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'The Little Hand', The Fifth Planned Parenthood Video Is Horrifying, Russia And China Race To Be Next Superpower, Japan Bracing for Massive Volcano,

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Sometimes in the life of our nation there comes a tipping point during which a horror of such great magnitude is revealed so clearly the response can only be universal revulsion and outrage. 
Such a moment has come into being in the stomach churning revelations of Planned Parenthood’s sale of babies’ body parts.  

Out of the hours of video tapes have emerged portraits of human beings so morally degraded, so pitilessly brutal, so wiped clean of heart and soul that it causes a shudder down the spine to see and to hear them. They are like zombies who have the appearance of being human. But they are actually the living dead.

Something else has emerged from those tapes -- the unforgettable and soon to be iconic image of a tiny human hand

There it is, in all its created glory, each perfectly formed finger complete with a delicate fingernail. Held by antiseptic tweezers, the hand is slightly clenched, the way newborns’ hands are. It looks as if it could grab a finger and hold on. It looks as if it is surrendering. But of course, it can’t and isn’t, as the arm to which it is attached has been ripped off by an abortionist. A technician talks to supposed researchers in search of baby body parts about how she can procure intact specimens much like this baby, whose fragile body has been cut apart and whose individual parts are mixed up in a bloody, soupy mess in a stainless steel tray. 

The little hand summons silence in Heaven and on earth for at least a half an hour.
The image declares it is time for all the newspeak and all the bloviating about reproductive rights, the freedom to do as one wishes with one’s own body, the lies about masses of tissue, the faux arguments about women’s “health” to cease.  Talk is terminated -- silenced by one little hand.
Stop, it voicelessly utters. Silence.
What follows the silence? 
The time for debate has passed. It’s time for disobedience. It’s time for revolutionary action.  It’s time for war.

Yes, war. War against evil.
There has been two generations’ time to analyze the evil. There have been over forty years of attempts to dissuade evil. It has not listened, but instead has doubled down and multiplied. 

For decades those who have opposed abortion on demand have set up alternatives, have attempted to change laws, have gotten out to the public images of babies in the womb smiling and sucking their thumbs, and have continually sought to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court responsible for the carnage. 
But nothing has eliminated the evil. The corruption of the nation has been just too great. Barbarity has seeped into the culture so completely that its toxicity has poisoned nearly every institution, every court of law, every educational institution and very nearly every family. 

And there is that little hand.
It silently says that now has come a time when the only alternative is to exterminate the evil, to cleanse the land of it. 

Reader, do you think it will get better? Do you think matters will improve among the Left now that they all have seen clear evidence of Planned Parenthood’s barbarities?
No, they won’t improve. If left up to the Left, matters will only get worse, as evil unchecked careens down into a bottomless pit.

Even now, according to a report posted on, baby parts are being used to grow human organs in rodents.  What was once deemed chimerical fantasy on the order of The Island of Dr. Moreau, is now considered progress. Some years ago (2009), the Huffington Post published an article entitled “Are We Ready for a Market in Fetal Organs?” Apparently the author thought we are and have been.  
The question is whether or not we are prepared to continue to accept a Swiftian bargain that amounts to the consumption of babies. No, unless we are completely committed to total moral destruction of our nation, we are not ready for such a market. 

Pure evil has been happening in the clinics of Planned Parenthood. Now the wickedness is no longer veiled, but revealed right before our eyes in the form of a little hand.
The only question that remains is whether or not America will rise up against the evil; whether there will be a mighty struggle to end the brutality that has ended the lives of some 55 million innocents, some of whose bodies have been and are for sale.

There will be struggle. There always is when evil is confronted.

We must remember that little hand. 
It was held up in surrender to death. But it also may be seen as held up in blessing for those who refuse to forget. It may be seen as a sign for those who lament and ask forgiveness for what they have done or permitted. It may be seen as a summons for those who will march to fight for other babies whose lives, unless we struggle against their killing, will be sold to the highest bidder.

