Sunday, August 23, 2015

War Coming To Ukraine

DPR Intelligence has released a plan of Kiev to break the Minsk agreements and start a full-scale military operation in Donbass. After artillery preparation fire against positions of the DPR Armed Forces, Kiev military will start an offensive from the Mariupol and Debaltsevo sectors in the direction of the Uspenka settlement to take control of the border with Russia and prevent locals’ from fleeing to Russia.
At the very same moment, Kiev forces will advance in the direction of Ilovaisk to encircle Donetsk from the South and North.
In the Lugansk direction, pro-Kiev militants are planning to exercise separate military actions against LPR Armed Forces. The aims are to move to block the border with Russia and exclude capacity of LPR military to provide support in the DPR battle ground. Kiev strategists hope to defeat the defenders of Donbass and to destroy people’s republics on account of these actions.
On August 20, 3 Kiev cutting edges of military power were formed and established at the contact line. There are 5 separate mechanised brigades, 2 separate batte tank brigades, 1 artillery brigade and 1 group of military rocket launchers systems in the Mariupol sector. The cutting edge includes over 22 000 of the military personnel, more than 130 battle tanks, 560 APCs, 55 MLRS units, 200 artillery guns and mortars, 720 armor-defeating weapons.
5 separate mechanised brigades, 1 separate battle tank brigade, 2 airmobile infantry brigades, a rocket brigade Tochka U and a brigade of MLRS. In this sector, Pro-Kiev forces include more than 15000 of the military personnel, 110 battle tanks, 430 armored personnel carriers, 5 units of Tochka U, 50 units of MLRS, 220 artillery guns and mortars, 620 armor-defeating weapons.
In the Debaltsevo sector, Kiev concentrated 5 separate mechanised brigades, 1 separate battle tank brigade, 3 artillery brigades and a brigade of MLRS. The Debaltsevo cutting edge includes more than 19000 of the military personnel, 70 battle tanks, 580 armored personnel carriers, 45 units of MLRS, 230 artillery guns and mortars, 910 armor-defeating weapons.
4 separate mechanised brigades, 2 artillery brigades and a brigade of MLRS are at the LPR direction. This cutting edge includes more than 18000 of the military personnel, 60 battle tanks, 530 armored personnel carriers, 30 units of MLRS, 230 artillery guns and mortars, 1000 armor-defeating weapons.
On reserve Kiev has 2 separate battle tank brigades, 4 airmobile infantry brigades, an airborne brigade, 3 artillery brigades and a brigade of MLRS. Totally, the reserve includes 14200 of the military personnel, 70 battle tanks, 450 armored personnel carriers, 50 units of MLRS, 175 artillery guns and mortars, 350 armor-defeating weapons.
Thus, Kiev has finished the preparations for an all-out military operation in Donbass. The future developments depend on the reaction of people’s republics, internal political developments and the international diplomatic situation.

News that Russia is testing the latest addition to its underwater fleet of war machines, the BS-64 Podmoskovie nuclear submarine, have apparently left western analyst wondering what the watercraft is capable of while on months-long missions in the deep waters of the world ocean.

The BS-64, previously known as K-64, is not a new sub, but a refurbished Project 667BDRM ballistic missile submarine (NATO reporting name: Delta-IV) that spent over 15 years at a repair plant located in the Russian port city of Severodvinsk. Laid down in 1982, it was commissioned four years later and remained in service until 1999.

The Podmoskovie is capable of carrying a crew of 135 people and is armed with 16 R-29RMU Sineva liquid-fueled ballistic missiles. It has been assigned to Russia's Northern Fleet.

The 550-foot sub powered by two nuclear reactors was converted into a vessel designed to conduct scientific research, as well as a carrier for nuclear deep-water stations, including the top secret Losharik sub.

The new section allows the submarine to dock and undock deep-water vessels and houses a compartment for the crew and a research unit.

The BS-64 "appears to be part science vessel, part spy ship, part commando transport, and part 'mothership' for mini-subs and drones. But no one outside of the Kremlin and the Moscow's future crew knows for sure," defense analyst David Axe observed in an article titled "Russia's Mysterious New Submarine."

Norman Polmar, an expert focusing on naval and intelligence issues, fueled keen interest for the Podmoskovie by cautioning against underestimating Russian engineers. 

"These guys are far more innovative than we ever were," Axe quoted Polmar as saying. The naval expert who has advised the US government on submarine strategy speaks from experience since he has been to the Russian design bureaus tasked with developing submarines.

