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SOS To Pope Francis: It's Souls That Need Saving Not The Environment

SOS to Pope Francis: It’s souls that need saving, not the environment

In a surrealistic world the pope’s coming to America is somewhat like Cleopatra coming to Mark Antony.

Protocol and pomp and ceremony aside, why would Christ’s Vicar on Earth come to pay homage to a president who is unabashedly the world’s top champion of abortions, including partial birth abortions;  whose party refuses to defund Planned Parenthood whose organization sells body parts of aborted babies on the black market;  and whose presidency is driven by a soul-corroding hatred of the country he was elected to serve?

The prayer for the pontiff’s visit to the den of iniquity known as the White House should be along the lines of:  “Please God let it be naivete and a secret soul saving mission and not Obama boosting bringing Pope Francis to American shores.”

“A Gallup poll released last month showed Francis losing support among conservative Catholics. It found his favorable rating among them fell from 72 percent last year to 45 percent in July. His favorable rating among all Catholics dropped from 89 percent to 71 percent.” (NewsDay, Aug. 24, 2015)

A drop from 89 percent to 71 percent is hardly a dramatic one.

Are any among the 71 percent even a teensy bit concerned that the wishy-washy style of the current crop of blow-with-any-wind Catholic leaders and their fawning media attendants are making it appear as if everything’s more than hunky-dory with Pope Francis so openly paying allegiance to President Barack Hussein Obama?

“Sweeping into office in 2009, President Barack Obama captured near rock-star status around the world among millions who saw him as the embodiment of a new sense of social purpose. Now, that baton has largely been passed to Pope Francis, whose visit to the White House next month will put his common cause with Obama on vivid display. (AP, August 26, 2015)

“Obama has made no secret of his affection for the outspoken pope, calling him a “transformative leader” whose influence has transcended the Roman Catholic community. The pope has embraced many of the issues Obama has sought to advance, including global warming, poverty and diplomacy with Iran and Cuba.”

Obama, who started off by getting his way at having all religious symbols covered at Georgetown, is now coming on as if he owns the Catholic Church, and the way things are looking, who can say he doesn’t?

Is it only protocol that keeps the Pope from confronting Obama for being the Number One World Champion of abortion and the leader of a party that refuses to defund Planned Parenthood?

Surely the will of the Almighty and the scripture of the Bible outstrip man-made protocol.
“Vice President Joe Biden, a Catholic, said the pope’s Sept. 23 visit will mark an important moment not only for Catholics but for all Americans. (USNews. Aug. 26, 2015)

“Pope Francis has breathed new life into what I believe is the central mission of our faith: Catholic social doctrine,” Biden said in a statement to The Associated Press. Invoking key elements of Obama’s agenda, Biden added that Francis “has become a moral rudder for the world on some of the most important issues of our time, from inequality to climate change.”

How did “the most important issues of our time”, “from inequality to climate change” trump soul saving?

Michael Wear, a former White House official who led faith outreach for Obama’s 2012 campaign says “It’s going to be a come-to-Jesus moment.” (AP)
For whom, Mr. Wear.?”

“Coming to Jesus” should have nothing to do with politics but everything to do with an individual and their Creator.

“For Obama, the visit offers a chance to imbue his remaining goals with a sense of moral authority as he approaches the end of his presidency.” (AP)

Millions saw the hype and hoopla when Obama swept into office with Democrat-designed “rock star status”.

The DNC introduced to a reality TV trained world, a messiah with a bogus message of Hope and Change.

But Obama was and is, in essence, only a false god.

“The first commandment of God is: I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.” 

The world will need to remember that when Barack Obama and Pope Francis celebrate their highly touted, school boy-like “reunion” on September 23, 2015.

In my last article, I discussed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and many of the provisions contained therein, which may have serious repercussions for our Second Amendment. The left is on a serious mission to accomplish their gun control objectives, as they are calling for confiscation laws similar to those enacted in Australia. If you are an avid gun rights supporter, then you know the actual statisticsprove that guns are used for legitimate self-defense far more often than for murder. 

These facts, however, do little to calm the consistent cry for stricter gun control laws--laws that would do little to prevent any tragedy simply because criminals willfullyignore the law

In the twentieth century, more people were killed by their own governments in a time of peace than were killed by foreign armies in a time of war.

Today, it is through the climate change agenda that the left seeks to impose its visions of population control, in order to save the planet. In order to easily accomplish this, people must first be disarmed.

The left has consistently proven that they have little regard for the sanctity of human life. This is most evident not only in their incessant support for abortion, but also in the way they have allowed black Americans to adopt the victim mentality that has destroyed so many of their lives. Through the constant race baiting and deliberate, but subtle, attempts to whip up anger among the black communities, the left has done little but alienate these people, push back racial relations, and turn many young men into hate-filled, cold-blooded murderers. 

A racial conflict is the necessary crisis that would give the U.N. the needed excuse to implement its treaty and do away with the second amendment.

 All Americans should be alarmed by this because the U.N., in order to combat "Climate Change," has called for a massive reduction in the world's population

In fact, U.N. Climate Secretary Christine Figueres has stated, for the record, that global communism would be the best way to combat climate change.

