Monday, June 10, 2013

"Responsibility To Protect" - Will This Doctrine Be Used Against Israel?

That's my bet. It's just too easy of a set-up and too easy to see. 

We have this so-called "responsibility to protect" doctrine (for lack of a better word), which been championed by the current administration and is, of course, endorsed by George Soros. In the U.S. administration we can see this philosophy taking root. 

I have written on Samantha Power before and you can see our research on her here at Power, who is married to Barack Obama’s long-time friend and ex-Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, is an intense enemy to Israel as is her husband. She seeks constantly to apologize for America’s imagined transgressions and shares with Obama a desire to see America cut down to size. I want to start off by giving you a bit of insight into Power’s viewpoints.

Power generalized from her Balkans experience to become an advocate of American and NATO military intervention in humanitarian crises, a position which became known as being a “humanitarian hawk.” She began to see war as an instrument for achieving her liberal, even radical, values.
“The United States must also be prepared to risk the lives of its soldiers” to stop the threat of genocide, she wrote. She condemned Western “appeasement” of dictators. She believed that “the battle to stop genocide has been repeatedly lost in the realm of domestic politics.” In her mind, domestic concerns like discrimination and unemployment are secondary to foreign policy crises, a common attitude in the national security circles she was entering.

Samantha Power is a staunch advocate of the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine and she is directly responsible for what happened in Libya. She is closely tied to George Soros and his worldviewsObama has just named Power as the new Ambassador to the United Nations, where she will be at the helm of doing monstrous damage on a global scale.

Melanie Phillips says we should all be frightened of Samantha Power and she is right. Using the mantle of a human rights activist, Power is exactly the opposite. Claiming the moral highroad of protecting all, she will issue in breathtaking tyranny. She would happily oversee the destruction of Israel, while furthering the Caliphate and a Progressive (Marxist) planetary rule. She will institute “justice” with warfare and death. Samantha Power rides a pale horse indeed. She grovels to our enemies, promotes the slaughter of our allies and places America’s neck on the Islamic chopping block.

Samantha Power wields the hand that rocks a nation and the geopolitical landscape across the planet. In the name of peace, she will usher in Armageddon if allowed to. Welcome to Obama’s Coup D’etat, Gramsci style

We know that Mr Soros doesn't exactly have great love for Israel and now Cass Sustein's wife is going to be actively involved in Israeli affairs. 

The prophetic implications are significant. What do we have in the wake of the "Arab Spring" - and the fall of the Libyan government, Egyptian government and what will we have is the Syrian government falls? More radical Islamic leadership than the previous regimes. In each case, the leadership void was filled with the Muslim Brotherhood. New Syrian leadership would be worse than that. 

All of this is setting the stage for the Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 wars that will be fought. 

The most surprising element of this entire situation - is the significant role that the U.S. has played in these events - events which have all moved in direct opposition to the well-being of Israel. Stable governments which had established relative detente with Israel (Egypt and Libya) have been replaced with radical elements who would quickly go to war with Israel. Just as we would expect. 

A post-war Syrian government is also more likely to attack Israel - regardless of a rebel takeover or Assad remaining in power. Either scenario (for different reasons) seems to have Israel listed as the next conflict. 

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