armed invasion really had only peripherally to do with grazing fees and even less to do with a tortoise. The truth at this point seems to be that he stands in the way of a massive plot — dare we say conspiracy? — to make a whole lot of business and political figures on the Left a whole lot richer.
The BLM went up to Clark County to clear the way for the people who think they own this country. It’s just too bad for Dingy Harry and friends that the federal agents found out that there are still Americans who, right or wrong, won’t be pushed around so easily.

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