The fundamental lie fueling this agenda is that human beings, through consumption, are causing climate change, and the only way to stop it would be to decrease the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. For all of those people who support the climate change agenda, let me remind you that you exhale carbon dioxide; the number one gas the left claims contributes to climate change. Do you think you will be safe because you supported them? Communists always kill their supporters first.

The perceived social enemy can be almost anything that causes people to make the necessary sacrifices of their freedom in order to combat it. Global warming and the deliberate instigation of racial conflict are both good examples, but the creation of ISIS and the use of mass shooting episodes are definitely possible options for the social engineers pulling the strings.

Paragraph two, for example, cites the "environmental-pollution" model as a means of scaring the public into believing that there is an immediate danger to their safety. Climate change is something constantly being shoved down our throats and, as mentioned earlier, the Global elite are trying to convince you that global communism is the only way to deal with it.
There is another element to this that needs to be considered. It is the Democrat Party that has the racist past in this country. It is the Democrat Party that supports abortions and places Planned Parenthood clinics in minority neighborhoods. It is the Democrat party that consistently tells black Americans that they are incapable and in need of their assistance. And it is the Democrat Party that governs the inner city ghettos, where blacks are killing one another on a continuous basis. It is also the Democrat Party pushing the global warming agenda. I guess the appropriate question would be which population of people do the global elite seek to reduce?

Ukraine is hosting naval military exercise in the Black Sea with NATO forces, involving 2,500 troops and some 150 military vehicles, from warships and helicopters to armored cars.
The host nation of Sea Breeze 2015 has deployed 1,000 troops, nine warships and eight aircraft for the drill. The US has sent 1,000 troops as well as five warships, two submarines and six aircraft.
The remaining 500 troops, six warships, three submarines and 6six aircraft were provided by Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, the UK and the non-NATO nations Moldova and Sweden.
“The exercise is meant to boost trust and security in the region, [and to increase] the compatibility between the Ukrainian Navy and the navies of NATO members and partner countries,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement.
Sea Breeze is held in Ukraine's Odessa and Nikolaevsk region not far from Russia’s Crimea, which Kiev and its foreign sponsors consider to be Ukrainian. It will last till mid-September. Ukraine will participating in a total of 11 NATO drills in 2015.
NATO is also currently conducting another war game, called Swift Response, in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. It is one of the largest such events since the Cold War and is planned to last until September 13. A separate exercise, called Simple Strike, is under way in the Baltic.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, who won no votes from anyone in the breakaway Donbass former region of Ukraine, and who is widely hated there for bombing them, persistently asserts that he will ultimately succeed at retaking that region. He said on Saturday, August 29th, “I was elected by people to protect the integrity of Ukraine, and will do everything in my power to return the land to Ukraine.” 
But his claim to be doing what the people of Ukraine want him to do on this is a lie. Here is the actual polling regarding the matter:
On 6-18 May 2015, the Ukrainian polling organization Sofia reported their poll of the Ukrainian public, as follows:
The majority (61.8%) of respondents believe that the main thing is to stop the war, even if you have to give up the occupied territories. The share of those who favor the continuation of hostilities until complete liberation of the occupied territories was 22.9%. (15.3% could not answer.)
Almost half (45.2%) of respondents consider it possible to make certain concessions in the negotiations to end the war in Donbass and normalize relations with the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, 38.6% of respondents are of the opinion that concessions must not be made. (16.2% could not answer.)
Poroshenko is doing this because Barack Obama, the man who installed the present regime in Ukraine, during a violent February 2014 coup, wants Poroshenko to continue bombing that area.
Furthermore, not only congressional Republicans but congressional Democrats, and the entire U.S. aristocracy, are united in this demand to slaughter the residents in Donbass. The pro-regime Kyiv Postheadlined on August 29th, “Daschle: Obama should visit, US should supply arms to Ukraine,” and reported that the lobbyist, and former Democratic Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate, Tom Daschle, was urging: “supplying Ukraine with $3 billion in military aid, including a mix of lethal and non-lethal weapons, a step thus far opposed by Obama as potentially prompting Russia to escalate its war against Ukraine. …

Daschle thinks a $3 billion package of lethal and non-lethal assistance, touted by the Atlantic Council and Brookings Institution, is the way to go.” In other words: If the earlier bombings weren’t enough, America’s aristocracy have organized a PR campaign to do it more. As I headlined on 3 February 2015, “Brookings Wants More Villages Firebombed in Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’.”

I reported on 30 August 2015, that, “U.S. Publicly Splits v. EU on Ukraine War.” EU leaders do not want yet another invasion of Donbass by Ukraine, but Obama now clearly does want it; and Poroshenko is doing what Obama says. Thus, for example, on August 27th,“Obama’s Ukrainian Forces Break Minsk Agreement: Resume Invasion.”

France’s Francois Hollande, and Germany’s Angela Merkel, are again trying to stop Obama’s war in Ukraine. But Poroshenko is taking his instructions from Obama, not from anyone in the EU. And probably the EU will, too.

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