Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fiji Rocked By Two Earthquakes Measuring 6.5 And 5.1, Evacuations Underway In California As Fire Rages Along Corona Highway

Two earthquakes struck off the coast of Fiji on Tuesday - one measuring 6.5 in magnitude and the other 5.1.
The biggest quake was recorded at approximately 2.20pm, measuring a depth of 104km and struck south of the Fijian islands in the South Pacific.
While the smaller quake was registered 289km north of Ndoi island around 11.40am and was 579 km deep.
Despite the size of the quakes, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said there was no threat of a tsunami.
It comes after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake also struck nearby Papua New Guinea on Tuesday morning. 

The quake, measuring at a depth of 5.7km, was felt by locals at around 6.30am, the United States Geological Survey said.
It struck 230km off New Britain just hours after a 5.0 magnitude earthquake was registered 148km south-east of Tarron Monday night. 
Quakes have been felt throughout the region as the tectonic plates within the 'Ring of Fire' that stretches from New Zealand to California move. 
A huge undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, last week days before thousands of families were due to flock to the popular holiday destination for school holidays.
The 5.7 magnitude quake was detected 125km northeast of Surabaya, Java, on Thursday, the US Geological Survey confirmed.
Measured at a depth of 588km, the quake immediately sparked fears of a tsunami and an eruption from Mount Agung volcano.

Corona, California is experiencing burning hillsides near a freeway as the Canyon fire rages on.  So far, the fire has forced people to quickly evacuate their homes.
The fire has destroyed more than 1,700 acres of land near Chino Hills State Park, California, with emergency crews urging people to evacuate all homes and schools in the area. The canyon fire began close to Freeway 91 just after 1 pm on Monday and has now spread to over 2,000 acres, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.
The blaze, which is only 5 percent contained, according to the fire service’s latest updates, has necessitated the use of aircraft and more than 300 firefighters.  Four schools have been closed due to the threat from the flames, with Corona City authorities urging people to leave their homes south of Green River Road to the Trudy Way area.

An evacuation shelter has been opened at the Corona High School gymnasium.

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