Just a few minutes ago, the Center for Medical Progress released their latest undercover video of Planned Parenthood’s revolting practices – this despite a federal judge (one who is an Obama appointee and who raised $200,000 for the president’s campaign, natch) issued a temporary restraining order on Friday  to stop the video’s release. And the desperate attempt to stop it is understandable. In this video, the discussion of  the “diversification of the revenue stream” by selling “specimens” and how much the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast research department “contributes…to the bottom line of our organization” throws into question even more deeply Cecile Richards’ claim that Planned Parenthood “does not profit” from “tissue donation.”
And then of course, there is the discussion of “altering the process” so that they are able to “obtain intact fetal cadavers” which will then be “split” into “different shipments” – all “just a matter of line items.” Later on, they look at a study that wants 120 “samples”.
And then they go to look at “fresh specimens” to see their quality and “intactness.” I can’t recommend watching this part of the video unless you have the stomach for it. And maybe not even then. I moved beyond nausea into horror, and then just deep sadness. As they picked through a tray of eviscerated human remains, identifying each organ and part, I found that I had to stop the video when I saw them pull out a perfect little hand with the tweezers, a leg clearly visible in the bloody mess behind it. To be honest, I broke down for a moment and just started to cry. How could they? How could they?
Planned Parenthood must be destroyed. There’s simply no other option. If there is any justice in this world, I will live to see the days when there is the abortion-related equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials. And the people in this video, and so many others, will be lined up and brought before the court. This is the precisely the kind of butchery I saw memorialized when I walked through Auschwitz. It’s the kind of feeling I had when I walked the grounds outside the ovens at Birkenau, and was told that the white grit I saw in the dirt I was walking on was ground up human bone.
And as the Santayana quote that was prominently featured at the entrance to those famous death camps so solemnly warned us, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

The BRICS agreement

With Russia and China both members of the BRICS grouping, the general consensus of opinion regarding the countries is that they are working together for common benefits. Indeed, Russia and China are often common denominators in many geopolitical incidents nowadays. Most recently, that United States sought the effective blessing of both nations when drafting an Iranian agreement.
Moscow and Beijing have a great deal in common, beginning with a 2,500 mile border. Both have economies that are dominated by state-run commerce, and efforts have been made between the two nations to increase many aspects of economic and military cooperation. Yet Vladimir Putin has officially dismissed suggestions that there is a new Eastern military alliance with China. Putin has stated explicitly that he did not believe in a bloc-based approach, and instead emphasized that a more global effort was necessary.
What both countries do definitively share is a desire to limit American power. It is this that its most obviously reflected in the burgeoning trading relationship between the two countries, and both have a mutual interest in achieving a more prominent position in global economic institutions. Russia and China explicitly wish to be represented in organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements, with meetings such as those in Davos rarely populated by Chinese or Russian delegates.
With trade between the two nations having increased sixfold, Russian and Chinese worships having engaged in joint endeavors in the Mediterranean back in May, and both Russian and Chinese presidents appearing in Beijing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, it may seem inevitable that the two countries have an unshakeable allegiance.
But there are reasons to believe that the relationship between the two nations is more complex than many people presently acknowledge. The underlying conditions that have supported the cooperation between the two nations have been mutually beneficial, yet the variables that underpin this relationship are continually shifting.
So in an increasingly multi-polar world order, China is acquiring increasing military power, that is growing at a rate that seriously outranks that of Russia. Additionally, despite plenty of dramatic headlines in the West to the contrary, China’s economic penetration continues to expand. The devaluation of the Chinese currency this week certainly generated a lot of bluster, but the reality is that China is now established as a true economic powerhouse.
Russia is currently experiencing a negative birth rate as compared to its death rate, and this is leading to a rapidly growing population. Russia is by no means the only country on the planet to experience this phenomenon, with both Germany and Japan also particularly seriously affected. But it is certainly a massive issue for a country that has an extremely disparate population in terms of geographical location.
These and many other plausible changes in the socio-economic and political makeup of the nations could seriously impact upon the relationship of the two countries in the foreseeable future. At the moment there is something of a comfortable entente between Russia and China, but as variables develop this is certainly not guaranteed to continue into the future.

