Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tipping Point Syria

Syria seems to be moving ahead in the race to serve as the tipping point in the Middle East. Which side released the chemical weapons may not be that important based on the idea that perception is reality

If this situation creates a scenario in which western powers become overtly involved then we may well be on the way towards seeing a tipping point created:

 President Bashar Assad's forces pressed on with a military offensive in eastern Damascus on Thursday, bombing rebel-held suburbs where the opposition said a chemical weapons attack the day before killed over 100 people.
The government has denied allegations it used chemical weapons in artillery barrages on the area known as eastern Ghouta on Wednesday as "absolutely baseless." The United States, Britain and France have demanded that a team of U.N. experts already in Syria be granted immediate access to investigate the site.
Syrian opposition figures and activists have reported widely varying death tolls from Wednesday's attack, from 136 to as high as 1,300. But even the most conservative tally would make it the deadliest alleged chemical attack in Syria's civil war.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had no word on casualties in the Thursday morning bombing of eastern Ghouta. It said Syrian warplanes conducted several air raids on eastern and western suburbs of Damascus, including three that took place within five minutes.

[So who does one believe?]

For a while it seemed as if the Egyptian situation would promptly escalate to all out war, and necessitate the US "liberation" of this or that interest or ideology (and certainly putting the Suez canal under US-controlled lockdown) until following a series of epically bungled missteps, Obama and John Kerry managed to alienate the Saudis and the Israelis who are firmly behind the new military countercoup government in Egypt, while the US still has to admit a coup ever happened. Which means only Plan B for middle-east escalation remains: Syria.
Sure enough, this morning we woke up to the horrible news that hundreds of people had died following the use of nerve gas in an area close to Damascus in an attack that the "democratic" media, and the Qatari mercenaries, scrambled to pin on the Assad regime. Just like in June the US "found" Assad had used chemcial weapons, only for the UN and Russia to accuse the US of fabricating the data, and for the chemical weapon warehouse of the rebels to be uncovered shortly thereafter, which meant the Syria narrative would have to be put on hiatus for a few months: after all the lies were getting perilously close to those used by Bush in the Iraqi WMD fiasco.

Well, the administration appears certain enough time has passed by and has relaunched the old "blame Assad" plotline, with the WSJ reporting minutes ago that the US "sees strong indications" that Syria's government used chemical weapons in the attacks. What those are it is unclear as the US does not actually have presence on the ground, and neither have any UN inspectors been able to investigate. But why not go for round two of thefalse flag fabrication: maybe this time it will fly?

Syrian authorities denied using chemical weapons in their renewed offensive on Wednesday, accusing the opposition of fabricating claims or staging gas attacks themselves. "These claims are categorically false and completely baseless and are part of the filthy media war waged by some countries against Syria," a spokesman for Syria's armed forces said.

U.S. officials disagreed on Wednesday. "There are strong indications there was a chemical weapons attack—clearly by the government," a senior administration official said. "But we do need to do our due diligence and get all the facts and determine what steps need to be taken."

The United Nations Security Council, in an emergency meeting in New York, backed calls for a prompt investigation of the allegations, which came just days after a U.N. team arrived in Damascus to look into earlier claims of chemical-weapons use by both sides.

Rolf Ekeus, a retired Swedish diplomat who headed a team of UN weapons inspectors in Iraq in the 1990s:

The timing and location of the reported chemical weapons use - just three days after the team of U.N. chemical experts checked in to a Damascus hotel a few km (miles) to the east at the start of their mission - was surprising.

"It would be very peculiar if it was the government to do this at the exact moment the international inspectors come into the country," said Rolf Ekeus, a retired Swedish diplomat who headed a team of UN weapons inspectors in Iraq in the 1990s.

"At the least, it wouldn't be very clever."

Russia, a supporter of the Assad regime, suggested rebels had launched a chemical attack and blamed it on the regime in order to gain U.N. support and thwart a planned peace conference in Geneva. "All of this really looks like an attempt, at any cost, to create a reason to produce demands for the U.N. Security Council to side with the regime's opponents and undermine the chances of convening the Geneva conference," Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said.

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Sandra said...


Interesting article "Israel Asked U.S. Out Of Negotiating Room." I am sure there is so much mistrust now this event should not be surprising..but could this be the whole set up for a third party to step in the negotiating process namely the AC?

We certainly need to look up.


Stephen said...

And yet, despite all this, stocks
HAVE ONCE AGAIN turned to the bull
side. It would appear that a move
to records is AGAIN in play.

the Nasdaq was once again VERY STRONG.

I really DO NOT like that. I am
starting to believe that records
are coming on the dow....

it could be a LONG LONG time before
this rally is over.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Sandra said...

