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MH17 And Other Traps To Avoid, As Market Collapses Keynesians Call For War, WWIII Will Be Used To Cover Up The Collapse

MH17 And Other Traps To Avoid | New Eastern Outlook

The propaganda machine in the west is once again ramping up and spewing out one false claim after another about the shoot down of MH17 last year over eastern Ukraine and each story is more absurd than the one before it. On the 13th of August the British newspaper, mistakenly called The Independent, made the bizarre claim that Russia has “stoked tensions with the West by burning Dutch flowers in what is regarded as a political statement over the investigation into the Malaysian Airlines flight disaster headed by The Netherlands.”

The Independent states that its source for this garbage rests on unnamed “critics” and then goes on to repeat the NATO party line that Russia is trying to block the facts from coming out.

Just two days before this the BBC claimed a leak from the Dutch investigation indicated Russian missile parts were found at the site. However they failed to mention later that Dutch investigators refuted this mysterious leak and stated their investigation did not conclude that at all. Both these stories made sure to repeat that Russia had blocked a UN tribunal from being formed to look into the crash and punish those responsible.

Dr. Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian Ambassador to the UK and former deputy foreign minister, captured the situation in this statement made on July 31, 2015, in regard to the call for a UN tribunal,

Why the rush? Is it to help the investigation, or rather to replace it? Progress towards justice must be seen. So far, we have seen nothing. Our partners preferred to conduct a vote that is impossible to explain by any other motive than seeking a fresh pretext for pointing a finger at Russia. It is only to be regretted that the unity and authority of the Security Council has once again become hostage to political ambitions having nothing to do with either justice or a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine in its entirety. For its part, Russia will continue to seek both.”

He went on to correctly point out that the only ones blocking the findings of the investigation from coming out are the NATO countries and its ally Australia who refuse to release any of the findings of the investigators and have delayed the report until October of 2015. Russia is not blocking anything. It was the first country to demand a full and independent investigation into the matter and, to ensure that, helped to pushed through Security Council Resolution 2166 on July 21, 2014 that deplored the incident, stressed the need for a full, thorough and independent investigation in accordance with civil aviation guidelines, called for the involvement of the International Civil Aviation Organization, called for securing the crash site and safety of investigators and demanded that those responsible be held accountable.

What did the Americans and their puppets in Kiev do? Nothing except to launch an immediate and intense propaganda campaign against Russia going so far as to pin responsibility on President Putin personally. They even claimed that they had evidence. But they have produced none. Russia asked them for this purported evidence multiple times and each time they were met with silence followed by another volley of propaganda aimed at confusing the western public and covering up the fact that they do not want the Dutch report released for if that investigation had evidence that Russia was involved we can be sure it would have been plastered all over the mass media long ago, instead of these small leaks that drip out on a regular basis to keep the pot boiling.

While NATO engaged in propaganda games Russia insistently called for a transparent, independent and honest investigation, quickly supplied to the investigators its satellite and radar data, eyewitness reports, and technical information regarding Buk missile systems and offered to assist in the investigation. The Americans have said nothing about any of this information of course because all of it points to their allies in Kiev being responsible for the shoot down and because the United States was involved or became complicit by protecting its allies from facing responsibility for their actions. 

As for the MH17 tribunal demanded by the probable culprits the United States and its dependencies in NATO and Kiev, Russia was correct to reject that demand and correct to veto the draft resolution.

There must be no doubt in any reasonable person’s mind that the only result of the creation of such a tribunal by the Security Council was to be an indictment against President Putin himself accusing him of some type of command responsibility. Once Putin was indicted as a war criminal, the anti-Russian propaganda in the west would increase beyond even the intense levels it now has reached.

The indictments and evidence at these tribunals are concocted against selected accused for three; to defame the leaders targeted, to justify the western aggression against these countries, and finally to cover up the real role of the west in these wars.

In regard to MH17 there is the NATO propaganda on one side claiming Donbass militias were involved, aided and abetted by Russia, but without any evidence of this being produced, and, on the other hand, evidence supplied by eye witnesses, air traffic controllers, Ukrainian military pilots and Russian radar plots that indicate that it was more likely shot down by a Ukrainian government Sukhoi jet fighter. In any case, whatever the facts really are, the investigation is not complete and not complete because the NATO alliance refuses to release information that is necessary to make a determination as to who is responsible and what their motives were.

The administration of President Bill Clinton and the decisions of 1993-1994 that gave rise to current tensions between Moscow and Washington, eventually resulting in the current warfare in Ukraine, Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell said

"I believe the US is above all others to blame. Particularly, I’m referring to the decision made by Bill Clinton’s administration. In 1993-1994, Clinton breached the Baker-Shevardnadze agreement as well as the agreement between George H. W. Bush and Gorbachev, and then Eltsin," Wilkerson explained.

Then, Clinton virtually gave permission to NATO to consider not only a peacekeeping partnership program and military exercises for potential members, but also to step outside the framework, he added.

"In fact, Clinton began, as the saying goes, to poke fingers in Moscow’s eyes," he said.
In April 2014, Kiev launched a military offensive against Donbass residents who opposed the new, coup-installed government. On February 12, agreements were reached to cease fire, withdraw heavy weapons and make amendments to the Ukrainian constitution on the legal status of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.
NATO has reinforced its military presence in Eastern Europe following the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that NATO military expansion toward the country's western frontier is a threat to regional and, ultimately, global security.

Layoffs continue during the economic downturn. Foreclosures spike in Florida and now realtors are reporting a slowdown real estate. VIX is hitting extreme fear as the plunge protection team steps in to stop the market collapse. The blame for the market collapse is now being shifted towards China. Why is the system collapsing, it all comes down to the petrodollar collapsing.

World War III Will Be Used To Cover Up The Central Bank Economic Collapse – Episode B
The fragments that are washing up on shore might not belong to MH370. Thousands in Japan protest against war and a change to the constitution. North and South Korea agree to ceasefire, but the US wants to bring B-52 bombers to the region.Joe Biden wants to split Iraq. Jordan wants to setup a safe zone on Syria’s border. The economic collapse and World War III is approaching everyone needs to be prepared.

Now that the stock market has signaled the start of a collapse, portending future crises and miring further the so-called recovery, we can expect to hear an old call.
A big war can get us out of this.
As absurd as this may sound, it is a favorite solution offered by Keynesian economists, for instance Paul Krugman of The New York Times.

Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University, argued along similar lines last June in an article posted in The New York Times titled “The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth.”
Others, including Ian Morris, a history professor at Stanford University, offer similar arguments.
“It may seem repugnant to find a positive side to war in this regard, but a look at American history suggests we cannot dismiss the idea so easily,” Cowen writes, to which Gary North responds:

“Yes, we can. Quite easily. You would be hard-pressed to find a war in American history that did not raise taxes, raise debt, and kill innocent people.”
Sam Selikoff and Luke Bessey countered Krugman’s argument with a short video, “The Broken Window Fallacy.”

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