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Lies And Distortions (II)

At this point why do "they" even bother to offer an explanation or excuse to gain more and more governmental control?

The game is almost over anyway, the socialists (soon to grow into a world-wide totalitarianism once the Tribulation begins) have won (of course through deceit and cheating, but that is another story for another day) - it is just a matter of time now until the Tribulation begins. There will be no reversal of course now - in terms of the globalist agenda that is under way - just as there is no reversal in birth pains, as Jesus so appropriately and accurately described. 

But at least we can have some fun with this in the interim. 

First, we can see how the whole 'global warming' thing is being used:

President Obama will announce his intention to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, increase appliance efficiency standards and promote renewable energy development on public lands in a speech Tuesday outlining his plan to use executive powers to address climate change.
While the president has talked about the need to address global warming, using sweeping rhetoric in his second inaugural address to suggest it ranks as one of his highest priorities, he has been largely silent on how he intends to tackle the problem. In the speech at Georgetown University, according to individuals briefed on the matter who asked not to be identified because the plan was not yet public, Obama will detail a government-wide plan to not only reduce the nation’s carbon output but also prepare the United States for the near-term impacts of global warming.

Unlike his other signature second-term initiatives, such as immigration legislation, gun-control measures and entitlement reform, Obama can undertake all of these policies without congressional input. Though Congress could theoretically overturn an Environmental Protection Agency rule to regulate existing utilities under the Clean Air Act, Democrats have the votes they need in the Senate to block such an effort.

But the move to impose greenhouse gas limits on existing plants — which account for a third of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and 40 percent of its carbon emissions — will raise consumers’ electricity prices in the short term as utilities are forced to shutter aging coal plants to comply with stricter pollution limits.

There is just one minor problem with that theory:

Obama: 'Peace with justice means refusing to condemn our children to a harsher, less hospitable planet...For the grim alternative affects all nations. More severe storms, more famine and floods, new waves of refugees, coastlines that vanish, oceans that rise.'

Meanwhile: Earth undergoing global COOLING since 2002! - Climate Depot Exclusive Round Up of Current Global Cooling  predictions - Climate Depot Exclusive Report: Forget global warming!? Earth undergoing global COOLING since 2002! Climate Scientist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Attention in the public debate seems to be moving away from the 15-17 year ‘pause’ to the cooling since 2002’

In other words, this whole 'global warming' idea is actually all about regulation control. Plain and simple. 

There is just one small problem. 

We aren't warming, the planet is actually cooling. And it has been now for about 12 years. But don't let that fact get in the way. 

A slightly deeper look at the myth of carbon-based global warming is quite revealing and it doesn't really take much work to find the truth. 

The model of carbon-based global warming can only go back for a brief period of time -  back to the early part of the 20th century, as carbon production began increase in the world with the industrial age. Lets round this period to  ~80 years (which is generous). 

Trying to fit a 80 +/- number of years into some kind of global-temperature-regulation model - given the age of the earth - is audacious at the outset. But as we can see, it doesn't even work for that brief period - in fact, it fails miserably. 

There is yet another small problem with their model. From the 1940's through the 1970's - just at a time of enormous increases in carbon production, the earth's temperatures were decreasing during a well-known cooling period, so just with this fact alone -  we can immediately see a 30 year period that directly conflicts with their model - a fact that should immediately dismiss the theory (a model which can't even account for 40% of the time-period in question). Then you also have to eliminate the last 12 years, since temperatures have been flat or trending downwards, so now we are looking at ~50% of the time-period that conflicts with their "model". In any other scientific endeavor, that alone would immediately dismiss the theory, but not with the "global warming" crowd. 

The problems:

Forget Global Warming! Earth Undergoing Global COOLING since 2002!

Growing number of scientists are predicting global cooling: Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: ‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years’
‘Sun Sleeps’: Danish Solar Scientist Svensmark declares ‘global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning…enjoy global warming while it lasts’
Prominent geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook warns ‘global COOLING is almost a slam dunk’ for up to 30 years or more
Australian Astronomical Society warns of global COOLING as Sun’s activity ‘significantly diminishes’

Professor Judith Curry of, the chair, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, on June 14, 2013: “Attention in the public debate seems to be moving away from the 15-17 year ‘pause’ to the cooling since 2002 (note: I am receiving inquiries about this from journalists). This period since 2002 is scientifically interesting, since it coincides with the ‘climate shift’ circa 2001/2002 posited by Tsonis and others. This shift and the subsequent slight cooling trend provides a rationale for inferring a slight cooling trend over the next decade or so, rather than a flat trend from the 15 yr ‘pause’.”

UW-Milwaukee Professor’s Peer-Reviewed Study Predicts 50 Years of Global Cooling – January 2010: ‘A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor is making headlines for his work suggesting the world is entering a period of global cooling.

Atmospheric Scientist Tsonis on record cold: ‘It just isn’t true to say this is a blip. We can expect colder winters for quite a while’ – Tsonis was flooded with ‘hate emails’ after 2009 peer-reviewed study predicting ’20 or 30 years of cooler temperatures’ — ‘People were accusing me of wanting to destroy the climate, yet all I’m interested in is the truth’

Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: ‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years’

Global Cooling Coming? Aussie Scientist David Archibald uses solar and surface data to predict 4.9°C fall — ‘Normal solar cycles are 11 years long, but the current one (cycle 24) is shaping up to be 17 years (unusually long), and using historical data from the US, David predicts a 2.1°C decline over Solar Cycle 24 followed by a further 2.8°C over Solar Cycle 25. That adds up to a whopping 4.9°C fall in temperate latitudes over the next 20 years. We can only hope he’s wrong’

AUSTRALIAN SCIENTIST PREDICTS GLOBAL COOLING: “SUN IS THE MAJOR CONTROL OF CLIMATE; LOOK FOR COOLING’ — ‘Prof. Cliff Ollier of the School of Earth & Env. Studies, U,  of Western Australia, recently presented a paper in Poznan, Poland,  in which he described the sun as the major control of climate, but not through greenhouse gases.”There is a very good correlation of sunspots and climate. Solar cycles provide a basis for prediction. Solar Cycle 24 has started and we can expect serious cooling.

Inhofe: ', George Soros Created Global Warming Hoax

The best theory on what causes earth's cyclic temperature? 

Try this:

The Chilling Stars

Book Review: The Chilling Stars: A New Theory Of Climate Change

Back to the original story:

Obama To Announce He Will Regulate Existing Power Plants As Part Of Climate Strategy

Feinstein To Introduce Carbon Tax Bill For Power Plants


At a minimum - this issue is far from settled - and that is being incredibly kind. We're clearly in a cooling trend on earth, and have been for over a decade. 

But any excuse will do. 

This one ('global warming') gives the government more and more control over our energy production, and in turn, gives them more control over our lives - the ultimate goal as we pave the road to the Tribulation and the rule of the antichrist. 

The lies and distortions are just beginning. 

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If these *)>{*!?* in government actually get this through...then the term Low Information Voter will have taken on a whole new meaning for this boy. Shucks, these folk have given up any pretense of even appearing to be sincere. After all that's been published, all the publicity, all the snow blizzards interrupting Global Warming would take a DDLA (Dangling Dingbat with a Loose Wing-nut) to give this any credibility.