The Iran nuclear deal brokered by the Obama Administration is going to provide the Islamic Republic with a financial windfall, and, if criticisms prove accurate, fail to prevent it from developing atomic weapons.
Just what is Iran going to do with all that new money once sanctions are lifted?
Well, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei suggested that the first item on his spending list is to bolster the terrorist forces operating against Israel.
“We spare no opportunity to support anyone #FightingTheZionists,” Khamenei wrote on his official Twitter account this week.
Days later, the following propaganda video produced by the Islamic Revolution Design House, an outfit with ties to the Iranian regime, was posted to the Internet:
In the animated short, terrorists bearing the insignias of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah and Hamas can be seen readying for a final mass assault against Jerusalem.
The video ends with a message echoing the dictate of former Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini:
“Israel must be erased from the annals of history, and the youth will definitely see that day when it comes.”
Earlier this month, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he wasn’t sure Iran really wanted to wipe Israel off the map, as its leaders have so often publicly threatened to do. The above video would seem to indicate that Kerry has his head in the sand.

Israeli National Infrastructures Minister Yuval Steinitz (pictured) on Wednesday congratulated the international community on its “innovative and out-of-the-box thinking” in permitting Iran to self-inspect its own nuclear facilities.
“One can only wonder if the Iranian inspectors will also have to wait 24 days before being able to visit the site and look for incriminating evidence?” Steinitz added.
The facetious remarks came in response to news that the UN watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), had reached what many saw as a face-saving arrangement with Iran whereby the latter will provide its own experts to inspect sites like Parchin, a sprawling and particularly sensitive nuclear facility near Tehran.

Parchin is effectively run by Iran’s hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and is one of the sites that the IAEA, among others, previously suspected of being involved in the early production of nuclear weapons.
The Iranian regime had in recent weeks repeatedly made clear that the terms of the Obama-brokered nuclear deal notwithstanding, it would be setting the rules for any nuclear inspections on Iranian soil.
The White House tried to downplay the reports, telling France’s AFP news agency that it had “every confidence” in the IAEA and its approach to Iran.

Russia's refusal to support a UN Security Council resolution aimed at creating a tribunal to identify and prosecute those responsible for the MH17 tragedy "helped avert the risk of a major war," American journalist Carla Stea asserted.

The draft statute itself, the implications of acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, the official comments of those who accused Russia of standing in the way of justice, as well as their reaction to Moscow's legitimate concerns and alternative proposals appears to show that those who are trying to push through the resolution do not seem to be motivated by a desire to conduct a thorough investigation and find the real perpetrators.
The resolution was proposed by Malaysia and backed by Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ukraine. It was supported by 11 out of the 15 UNSC member states. China, Venezuela and Angola abstained.

Stea maintains that those in favor of creating the MH17 tribunal seem to have "a preconceived agenda." They would fabricate "a bogus case against the East Ukrainians" and convict them using biased and highly politicized accusations. They will then use the proposed resolution in an attempt to justify a US and NATO attack on East Ukraine "to destroy the East Ukrainians' anti-Nazi struggle for dignity."

"This would make it impossible for Russia to avoid direct military involvement, and would constitute a provocation detonating a major war," Stea noted.

For the time being, Russia, according to the journalist, has prevented this scenario from playing out. But those who called the UNSC vote had additional goals in mind.

"The Russian veto of the Malaysian draft resolution S/2015/562 prevented a lethal and deliberate miscarriage of justice, and a probable escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, and the vote on this scandalous resolution was forced to embarrass Russia and create the illusion of Russian recalcitrance," the journalist noted.

The latest attempt to adopt a resolution under Chapter VII will not be the last. The West, according to the journalist, is likely to continue to scheme and plan its next move.

"There will be more conniving and barely disguised draft resolutions under Chapter VII to come in the UN Security Council. The target is Russia, and the pathological goal is regime change or world war," Stea wrote in an article titled "Ukraine and the MH17 Crash: Washington's Use of the UN Security Council as an Instrument of Propaganda, 'Regime Change' and War."

“It bothers me because you look at the schools and all of the school shootings and all the bad things that are happening, and wonder why,” parent Kimberly Moore told WLBT. “It’s because we’re allowing evil to step in.”
“I don’t fault our school district because I know they are trying to do what’s right as a community and for the school,” Moore added. “But … in another I’m like we gotta take a stand on behalf of Christ.”

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