Friday, August 9, 2013

Peace Talks Dominate The News: More Baby Steps Towards Daniel 9:27

Just like everything else we see in the news today - the urgent push towards a Middle East peace plan is setting the stage for the ultimate peace plan that will be confirmed by the antichrist. That doesn't mean that this specific peace plan, whatever it is, will end up being the antichrist's final covenant, but the focus and the effort will quite possibly lay the groundwork for what is to come. 

Just taking a look at one day's worth of news reveals this massive effort that is underway:

U.S.-Sponsored Israel-Palestinian Interim Peace Talks Near Moment Of Decision

The formal Israeli-Palestinian meeting announced by the US State Department as scheduled for next Wednesday, Aug. 14 is but the outer shell of the secret hard-core negotiations bouncing back and forth for weeks between US Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

The real talks are approaching a climax on the fundamental issues of borders, Jerusalem, refugees and settlements. Every afternoon in past weeks, Kerry has called the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian leader on secure phone lines and taken the talks a step further. Any incoming calls from the two leaders are switched directly through to the Secretary of State, an unheard of procedure in his department.

The process has been reduced to straight haggling, Middle East bazaar style – except that the wares laid out for sale are Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, security, international security forces and the borders that will separate Israel from a future Palestinian state.

Kerry’s motive in summoning American Jewish leaders to the White House was his belief that progress in the negotiations has brought the Israeli prime minister close to a crossroads. He will soon face a decision to reshuffle his cabinet and replace ministers who would oppose the terms of the interim accord shaping up with Palestinians. For this step, he would find the support of American Jewry helpful.

Netanyahu will soon need to present the leaders of the pro-settlement Israel Beteinu and Bayit Yehudi parties with the choice of backing him up all the way to the accord with the Palestinians to which the US Secretary is steering at speed, or quitting the government coalition. The same question will be put to Netanyahu’s own Likud party members.

US Secretary of State John Kerry met with leaders of the American Jewish committee privately on Thursday night at the White House, making a case for support on his push for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
The meeting lasted 90 minutes and was dominated by Kerry, who gave a prepared speech to the group. The secretary's remarks were followed by a brief statement from National Security Advisor Susan Rice and twelve questions from the small crowd.
Kerry told the Jewish leaders that peace was a "strategic imperative" for both Israel and the Palestinians, and argued that the regional strategic environment has become favorable for a peace agreement because opponents of peace have weakened over the past two years.

He also expressed irritation with continued settlement building in the West Bank. The State Department today acknowledged that Washington had "made its concerns known" to the Israeli government.
Kerry also warned the group of "negative consequences" for Israel if the parties fail to succeed in clinching peace.

Asked about whether the Palestinians would ever be prepared to accept Israel as the Jewish state, Kerry declined to comment on details in the negotiating process.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu errs in his support of a Palestinian state, and that misguided support is badly weakening his position within the Likud, Netanyahu’s own deputy foreign minister and Likud colleague Ze’ev Elkin told The Times of Israel.

In an interview at his office in the Foreign Ministry, where he serves as the deputy to acting foreign minister Netanyahu, Elkin said Netanyahu “is going against the flow of his own party. He’s paying a political price day after day, hour after hour, for his belief in a Palestinian state… It’s very hard for him in his party.”

Asked whether this meant Netanyahu would ultimately lose control of the Likud, Elkin said he didn’t know. Pressed, the deputy foreign minister said Netanyahu is “prepared to pay a political price for something he believes is right. I think he’s wrong. We have a real disagreement.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday spoke out against renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, warning that such talks would force "the Palestinians to relinquish their rights," AFP reported.
Speaking in Tehran on the occasion of the Muslim holiday of Id al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Khamenei stated that the US-led negotiations would be "detrimental" to the Palestinian cause.

Khamenei said Friday that the renewed peace talks would "encourage the aggressors to increase their aggression and suppress the rightful resistance of the Palestinians," according to AFP.
The Iranian leader called on the Muslim world to be active in supporting the Palestinian cause and condemning Israel.
"The Muslim world must not back down from its support for Palestine, and it should condemn the oppressive action of fierce Zionist wolves and their international supporters," AFP quoted him as saying.

Israel will not enter into any new agreements with the EU under the terms of the recently published settlement guidelines, diplomatic sources said Thursday following a meeting on the matter chaired by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
However, Netanyahu is to speak in the coming days with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to seek a formula that would make it possible for Israel to begin negotiations with the EU on entrance into the lucrative 80 billion euro Horizon 2020 R&D program.

