Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time Is Running Out

The title above comes from a must read from the Canada Free Press and should make us all pause and reflect, but first a few highly germane scriptures:

2 Timothy 3

New International Version (NIV)
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godlinessbut denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

Matthew 24

New International Version (NIV)

10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,

As detailed by well known Erwin W. Lutzer in his book “When a Nation Forgets God,” an unidentified Christian pastor shared a story with him of someone living in Germany during the Nazi takeover. The person sharing the story was a churchgoing Christian and a member of a small church located adjacent to railroad tracks

Every Sunday morning, according to this eyewitness, the congregation could hear the whistle of the train in the distance, the noise of the wheels over the tracks, and as the trainpassed, the cries coming from insidethe train. The cries were those of the Jews being transported to concentration camps, a process that occurred with regularity each Sunday morning during their worship service.

According to this eyewitness, week after week the whistle would blow and the church members dreaded the sounds they heard. The screams tormented them. So, what did they do? As the train approached and in anticipation of the screams from the Jews, herded like cattle into the train cars, the Christians sang louder to drown out the screams. Soon, they head them no more.

The eyewitness ended his account by describing the torment of hearing the trainwhistle in his sleep, and pleaded for forgiveness for not only himself, but for all of those who called themselves Christians but did nothing to intervene.
Regardless of your faith or station in life, chances are great that you are exactly like that eyewitness, and equally, if not more accountable for the actions of our government today. What is coming is going to be far worse than the world has ever seen, and is going to blindside many. Don’t be one of them.
A global war of unimaginable atrocities is being planned as I write this. It has been in the works for some time, yet few will want to read what I have written. Rather, most will instead choose to “sing louder” to drown out the screams of innocents, except this time, the screams will be too loud, too frequent, and too many
The United States of America has been overtaken from within by a group of heartless and soulless individuals with designs on reshaping the world into a state of global governance. They are members of both political parties, and part of their plans include reshaping the Middle East at any cost, including the inevitable and incalculable cost of human life. Currently at the helm is Barack Hussein Obama, although his way was paved by the majority of his predecessors and elected officials of both parties.
He was purposely selected as the man for the job to insure that the inappropriately celebrated Arab Spring that swept North Africa and the Middle East was conducted as planned. It was a staged and orchestrated event by the globalists and those in power in the U.S. and elsewhere. Using your tax dollars and in your name, the United States has been providing funding and operational support to the groups toppling governments in favor of radical Islamic control. Such control is nothing but a necessary means to an end. While many correctly decry the brutality of Islam, few realize that is a tool of the globalists. They are not thinking big enough. The lie is bigger than you have been told.
As I have previously written, a window of understanding, or a glimpse into this agenda, exists in the murderous events that took place in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Full disclosure into this event would reveal a criminal enterprise so vast and staggering that it would eclipse anything we’ve ever seen. Benghazi was not about any film, protest, or even a kidnapping operation. It was about weapons smuggling to Syria to assist Islamic terrorists to topple Assad, install a Muslim Brotherhood-backed regime, causing further regional destabilization leading to a massive global war. Full disclosure would reveal that the United States, through the approval of members of both political parties we elected and acting in our name, are siding with associates having direct ties to al Qaeda and other Islamic groups. The truth is sickening, revolting and shocking.
There are those who doubt this agenda, instead opting to believe that we are seeing inevitable sectarian violence that existed in that part of the world for centuries. While the matter of sectarian violence is indeed a factor, the U.S. has been funding, training, and equipping the anti-Assad terrorists for their own purposes, using our tax dollars and acting in our name. Again, this is the reason no elected official wants to open an unbiased investigation into Benghazi, for it will reveal the extent of our complicity, and the blood on their hands.
For anyone doubting what is on the immediate horizon, I would like to direct your attention to apicture I first saw published on the website Before it’s News last week. The picture accompanies agraphic video and tells the story of an innocent, crying and distraught four-year-old girl chained to a fence by the anti-Assad Islamic terrorists - the very group the United States is funding. Perhaps you’ve seen it. She was chained to the fence and forced to watch the decapitation and dismemberment of her parents, whose crime was being members of the Shia sect.

These are the people our elected leaders, our State Department, and our CIA at the direction of Barack Hussein Obama are helping. These are the people who claim to be on the side of righteousness, by exacerbating the violence under the pretext of fighting oppression. Worse, they are engaging in these evil and unspeakable acts in our name and with our tax dollars.

At the same time, there is an active plan to fully destroy our economy by killing our national currency, thus disabling us domestically. This is being done not only to stop any meaningful opposition to a global system of governance through our financial enslavement, but to insure that our future generations are beholden to a global financial power as well.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe the picture that accompanies this article is worth a bucket of tears. It represents the evil that comes this way. As uncomfortable as it will make you feel, I urge you to look at the picture of the little girl and understand that by our silence, we are complicit in the most evil agenda of modern times. A multi-faceted agenda that is being accomplished by your individual and our collective silence, which amounts to tacit approval of the evil that is being done in our name. By the very grace of God, that could be your little girl. If more people fail to awaken, it very well could be.

We must not choose to cover the screams by merely singing louder, but by making a choice. Are we going to allow this evil to progress unabated, or are we going to take a stand? Time is running out as World War III looms on the horizon.

Go ahead.  Follow this link to an illustration of a baby in his mother's womb at five months.  At the same website, see this video of a real baby moving inside his mother at 29 weeks. 