Perhaps the most explicit indication of Russian and Chinese cooperation has come in the United Nations. The two nations have persistently coordinated their foreign policy in order to prevent Western nations from dominating the geopolitical landscape. This has drawn considerable criticism in the West, but Russia and China both contest that they have not been the aggressors in recent history. And while their behaviour in the United Nations is unquestionably motivated by self-interest, it is certainly impossible to disagree with this particular assertion.

International naval drills by the Russian and Chinese navies will be conducted in the Sea of Japan next week. Sailors, marines and naval air pilots of the two countries will be training together in combined operations in an amphibious assault exercise. 
A Chinese squadron has left the port of Qingdao in Shandong province on Saturday and headed for Russia’s Vladivostok to take part in the bilateral naval exercise to be held in Peter the Great Bay on August 20-28.
A source close to the operation told Xinhua news agency that the drills "are not targeted at any third party and are not relevant to the regional status quo," stressing that the exercise is part of annual exchange program between Chinese and Russian militaries.
The Chinese task force coming to Vladivostok comprises seven warships, six shipborne helicopters, five warplanes, 21 amphibious vehicles and 200 marines. Russian Pacific Fleet will be represented with up to 20 battleships and support vessels, two submarines, 10 warplanes, nine amphibious vehicles and also 200 marines.
Russian and Chinese troops, aircraft and vessels will be operating in five combined naval groups and four Air Force groups in Russian territorial waters and in neutral waters of the Sea of Japan.

The Sea of Japan borders four countries Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. So far, the Chinese Navy has not taken part in exercises in this area.

The main declared task of the drills will be practicing protection of naval communications, anti-submarine training, air defense exercise and anti-ship actions.

The West does not want any peaceful resolution to the conflict in Donbass which it fears would reveal its lies about the real situation in eastern Ukraine, a prominent Russian lawmaker said on Sunday.

“Our strategic opponents want neither peace nor any implementation of the Minsk accords. They are working hard to make sure that the shellings of Donbass [by Kiev forces] continue so that they could portray Russia as the biggest threat to global peace,” Leonid Slutsky, who heads the State Duma’s committee on CIS affairs, told RIA Novosti news agency.
“One such strategic lie was exposed when French MPs visited Crimea after which European media stopped publishing all kinds of tall stories about some “massive Russian military presence in an occupied Crimea.”
“If another lie about Russia allegedly having a hand in the Ukrainian conflict is laid bare too, then the whole [anti-Russian campaign] they have been waging since the end of 2013 will start falling apart,” Slutsky added.
Admitting that the response by the so-called “Normandy Four” to the situation in Donbass has so far been unable to end the bloodshed there, Leonid Slutsky underscored the need to continue work as part of the Normandy format to ensure a rapid de-escalation in the region.
Denis Pushilin, an official representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic at the Minsk talks, had earlier urged the “Normandy Four” to respond to the Kiev forces’ massive shellings of Donbass.

When Japan decided it was going to begin the process of restarting many of their mothballed nuclear reactors last week, there was certainly cause for alarm. After all, it’s not unheard of for a nuclear reactor to run into problems shortly after being started. When Japan made this announcement, The World Nuclear Association noted that “Of 14 reactors that resumed operations after four years offline, all had emergency shutdowns and technical failures.” So it’s safe to say that when 25 Japanese plants applied for restart permits, the international community was a little worried.

Now it appears that some of those fears have been validated, though not in the way most people were expecting. The Sendai nuclear power plant was the first of those reactors to be restarted on Tuesday, an event which couldn’t have come at a worst time. A volcano near the plant appears ready to blow its top.

If that’s not a terrible omen for Japan’s resurgent nuclear program, I don’t know what is. Considering that the Japanese are so well-known for their superstitions, perhaps they should take a hint from this event, and rethink the idea of reopening dozens of nuclear power plants across one of the most seismic, and volcanically active regions on the planet.

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