Israel has annexed east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and Israeli law prohibits discriminating against Israeli companies or firms beyond the Green Line. It is legally problematic, therefore, for Israel to invest money in a program, and then, when it gets money back from that program, not to be able to invest it in institutions beyond the Green Line.
The guidelines were published last month, and are not to come into effect until January 1. However, the issue is pressing now because Israel and the EU are scheduled to begin talks on Horizon 2020 on Wednesday.

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s innovation flagship program meant to create jobs and fuel economic growth. Israel is the only non-EU country that has been asked to join as a full partner, and is expected to pay some 600 million euros over the next seven years to take part. This is considered a worthwhile investment, because for every euro Israel contributes, it is expected to get back 1.5 euros in research funds and other inbound investments.
The sources said that Israel would ask for further clarifications about the guidelines, but that an EU professional-technical team was expected to arrive Wednesday to begin negotiations. In the conversation with Ashton, Netanyahu is expected to say that if no agreement can be found, Israel will not be able to participate.

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Stephen said...

Bulls did NOT give much ground in
trading, dow down LESS THEN 100
points. a joke really.

Bears REALLY NEED TO show alot more
conviction on sell offs IF they
are to EVER be believed.

We have NOT seen that yet.

What really is disturbing is that
Mr. Kerry is really pushing this,
I mean every PM he is making phone calls ????

why is that disturbing ??

1 THESS 5 has the answer....

Paul's words re people discussing
peace and safety....

THAT is what concerns me...

There is evidence in several articles that this PEACE will be
7 years the 2020 article
that Scott talks about.

It is VERY POSSIBLE that bulls will
be caught ON THE WRONG side at the
rapture, ie, that being the reason for the crash, we will see.

Stephen >>>>>>>

James n Nashville said...

Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted here but only because my career has had me pretty busy. So busy I almost didn't have time for my emergency appendectomy that God had planned for me this past Saturday. LOL Recovery has given me time to comment.

Scott thank you so much for keeping us in touch and updated on a daily basis. I have this list of ten people in the world that I would love to meet. It's comprised of people living and those who have passed on. Obviously number one is the person for whom we've dedicated our lives to and on my list at number two is you. I love you so much buddy. Your love for the Lord is why your on the list to begin with but why your number two is for the love and inspiration you have shown us over the years. It's only in and through Christ that you can experience this kind of relationship for others and especially with those that you've never met face to face. Thank you again!

Its amazing to me how many ups and downs we've experienced as watchers over the years. I know we are all ready to go home. I see this new push for peace talks as yet another ride on the roller coaster that gets us closer to the end. I think it's entirely possible that BB could agree to a bigger deal here. I think it takes the focus off of what they are getting ready to do in Iran. My point here is that whatever he agrees to will never come into play because he still has to have a referendum where the Israelis approve the proposal. Secondly, Iran is not going away and no way do the israelis trust Obama to do it for them. Your thoughts on what we might see as a result of the new peace talks would be appreciated.

James N Nashville

Scott said...

James - thats incredibly nice and deeply touching - and the feelings are quite mutual my friend.

For those of you who don't know James - his insight and love of the Lord is something I have grown to know well, respect and respect (mainly through private 'conversations') and admire over the years, and your presence/insight here is sorely missed.

Thats unreal about the appendix! Glad to hear you are recovering - that can be a very scary thing and most certainly a medical emergency. Were you trying to get "raptured" prematurely? :)

As far as the "Peace Talks" - here is my take:

- Its hard to imagine this as going anywhere. For all of the usual reasons, not the least if which is the fact that Abbas really can't even broker a deal anyway - and even if he were to attempt it, Hamas and Hezbollah would immediately create such havoc that it would be aborted anyway.


Since we are SO close to the Tribulation and the 'real' peace deal - what I am watching for - is anything that could help the AC broker HIS deal.

I have a strange, intangible sense that something will happen with these negotiations that will further pave the road for the AC. I have no idea what it is, but in my opinion, the gang that is pushing this so hard (Valerie Jarret, Obama, Soros (by definition), Kerry, etc) are evil people and evil begets evil IMO. But this is just one reason; the rest admittedly is just a '6th sense' on this whole thing. I hope this makes some sense.

I'm still of the mindset that it will take a post "Gog-MaGog" war (not to mention Isa 17) to severely weaken radical Islam surrounding Israel, to create a scenario of a peace deal AND the rebuilding of the Temple. Prior to Gog-MaGog, I just don't see it as happening.

I'd actually be interested to hear your take on this.

And I hope and pray that you will have a speedy recovery brother, and fwiw - I'm ready to get the post-rapture celebration underway!!!!

God Bless

GG2013 said...

Hi Brother James~

It has been a long time indeed. I am sorry to hear you recently had to have surgery and are doing much better.

You are often thought of from this end too. May God continue to bless you and your precious family.

God Bless!!