Monday, August 24, 2015

Ominous SIgns

The article below details several emerging stories that are not to be found in the MSM, but are worth watching closely (with the usual caveats):

What is being called a 'terrifying development' has taken place in North Korea as nearly 70% of North Korean submarines have 'disappeared' and South Korea and the US have no idea where they have moved to. With warnings going out that these subs might be being moved towards the US west coast and Japan, we've just received word of multiple massive explosions at a US military base IN Japan as seen in the pictures above and 1st two videos below. 

With more than 50 North Korean subs now away from their bases and at sea and a warning going out that North and South Korea are at the brink of nuclear war, China has now sent PLA troops to their border with N. Korea that can quickly be moved into the South while South Korea and the US put on a 'show of force' amid the escalating crisis. With all that is now unfolding we have to ask, are all the 'end times chess masters' players being moved into place for a nuclear checkmate? Will we soon witness an all-out attack against the West?

The timing of all of these recent events fits that scenario perfectly. Just days ago we learned that China and Russia are undertaking the biggest joint naval war games in their history. When we combine all of this with an extremely concerning emerging Iran-North Korea-Pakistan nuclear alliance, we have a very dangerous scenario unfolding. 

Were these explosions in Japan at a US military base tied to what we are now witnessing around the world? Besides these explosions, we've also seen mysterious explosions in ChinaRussia and Houston, Texas all within the past several days alone. As 'The Big Wobble' linked above mentions, all of these incredibly large explosions and other disturbing coincidences 'smacks of sabotage' and mirrors the days leading up to the 1st world war. Unconfirmed reports tell us an ammunition depot in was hit. 

According to an ANP source, nuclear armed North Korean subs COULD be at the west coast of the US by the end of next week and as shared in this story by InvestmentWatchBlog, UNLESS there is a huge war in North Korea, how will the US and China explain away the total crash of their stock markets, possibly as soon as Monday? Are we now witnessing 'the beginning of the end?' The National Interest told us back in April of 2015 that North Korea's nuclear program is unstoppable and by now, they likely already have enough nuclear material to build over 100 nuclear weapons. 

The outcome is sobering. Whichever scenario takes place, the North Korean nuclear threat will grow at an alarming rate, although just how alarming remains unclear.

We also see in the pictures below that China has been moving a convoy of PTZ-89 tank destroyers to their border with North Korea. Does China know something that Americans don't know? 

The Yahoo news story tells us that the movement of such a large number of submarines is "unprecendented". "The number is nearly 10 times the normal level...we take the situation very seriously" we are told. NBC News tells us that the North has entered a 'quasi state of war' after they fired four artillery shells into the South only to be retalliated against with a 29-round barrage by the South.

The videos below bring us up to date on the missing North Korean subs; are they headed towards America? With everything else that we have been watching, it's painfully clear that all of the chess pieces are being moved into their proper places. How long until 'checkmate' is called and an all-out attack takes place? 

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