Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paving The Road For The Antichrist: "Progressivism" = Creeping Tyranny

Let us be completely honest. Today's progressivism is nothing more than tyranny. A couple of days worth of headlines makes this point abundantly clear. 

One has to find the painful paradox here. Many so-called "progressives" (previously "liberals") seem to have no idea that their ideas and plans are leading directly into the Tribulation as they unwittingly pave the way for the antichrist's arrival. 

For the non-Christians in this bunch - they will get their liberal utopia. They will finally get their one-world progressive leader. The world will have been purged from those "mean" Christians, who, up until the "gathering up", will have served to thwart this creeping progressivism - their leader will have arrived and finally they can have their perfect world order. 

For a brief period anyway. Then, after a brief period of relative calm, things will "hit the fan" as they say. Hopefully, as God's hand is revealed during the Tribulation, they can find their way to Christ. 

For now, on this side of the gathering up, we can see this movement as it rapidly approaches the Tribulation:

The headlines below are just from a couple of day's worth of scanning the news. There are too many articles to quote from - just take a look at the headlines. If you want more, open the articles.

As much as we should be dismayed at the loss of freedom and the approach of complete tyranny - as welcomed and fostered by the progressive movement - but it screams to us that the Savior is on His way:

[Footnote: When I started this blog, I was committed to keeping politics out of the daily updates. However, the time has come (unfortunately) that politics are now completely intertwined with prophetic developments and simply cannot be ignored any longer]

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