Saturday, August 10, 2013

Preparations Underway: Paving The Road For The Coming Battles And The Coming Antichrist

Jihadists Holding Training Camps In Libya

[You can bet on one aspect of this training: it will be used in the coming wars with Israel]

New evidence reveals that jihadi entities, such as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar al-Sharia (ASL), are holding training camps in Libya.

Al-Wasat, an academic/policy research blog, reported on Friday that credible sources within Libya have confirmed such camps exist.

The blog based its report on a Facebook post by Moaoya EL Wrffli, who posted two videos of two separate Tunisians who had been detained by locals in the Darnah region and later interrogated.

The two videos provide fascinating insights into Ansar al-Sharia in Libya and its non-publicized activities as well as facilitation networks as it relates to the war in Syria.

Based on the information given in the videos, even though they were just posted online, it is likely that they are from late spring/early summer 2012, notes Al-Wasat. Highlighting that ASL was already at that point very active with training fighters for Syria as well as other likely nefarious activities in light of would eventually happen in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

The first individual mentions that his name is Usama al-Jufayr and admits that he is of Tunisian descent. He says he entered Benghazi, Libya in May 2012 and his purpose was for training to go fight in Syria. Al-Jufayr states that the group running these camps is Katibat Ansar al-Sharia, which was the name used by ASL prior to the consulate attack and which was changed afterwards for rebranding purposes, notes Al-Wasat.

The detainee claims that the regime in Tunisia needs reform, but the set up in Libya is “al-hamdullilah,” suggesting good or permissive to the activities they are undertaking. It is likely that al-Jufayr is indeed a jihadi because he notes that parliamentary systems are contrary to the Islamic sharia, which in his eyes is the only acceptable system of governance. Further, he notes that those training with him had not been involved in military jihad previously and come from civilian backgrounds. The program takes twenty days and only included up to that point weapons training and no religious schooling.

Below we can also see how the world is unwittingly preparing for the coming tyranny of the antichrist. In fact, one can make a very strong argument that almost everything we see today, in terms of global spying on citizens (which will aid and assist in rounding up Christians and Jews during the Tribulation, not to mention implementation of the "Mark of the Beast") and the ability to "make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation." (Revelation 13:7). 

How will the antichrist do this? 

[The article below is worth reading in full. Simply replace "America" with the world, and you can see the parallels with biblical prophecy and what we all know is coming. This idea particularly pertains to the last three paragraphs which are bolded below. ]

Tyranny, even when discussing villains like Hitler, Mao and Stalin, does not have a single pedigree. Tyranny is a process, rarely gained via force until the defense mechanism of the host is destroyed.  Hitler took seed in the ideas of Otto von Bismarck which preceded him by more than half a century. The process is well underway in America.

What Is Tyranny?
The Free Dictionary provides the following definitions of tyranny:
  1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
  2. the government or rule of a tyrant.
  3. a state ruled by a tyrant.
  4. oppressive or unjust government.
  5. undue severity or harshness.
  6. a tyrannical act.
“Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority,” is the appropriate description. The other definitions are either somewhat circular or open to the subjectiveness that politicians love. The key phrase is “despotic abuse of authority.” Tyranny requires a person in a position of authority to exceed what he/she has been authorized to do. Unpopular actions or decisions may not be wise politically, but they do not qualify as tyranny unless authority boundaries are exceeded.

The Founding Fathers knew the dangers of power and were especially concerned about preventing abuses. They established boundaries beyond which government and its agents were not to exceed. These constraints were codified by laws, a government made up of three equal branches and strong independent states. The Constitution provided the initial laws and defined allocation of power and responsibility among the branches of government and the federal and state governments.
Over the course of more than two centuries, these constraints have been under assault by those desiring more power. Time and opportunists have seriously eroded the original intentions and boundaries. Each violation made it easier to commit the next one and then the next. Each boundary crossing represented an act of tyranny. Some arguably were small and benign. But small abuses accumulate and pave the way for larger ones. Over time erosion can be devastating.

The history of government in the US, as elsewhere where freedom emerged, was a history of success based on freedom and individual responsibility. There is no part of the world, even those richest in natural resources, where comparable wealth, opportunity and standards of living have ever emerged. That is the nature and outcome of free markets and free men.
That part of US history is over. For decades this country has seen continuing and accelerating replacement of rights and freedoms with government controls and regulations. Utopian egalitarians have been in charge of government for decades. These do-gooders believe they know how to improve society. Unfortunately for them, their grand plans and schemes were unpopular and/or illegal within the legal framework of the country. To allow their vision to be applied required coercion and tyranny.