But neither the five-month-old baby nor the 29-week-old baby is a baby, according to Texas State SenatorWendy Davis, whom the reliably liberal Washington Post tags as rising to stardom in the Democratic Party.  Davis did so by filibustering a bill to prohibit abortions past 20 weeks in Texas.

Check that about Davis not thinking a baby is a baby after 20 weeks.  Davis would likely say both are babies at a woman's discretion. 
But if not babies, per a woman's judgment, then both are disposable in the procedure known as late-term abortion.  A human is human only if chosen (so goes the ethos of abortion advocates).  Playing God is the province of increasingly godless leftists (or liberals, if you prefer), among whom reside most abortion proponents.   

Of course, barbarism is barbarism no matter how eloquently rationalized and advanced.  Abortion is gussied up barbarism.  Late-term abortion is simply a more flagrant act of child-killing.  What makes late-term abortion so vividly and compellingly repulsive is that a baby is indisputably human by appearance and activity. 
Abortion proponents' argument that abortion on the heels of inception is merely the removal of a cluster of cells has given way to arguments, for all practical purposes, for abortion without boundaries.  Abortion advocates have been slipping down the slippery slope toward abortion without limits for quite a while now.  And the slipping is being done more publicly and brazenly, and to the applause and accolades of liberal America.  As a state senator, Barack Obama favored late-term abortion.  
The state senator, despite the gimmick of sporting red running shoes on the State Senate floor, is an elite representing the very elitist left.  She's about as average as Hillary Clinton.  Davis is a soldier -- now a lieutenant -- in the longstanding, broadening war being waged by the left against traditional morality, virtues, and values; extending abortion's mandate is one front in the war to "transform" (read: demolish) America. 
The Democratic Party might as well be called the Death Party.  ObamaCare includes death panels.  Inevitable budget limits will make death panels de facto, if not de jure; the old, after all, have had their stretch on earth; their productive days are behind them; precious health care dollars need to be allocated judiciously.  The unborn haven't any rights (they really haven't since Roe v. Wade); they're very existences hinge on their mothers' will and desire to birth them.  Why restrict abortion to just the earliest stages of development?  Why place any restrictions on a woman's right to choose?  
Slippery slopes.  What does the future hold for the mentally defective?  Thephysically incapacitated?  (Speak to Sarah Murnaghan's parents about that topic.)  The chronically ill?  The child born with Down Syndrome or serious maladies?  At what future presidential nominating convention will the Death Party unveil a plank calling for productivity or usefulness standards against which citizens are measured?
Preposterous, you say?  Utterly fantastic?  Not in America - never?    
Look at abortion from the perceptive of Americans living at the time of Roe v. Wade (1973).  Most Americans then would have dismissed any argument as hyperbole that in the early years of the 21st Century an elite and their constituencies would fight to broaden abortion's mandate to children near birth.  Most Americans then would have scoffed if someone raised the concern that a national health care scheme would have limited resources that would bring forward advocates arguing for cutoffs of resources to the terminally ill and old.

What's fantastic is that most Americans, who hold fast to timeless morals and virtues, who know, explicitly or instinctively, what liberty is, have permitted the left to so degrade and undermine the nation's morality, culture, and institutions; to use government in many instances as the driving force to effect radical, harmful change.
Wendy Davis is no good ol' Texas gal soldiering in the Lone Star State's senate for all those trailer park lassies on the short end of life's stick.  She's a Harvard-educated elite determined to do her share to vanquish traditional America and impose the left's statist vision on the country.  Eliminating unborn babies is just a means to a very grim end.


Reading Rachel said...

Hi Hummingbird, I have a question and a comment. First I want you to know how much your youtube videos have blessed and edified me in these last days, He is coming soon! My question is, it seems lately that you hold to the doctrine that one must keep all of God's law 100% perfectly in order to be considered worthy of being taken in the rapture to the wedding feast, is this the doctrine you hold? Please clarify if I have misunderstood.

Stephen said...

the ONLY one that did that is Jesus. He spent his whole TIME
on this earth with NO sin.

I do NOT think, even close, that
anyone else could make that claim.
I do NOT believe in salvation by works.

it that were the case, we would all
BE left BEHIND at said rapture.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

Scott I assume from reading Doug Hagmann's article that he is a believer. I love Canada Free press. Thanks for turning is on to his writing! The last couple of articles have been indeed showing us "Time is Running out". That picture of the four year old chained to the fence was gut wrenching. That is unspeakable evil. Time indeed is running out. Come Lord Jesus!!!

Scott said...

I had to take that picture out, it was just too disturbing

David said...

Unfortunately, I have seen the aftermath of what those kids suffer. Entire families slaughtered in front of the children.all in the name of their religious beliefs. I pray for those poor Syrian orphans.....that's only a glimpse of what goes on there.....

David P

Brian G. said...

Concerning the picture of the 4-year old girl and the treatment of children: I just watched 'Shotgun Preacher' last night. Wasn't a very good depiction of Christianity; however, it showed what these kids are suffering there in Sudan at the hands of the Muslims. In one scene, a young boy was forced to kill his own mother or else he and his brother would be shot. So, putting what is happening in Syria together with what is happening in Sudan, it seems clear that the 'M.O.' of the jihadists is to commit atrocities against children. Then consider also the sacrifice of children to idols in the Old Testament. Is it any wonder then that Jesus Christ said in Luke 17:2, "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." How children are treated would certainly seem to mark whether a people serve God or Satan.