Friday, August 2, 2013

Nasrallah: Destroying Israel Is The Interest Of All Arabs

Destroying Israel Is The Interest Of All Arabs

Destroying Israel is the interest of the entire Arab world, Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah declared on Friday.

AFP reported that the head of the Lebanese terror group made a rare public appearance at a Beirut rally held to mark Iran’s Quds Day.

It was a first appearance in public since last September for Nasrallah who, according to AFP attended the rally in Rweiss, in the southern suburbs of Beirut.
In his speech, Nasrallah thanked "Iran and Syria for all they are doing for Palestine and Jerusalem, and for all they have given to resistance movements (fighting Israel) in Lebanon and Palestine".

Nasrallah called for the end of Israel, saying its elimination "is in the interest not only of the Palestinians but the entire Arab and Muslim world," according to AFP.
He also slammed supporters of radical Muslim takfiri movements -- a reference to jihadist Sunni groups who have been fighting in Syria alongside other rebels to oust the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Hizbullah’s terrorists have been actively helping Assad’s troops fight the rebels. The group agrees with the Syrian regime view that jihadist fighters are linked to Al-Qaeda who receive support from abroad."The states who support them, who push them to the battlefield and incite them to commit murder... are responsible for all the catastrophes and destruction, and are doing Israel and the United States a service," Nasrallah claimed, according to AFP.

"We need to be aware of all these dangers and strive as much as we can to solve these crises through internal dialogue, and put a stop to the bloodshed in Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia," He added.

Nasrallah's appearance comes less than two weeks after the European Unionblacklisted Hizbullah’s so-called military wing as a terrorist organization.
Nasrallah later claimed that it is the IDF, and not Hizbullah, that should be blacklistedas a terror organization.

He said that Israel’s “military wing”, that is the IDF, should be blacklisted as a terrorist organization, given the "occupation" and the Israeli army's actions against the “Palestinians and Lebanese”, as he put it.


Stephen said...

I am thinking the rapture is like
a dream, always hoping for it but
watching time move on AND nothing

I have seen a NUMBER of people
die waiting for said rapture
including my Grandmother...

and that was JUNE 1987..........

I am beginning to believe that
around for the rapture.

I think Dylan has a VERY GOOD
shot at it due to his age...

BUT for me, 60 + already...

I doubt it.....

Bulls have worn me down....
they have worn down alot of
bears and dragged them about,


There are two sides to this game
and rapture or not, does not matter
stocks WILL CRASH............

they have a history of doing that.
If they never did that then w e
could all BUY STOCKS forever and
be rich....

HEY, it don't work like that....

OCTOBER is coming...I want to see
what happens.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Jesus said the signs would last for a generation, and within that generation, the world that is left behind will see the Tribulation and the Second Coming. This generation isn't over. Its close, but not over. The fact that people have died during this generation has no relevance.

Additionally, those who have died, for the past 2,000 years looking for Jesus to return in the form of the gathering up of His bride (aka the church saints) were not wrong in looking for His return, in fact, they will be highly rewarded for their effort.

This generation is drawing to a close, but assuming (correctly) that the generation began in the WWI era, we could have another 10-15 years left. Personally, I believe the tipping points are much much closer than that, so I don't expect to see things persisting until the VERY end of that generation - plus, you have to subtract 7 years from that generational period (if looking for the Rapture, which will happen before the Tribulation)...So yea, we're very very close.