Historians in the future will use the concept of freedom to explain America’s decline. Just as increasing freedoms brought success, the diminution of this freedom (tyranny) will eventually be used to explain the downfall. The fall of freedom is the same as the rise of tyranny.

Tyranny, even when discussing villains like Hitler, Mao and Stalin, does not have a single pedigree. Tyranny is a process, rarely gained via force until the defense mechanism of the host is destroyed.  Hitler took seed in the ideas of Otto von Bismarck which preceded him by more than half a century.
The process is well underway in America. Its defenses against tyranny have been weakened making it ripe for demagogues and tyrants. Politics attracts the power hungry. Weakness makes it possible for the tyrannical and sociopathic to gain control. If we survive Obama, which I expect we will, it will be in a further weakened condition than the one which enabled him to rise to power.

At some point a ruthless politician will gain total control. He will have the power and control of a Stalin, Hitler or Mao. How that power will be used is moot, but power gained is never not used. Hoping for a benevolent dictator is worse than trying to draw to an inside straight. Even if you get lucky, you will lose with his successor.
America is now run by political sociopaths, unrestricted by laws, ethics or tradition. That characterizes both political parties. It does not matter whether we elect a “good man” next. No country survives dependent on the masses electing the right man.
Countries survive with systems that protect them against the wrong man. We have lost that protection.

More "road paving' can be seen  below. If you consider what is going on today - the antichrist won't have that much work left to do - it will have already been done for him. Washington's Blog has covered this story as well as anyone, so below is the main link. Again, we can see the parallels with biblical prophecy, the coming Tribulation and the power that will be at the disposal of the antichrist once he comes to power. One can only imagine how such power to spy will be used by his regime during the Tribulation:


Mrs.C said...

Whew...dont cha know that Israels patience is just about done with Iran...time is running out...

"Report: Zimbabwe Signs Secret Agreement to Sell Uranium to Iran"

BUT EVEN MORE TELLING IS THIS...WHEW!!! Ooops...and as I review the article to post...looks like Bibi is thinking EXACTLY the same thing...:)Hmmm..a WEEK LONG meeting with U.S. and Israeli Air Force Israel...laying ground work?...preparations for whats soon to come! Keep an eye on what the military folks are doing...

"US Air Force Chief Completes Secretive Week-long Visit to Israel"

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has signaled that Israel’s patience is running out over Tehran’s nuclear progress."

Scott said...

Few thoughts....first - I hate to tell you mrsC but you are starting to sound a lot like MrC - a very ominous development...but thats another story.

I had no idea about that secret agreement...Looks like Iran's new president isn't so moderate after all (as we all knew anyway)...Don't forget, last year Bibi strongly indicated that he would take action this summer and I still believe we're looking at late summer maybe early fall and all signs seem to be pointing that way...If so - things will escalate dramatically...

Mrs.C said...

LOL!!! Brother Scott...thank you for the much needed laugh this fine afternoon of working...:)

After all, once the Lord joined us together in Holy Matrimony, He sees us a One :) But the truth be told, that way of thinking was a small part of what we had/have in common :)
Ive always been a History buff, especially WW2 that my family served in. Watching the Generals and what they do,where they go, can be used by the Military for Psy-Ops or it can be revealing events to come. Example the Allies moved General Patton around all over the place,(much to his chagrin)in order to fool the Germans into believing a different location/time for the Invasion of France.

Yes indeed Brother, this so called "secret" week long Air Force meeting is significant because as we know, they will play an important roll in whats to come. I completely agree, Bibi has had a bulls-eye target on Iran for quite some time now. "Chop off the head of the snake" referring to Iran is one of his commonly used statements.

In agreement with you Brother, Bibi did indeed say "this summer", and it could indeed be in early fall. Without question, escalation is an will all fall like domino's...our Bride Groom is at the door dear Brother...His hand is turning the knob...just waiting for our Father to tell Him to go get His Bride! Hallelujah!

Caver said...

Yikers and Geepers Whillikrs.

All kinds of fun leaks coming out of these goings on.

Some good stories, with some justification, that the White House red light on Iran hasn't gone green but is now yellow. Lots of Obama just stringing them along until he has Israel in a corner or is this real?

Or is it real?

Rumors of lots of undefined VIP visits and meetings.

Yup, lots of folk seem to be tracking the officials and military brass.

Interesting times folk.

Mrs.C said...

