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Rockets Fired On Galilee - From The New Iranian Terror Front On The Golan

The four rockets fired on Galilee came from the new Iranian terror front on the Golan

Israel’s top government and military went on a high level of preparedness Tuesday, Aug. 18 in expectation of the first terrorist attack to be orchestrated by Iran from Syrian or Lebanese borders. That is what brought Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott on a tour of inspection to the Golan and Northern Command headquarters. Netanyahu said then that Israel is ready for any scenario and would “harm anyone trying to harm us.”

Military sources report that these events were sparked by the knowledge reaching Israeli intelligence that Iranian Al Qods and Hizballah officers were building a new terrorist network for mounting large-scale terrorist attacks on Israel from the Syrian border opposite the Golan.

The officers had handed out anti-tank and anti-air rockets to the terrorists, raising Israeli suspicions that one of their plans was to seize an Israeli location or part of one and try and hold out against an Israeli counter-offensive of tanks and assault helicopters.

This was an unusually long-range attack: Previous launches from within Syria, whether deliberate or stray fire from the civil war there, hit the Israeli-held Golan without reaching the Israeli interior. It is now up to Israel to decide how and when to respond to an act of war orchestrated by Tehran, after the prime minister’s warning Tuesday had no deterrent effect.

The Israeli military said it carried out a new raid Friday morning, targeting the cell that launched rockets on northern Israel from Syria on Thursday. At least five people were said to have been killed in the strike on a car some 10 kilometers from the Syrian-Israeli border, in territory held by the Syrian army.

“We targeted a vehicle this morning in which there were at least five people,” an IDF source was quoted by Israeli media as saying Friday.
“We were monitoring this cell and it was attacked some 10-15 kilometers from the border, on territory firmly in the control of the Syrian military. This is an Islamic Jihad cell directed by Iran,” added the source.

“Those who are quick to embrace Iran [following the nuclear agreement on July 14] should know that an Iranian commander directed and backed this cell that attacked Israel,” he added, echoing comments made by senior military sources.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said the strike against the cell was proof that Israel will not tolerate efforts to harm the security of its citizens.

“We have no intention of compromising on this issue, and I suggest no one test our resolve on this matter,” he said in a brief statement after the attack.

The Israeli military said that it carried out strikes on 14 Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights on Thursday night.
“The Israel Defense Forces targeted 14 Syrian military posts in the Syrian Golan Heights,” the Israeli army said in a statement early Friday, without elaborating.
The strikes hit artillery batteries near Quneitra, several army outposts and communications antennae, local news sites reported.
The Israeli retaliation Thursday was its largest assault on Syrian territory in decades.

Iran Is Already Violating the Nuke Deal | Frontpage Mag

As the congressional vote on President Barack Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran draws closer, the Iranian regime appears to be doing everything it can to show that it has the upper hand as a result of the deal it negotiated with the United States and its five partners. It is either dishonestly twisting certain terms of the deal to justify its misbehavior or simply defying the terms outright. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are not pushing back. Instead, they are pushing hard to avoid a veto-proof congressional vote of disapproval. 

For example, Iran is planning to sign a contract for four advanced Russian surface-to-air S-300 missiles as early as next week, following a visit to Moscow by Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani in violation of an international travel ban.  
There have been whimpers of objection from the Obama administration, but no forceful statement that such activities by the Iranian regime will jeopardize the agreement from the get-go. 
Iranian leaders have also declared that their arms shipments to allies in the region, such as their terrorist proxy Hezbollah, will continue despite the United Nations Security Council arms embargo still in effect for the next five years. 

The Obama administration’s response is staggering. According to Kerry, “The arms embargo is not tied to snapback. It is tied to a separate set of obligations. So they are not in material breach of the nuclear agreement for violating the arms piece of it.”

Meanwhile, to make matters even worse, the Associated Press is reporting that “Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms, operating under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work.” In other words, the UN international inspection team that President Obama has pointed to as the chief verification safeguard will now give way at least in part to Iranian inspectors investigating their own alleged nuclear weaponization development work at a military site declared off limits by Iran to international inspectors. The White House remained “confident” in the viability of the inspection regime despite the confidence game the Iranian regime played with the UN to permit Iran to self-inspect.
Nevertheless, Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives are lining up to support President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran. They are willfully ignoring clear evidence that Iran, post-deal, is continuing its pattern of cheating and violating international sanctions and embargoes still in place. Like lemmings jumping over the cliff, these Democrats are willing to ease the Iranian regime’s path towards becoming a threshold nuclear armed state in a little over a decade, out of blind partisan loyalty to Obama. 

Leftism is a pathology of mendacity.  When Obama told us that his grandfather liberated Auschwitz, that was a gratuitous fabrication – he could have honestly stated that his grandfather was part of the army that helped liberate concentration camps in western Germany, but truth means so little to him that inventing the Auschwitz fable pinged no conscience at all.  In the same way, when Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton told America that she was named “Hillary” in honor of Sir Edmond Hillary climbing Mt. Everest, even though that happened years after Mrs. Clinton was born, that also was an effortless deception, because to her, truth has value only when it is helpful.

We see in leftism this casual prevarication over and over again.  Lois Lerner tells us – and expects us to believe – that her emails were erased with no intent to cover up wrongdoing, just as Mrs. Clinton tells us that the vast number of government records (State Department emails) were destroyed because all the records destroyed had to do with personal matters.  Ironically, Mrs. Clinton herself coined a phrase that conservatives should repeat again and again as long as she remains the Democrat frontrunner and she used that phrase in her interrogation of General Petraeus at the end of the Bush presidency, when she told the general that his statements to the Senate committee required “a willing suspension of disbelief.”

The establishment media, like entrenched government bureaucracies and corrupt academia, long since stopped caring about intellectual integrity.  All of these organs care only about either advancing an ideological agenda or protecting their comfortable perches and perks.  Over the last fifty years or so, there has been virtually no governor or check upon the most outrageous frauds. 

Most of us as children are caught fibbing and punished.  We learn, in the real world, that deceit has costs.  This is simply not true for leftists.  Why in the world should we be surprised that Hillary, who has never in her adult life faced the consequences of fibbing and faking and fabricating, finds herself today caught in a spiral of endless lies upon lies?  Why would a woman married to a serial philanderer and a brutal stalker of helpless women, who today portrays herself as a champion of women, be even able to rise above the sort of Orwellian doublethink that passes as serious leftist policy pronouncements?
So when we hear the latest ridiculous explanation from Hillary Clinton or Lois Lerner or some other debris of leftist corruption, we ought to have, always, a “willing suspension of disbelief.”  These broken souls and dead consciences are addicted to falsehoods.  They live on lies.

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Interesting article on front page of RR saying it must be on a rosh Hashanna. The premise is Jesus fulfilled the spring feast holidays with his first coming to the day and will fulfill all the fall feasts with the second coming

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Zola taught that without question, Rosh Hashanah and all of the Feasts will be fulfilled by Jesus, as He has already fulfilled the previous Feasts.But the next Feast, Rosh Hashanah will fulfilled by Jesus on the exact date that only the Father knows as the true date.

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