Hi Stephen,

Deception will lull Nations into a sense of security which will be all a lie...such as stock markets. Don't be discouraged just look up for our redemption.


Stephen said...

Sandra.....I need to go by the EWI
excuse me, that is what I do. If
stocks are in a destiny mode to
RALLY, there is nothing that you
or I can do about that.

UP is UP

reality is reality.

we all know that when the rapture
hits, stocks will collapse, and
yet as LONG AS IT IS their destiny
to rally, the END will NOT come,
it simply is NOT time yet. stated SO MANY TIMES
in the past >>>>

AUG 1982 to MARCH 2000, many many
were expecting the rapture in
that 18 years, and yet STOCKS went
up and up and up.

what I want to see here is a number
two failure....with this current

THAT would convince me, but the rally JUST STARTED this AM, it
will take TIME to really know
what is next.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Sandra makes a good point though - I absolutely agree when things crash - regardless of how it starts - it will catch a LOT of people completely by surprise. And the whole market is elevated by the money the feds are pumping into the system. It simply cannot go on forever.

Scott said...

As far as the third party stepping in - I don't see it as happening in this 'go around'. I still cling to the theory that the AC won't step up until the aftermath of Gog-MaGog - but of course there is speculation there. For me, the rebuilding of the temple is key. And after Gog-MaGog, surrounding radical Islam will be significantly weakened. I can't see any other scenario which would allow for the rebuilding of the temple.

Stephen said...

A pic tells a thousand words...

here we go >>>>

you can see how this market has JUST
completed a 1 down, and a 2 up is
starting. I am NOT saying we are
going to records here, we may or may

the 2 rally that is starting should
FAIL before reaching new highs.

if it does not, then we WILL go
to records again.

but if it DOES fail, then a 3
down crash is at the door.

time will tell.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Stephen said...

Scott are u there ??

is this really true ??

Israeli, American, and Jordanian troops have entered Syria. This has not been confirmed by a secondary source, but if Syria starts shooting chemical weapons into Israel, then Israeli retaliation will be swift. Pray for the people of Damascus because Isaiah 17 may be fulfilled. The chemical attack outside of Damascus will unfortunately won't be the last. The Middle East is precariously approaching a meltdown. Russia is standing by, and we must watch their moves also per Ezekiel 38/39.

Bro. Brian


I just got this >>>>>>

please respond.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...


I usually trust zerohedge. Let me dig around and see if this is being reported elsewhere (thanks for the heads up btw) - if this is true, then things will move VERY fast from this point.

Anonymous said...

Just to add my $0.02......Im fairly new to prophecy so please correct me if im wrong, but The bible did say people will be going about their normal activities when we're caught up. I doubt that would be the case if the stock market crashed before the rapture.....

Stephen said...

dear NS

you are right.

the stock market will NOT crash
before the rapture, I never said
it would, BUT, what I did say is
that as LONG as it is stocks DESTINY
to rally, it would be very hard
for that to happen.....and stocks are going up tonite, AGAIN....

please review your history.


ie AUG 1982 until AUG 2013...
dow 800 to dow 15 700

up and up and up !!!!

no rapture yet...

is that correct ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Brian G. said...


The rapture is a one time event. Therefore, what does history have to do with it? Following your logic, I could say that the rapture CAN NOT happen at 6 am. Look at history. The clock has struck 6 am every morning, 365 times a year for almost 2000 years and no rapture. So I refuse to believe that the rapture can happen at 6 am. Sounds silly doesn't it? Yet it's the same logic as saying that the rapture can't happen while the DOW is destined to go up just because it has never happened before. It only happens once, so nothing in history can be drawn upon in order to make any deductions about the future. It is a false logic.

Stephen said...

I will not argue this already....

if the stock market GOES STRAIGHT
UP tommorrow and there is no
rapture, then you can look in the
mirror before you go to sleep
and say "what happenned ??
Im still here"

must be if you can see yourself
in the mirror on FRI nite.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Brian G. said...


Whether the stock market goes up, or the stock market goes down, and the rapture hasn't happened yet, I'm not going to think anything because I don't believe the stock market has anything to do with it. As I already stated, your theory is false logic. It also has no basis in scripture and, as such, holds no weight. The only "trigger" for the rapture given in scripture is the "fullness of the Gentiles". That has absolutely not one thing to do with the stock market.

Oh, and by the way, when the clock strikes 6 am and there is no rapture you'll look in the mirror and think "what happened?". (Not really, of course, but just carrying over my example)

Anonymous said...

well said Bryan G. I believe sometimes, in our attempt to predict/understand things, we tend to put our Gods awesome powers in a box (our reasoning). Meaning: If God wants to come this minute, HE will crash the stock market. neither History, logic, science or 'mother nature' can stop him.