Lifting Bibi up in GREAT Prayer to you Father! He has to undergo emergency surgery today!

GG2013 said...

Hi Mrs.C-

Just returned home and read your postings. Is Bibi OK?

Thanks for the updates!

Hope all is well with you. :)

God Bless!!


Scott said...

It sounded like a routine hernia operation - should be fine, but my prayers are most definitely with him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. C,
so nice to see you comment again. I have to chuckle though. You said.."His hand is turning the knob." I always say.."His hand is on the door knob." I like yours better.:)

David said...

Given the recent increase of activity from the joint chiefs of staff and the top players from 1600 Pennsylvania ave. I'd say one of two things are happening. Either lots of "persuasion" is being applied or we are putting special opps and recon boots on the ground. If the latter is the case (and I'm skeptical of it) we should start seeing fireworks within 2 or 3 weeks. Another scenario to look for is " the bait and switch effect" we hit strategic targets in Syria, and divert the worlds attention, then heavily deploy on Iran's nuclear facilities with the I.D.F . I would however suspect that persuading Israel at this point in time is futile. Brings back ever present memories doesn't it Carver?

David P.

Stephen said...

Really hard to make a comment with stocks closed. not much to talk

NOT REALLY SURE if we have topped
yet on the dow......need to see
more action next week.....

the 14th is critical, on WED, need
to see if any AGREEMENT comes out
of the talks in Jerusalem.....

IF something happens, AND IF it
is a 7 year deal, look out.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Stephen said...

Is the rapture soon ??

who knows ??

is HIS hand really on the door knob??

I do not KNOW and I doubt that

anyone really knows......

alot of that depends on whether

stocks are done on the upside as

we will see......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister GG!
It appears by this mornings headlines, that Bibi is ok, and it says he has "resumed his PM powers".
Thank you Father! Whew...Praying for a good, healthy recovery! Without question, he will need it in whats coming...Grateful that his surgery went well, but was very concerned that the abundance of enemies of Israel, would try something while he was under the knife so as to speak.

Thank you dear Sis, and I hope all is well with you too! Been beyond busy, etc. :)Will talk hopefully today :)

God Bless & Keep You Too Sis!

Mrs.C said...

Netanyahu Thanks Well Wishers As He Resumes PM Powers Post Successful Hernia Surgery"

Mrs.C said...

Hi Sister Mary, :)
Good to see you too :) Yes indeed Sister, His Hand is turning the knob on the door...thats how close we are!

Mrs.C said...

Yes indeed David P., the cowardice Serpent in Chief and the minions of his underlings, have been hard at work with their treacherous actions against Israel. Remember the open mic incident? They behave like thugs in a back ally with their attempted pressure tactics! They have leaked the “secret base” information, came out and divulged it was Israel that made the strike in Syria, and it goes on and on. Bibi is keenly aware of this treachery towards he, and his nation by this evil administration, and he can dance circles around this evil rooky. Bibi is walking a fine line, knowing full well that he could never trust the U.S. with this administration. He is playing along, getting what he can, while he prepares for the inevitable wars to come. Bibi was a Commando, in the Elite Forces, he knows all about wars and strategies. It is Israel that is very good at having “boots on the ground” before an attack, which is what they did in Syria 2007 for example, and most likely in Iran also.

MOST important of all, we rely on Gods Word to tell us whats to come.
Iran – Bushehr (Elam) will be destroyed – God will personally send them to the “pit”.
Israel will fight a multiple fronted war, Isaiah 17, completely ALONE with no help in the battles, or even a way to re-supply themselves. They will suffer immensely, barely survive. Quickly to follow will be the Ezekiel 38-39 invasion. Add to all this, the indescribable death and destruction with the Judgments from God ,coming to those immediate nations surrounding Israel, and the beginning domino to fall, Damascus, will look like nothing .

We are so very close…look up! Look up! Our Redemption draweth nigh!

David said...

I agree on the multiple war(s) its coming to a head very rapidly. Again based on first hand knowledge from my prior job , I would look for something definite .....soon

David P

Scott said...

Interesting thought though - regarding Obama (maybe this is obvious to the rest, but I am a little slow..:)

I believe Obama is surviving his emerging dictatorship, without much resistance, as something that is divine.

God appoints leaders - good and bad - to accomplish His overall plans. I would go so far as to say that God may be protecting Obama. Lets face it - Obama has done as much to push prophetic developments along that anyone in this generation.

Little does he know - he is actually working for God. In a twisted way. A tool for God and he doesn't have a clue.