Friday, June 28, 2013

In The News: Iran, The Mahdi, And The War On Christians

Iran: Syrian Crisis Prelude To 'Coming Of Mahdi'

A high Iranian politician believes the Syrian revolution could be the catalyst for sparking a worldwide conflagration that will usher in an era of Muslim domination of the world.
“One can smell from the crisis in Syria the coming … of the end of times and the coming of the last Islamic messiah,” said Ruhollah Hosseinian, a member of the Islamic regime’s parliament. Previously he was deputy of the Intelligence Ministry and a member of board of trustees of Islamic Revolution Document Center.

Based on hadiths by Muhammad and his descendants, the Syrian revolution is a start to the coming of Mahdi, Hosseinian said in a speech quoted Thursday by Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.
“Imam Sadegh (the Shiites’ 4th Imam) has stated, when the masters of the yellow flag (Lebanese Hezbollah) engage in a conflict with anti-Shiite elements in Damascus and Iranian forces join them, this is a sign and a prelude to the coming of his highness (Mahdi),” Hosseinian said. “We see that (now) the masters of the yellow flag are engaged with anti-Shiite groups in Damascus. Perhaps this is the event that promises the coming and that we must prepare ourselves.”
Hadiths from Ali, the Shiites’ 1st imam, also state that a sign of the coming will be the fall of the walls of Damascus. A tight-knit coalition of Syrian loyalists, Hezbollah fighters and Iranian forces is fighting against a loose coalition of Syrian rebels and al-Qaida fighters. The anti-Assad forces have brought their fight to inside Damascus.

Hosseinian told the audience that they should prepare themselves for war.
“The coming of his highness is assured … the prophet has promised that people from the east, which according to the hadith means Iran, take power and prepare for the government of Imam Mahdi.”

With the recent decision to arm the opposition fighting Syrian President Assad, the United States has effectively declared a proxy war on Syria’s indigenous Christians — a proxy war that was earlier waged on Christians in other Mideast nations, resulting in the abuse, death, and/or mass exodus of Christians.
Ironically (if not absurdly) this proxy war on Christians is being presented to the American people as a war to safeguard the “human rights” and “freedoms” of the Syrian people.  Left unsaid by the Obama administration is the egregiously inhuman behavior these jihadis visit upon moderate Syrians in general and Christians in particular, from bombed churches to kidnapped (and often beheaded) Christians.  Days ago they massacred an entire Christian village.

Nor can one argue that the Obama administration is unaware that Christian persecution is an ironclad aspect of empowering jihadis.  Both past precedents and current events repeatedly demonstrate this.
In Libya, the administration armed/supported the “freedom fighters” fighting Gaddafi, even though it was common knowledge that many of them were connected to al-Qaeda.  Again, the rationale was “our responsibilities to our fellow human beings,” as Obama declared in April 2011, and how not assisting them “would have been a betrayal of who we are.”
Soon after their empowerment, some of our U.S.-supported “fellow human beings” decided to rub America’s face in it by attacking the U.S. consulate — on the anniversary of September 11, no less — resulting in the murders and possible rape of American diplomats, even as Obama tried to attribute the attack to American freedom of speech (a la a YouTube flick).

Lesser known, however, is that Libya’s small Christian minority is being targeted.  Among other things, the very few churches there are under attack; nuns that have been serving the sick and needy since 1921 have been harassed and forced to flee; foreign Christians possessing Bibles have been arrested and tortured (one recently died from his torture).

In Egypt, Obama and Hillary joined the bandwagon to eject Hosni Mubarak, America’s most stable and secular ally for thirty years. Then the administration cozied up to the Muslim Brotherhood — an Islamist organization that until recently was banned in Egypt and no U.S. president would have been involved with.   Among other “achievements,” the Brotherhood produced Sayyid Qutb, who is idolized by al-Qaeda as the chief theoretician of modern jihad.
As expected, since the Brotherhood came to power, the persecution of Copts has practically been legalized, as unprecedented numbers of Christians — men, women, and children — have been arrested, often receiving more than double the maximum prison sentence, under the accusation that they “blasphemed” Islam and/or its prophet.  It was also under Brotherhood rule that another unprecedented scandal occurred: the St. Mark Cathedral — holiest site of Coptic Christianity and home of the pope himself — was besieged in broad daylight by Islamic rioters.  When security came, they too joined in the attack on the cathedral.  And the targeting of Christian children — for abduction, ransom, rape, and/or forced conversion — has also reached unprecedented levels under Morsi.

Put differently, Muslim persecution of Christians is the litmus test of how “radical” an Islamic society has become.  Thus, in all those Mideast nations that the Obama administration has interfered — Egypt, Libya, and now Syria — the increase of Christian persecution in those countries is a reflection of the empowerment of forces hostile to the U.S. and Western civilization.
At this point, some may well raise that old question: is Obama a secret Muslim doing all he can to empower Islam?  In fact, this is an irrelevant question.  For even if he was, what more could he possibly do than he is doing right now — under the gaze of a somnambulant America?

Recently, the Obama administration – after the Syrian conflict entered its third year and long after critical world powers have taken decisive action – has decided to make a policy decision to arm the Syrian rebels. For the last three years, the Obama administration has preferred to use the “wait and see” policy in Syria: avoiding taking robust geopolitical and strategic action against Assad’s regime, avoiding taking a leadership role, and leaving the destiny of Syria to be determined by Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah leaders. Currently, the liberals have been projecting the Obama administration’s current strategy to arm the rebels as a tactically successful policy achievement.

“Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.” This chant, meaning “God is great” in Arabic, is repeatedly heard in this barbaric and savage video clip (below). Amidst a crowd of men standing on a small hill, while women and children watch behind, are three kneeling men – supposedly supporters of Assad’s regime – who are beheaded by a large knife. In the background, someone exclaims, “This is the punishment of the Shabiha.” Sabiha, a militia group, has been unleashed by Assad’s regime as a tool for cracking down and suppressing his opposition.

Although liberals argue that the U.S. will send arms to the “good” rebels, it is nearly impossible to distinguish the “good” rebels from the barbaric ones anymore. It is unrealistic to insure that arms and weapons will fall into the hand of the peaceful revolutionaries; in fact, they are more likely to fall into the hands of the same Islamist and Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups who are slaughtering, beheading, and mass-executing people and pushing for a Sharia-law based Islamist state. 

Did you actually believe that they were not going to use the precedent that they set in Cyprus?  On Thursday, EU finance ministers agreed to a shocking new plan that will make every bank account in Europe vulnerable to Cyprus-style bail-ins.  In other words, the wealth confiscation that we just witnessed in Cyprus will now be used as a template for future bank failures all over Europe.  That means that if you have a bank account in Europe, you could wake up some morning and every penny in that account over 100,000 euros could be gone.

That is exactly what happened in Cyprus, and now EU officials plan to do the same thing all over Europe.  For quite a while EU officials insisted that Cyprus was a “special case”, but now we see that was a lie.  International outrage over what happened in Cyprus has died down, and now they are pushing forward with what they probably had planned all along.  But why have they chosen this specific moment to implement such a plan?  Are they anticipating that we will see a wave of bank failures soon?  Do they know something that they aren’t telling us?

Amazingly, this announcement received very little notice in the international media.  The fact that bank account confiscation will now be a permanent part of the plan to bail out troubled banks in Europe should have made headline news all over the globe.  The following is how CNNdescribed the plan…
European Union finance ministers approved a plan Thursday for dealing with future bank bailouts, forcing bondholders and shareholders to take the hit for bank rescues ahead of taxpayers.
The new framework requires bondholders, shareholders and large depositors with over 100,000 euros to be first to suffer losses when banks fail. Depositors with less than 100,000 euros will be protected. Taxpayer funds would be used only as a last resort.
According to this new plan, bondholders will be the first to be required to “contribute” when a bank bailout is necessary.

If you have a bank account in Europe with over 100,000 euros in it, get your money out now.
I am not sure how else to say it.
In Cyprus, there were retirees and small businesses that lost hundreds of thousands of euros overnight.
Do not let that happen to you.
And without a doubt, we are going to see a lot of banks fail in Europe over the next few years.  This will especially be true once the next great financial crisis strikes.
But even though we haven’t even gotten to the next great financial crisis yet, the economic depression in Europe just continues to get even worse.  Just consider these facts…


Unknown said...

Come Lord Jesus, your bride is desperate for you!!!! Does anyone else feel like the world is headed for a cliff? I have mixed emotions. Sad for the lost but so excited that everyday we are 1 day closer to going home.

ChristineInCleveland said...

I'm with you, Hubae!! As in the days of Noah... & we are sure are there right now... how much longer Lord?

David H said...

Scott, is it possible that muslims will accept the antichrist as their messiah?

Dylan said...

It seems to me that the "Mahdi" can't be the Antichrist. The muslim nations wouldn't view the signing of a peace treaty with Israel as something the Mahdi would do, as the Mahdi is supposed to defeat and kill by force the infidels. That's just what I think though.

Stephen said...

Stocks are still looking bullish, even with the drop of 100. Nasdaq
was it was mixed day.

I would need to see a SERIOUS BREAK
of the 14,600 level to be convincing. Also, Gold and Silver are up which is disturbing for bears.

It could mean that a BIG STOCK rally is close.

I will know more next week, BUT
ANY MORE BULLING on the dow, and we
go to records again.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Thats a good question - one worth pondering as I have on many occasions. I have mixed feelings. Conceptually, I do think its possible that the AC could be perceived as the Mahdi. It sure fits easily. To extend that, some people believe that the FP will be perceived as Jesus by the Muslim community and many muslims believe that Jesus will return with the Mahdi and the Mahdi will "explain" that Jesus is just a prophet and will then explain why he (the AC/Mahdi) is the 'real' messiah.

However, on the flip side - we have to remember that Islam in the Middle East will be virtually destroyed at the time of Isaiah 17 and Gog-MaGog. So given that, its hard to see that such parallels between the AC/Madhi/FP etc would 'work' in the aftermath of these wars where God Himself takes down Islam in that region. So that seems to be a huge problem with that POV - even though it seems to fit easily (in today's world)

So bottom line, with me? I don't have a clue. :)

CJ said...

Hi Scott, in your post above you mention that Islam will be virtually destroyed at the time of Isaiah 17.
Do you mean before or possibly as a consequence of the whole world seeing that only God could protect Israel in such away, do you think this could be a catalyst for Muslims to move to Christianity?

Thanks, Jesus is lord!

David H said...

Good points Scott..

Scott said...

CJ - Its actually after the Gog-MaGog battle/war - Isaiah 17, in my view triggers this scenario (in fact I see Isaiah 17-->Gog-MaGog almost as a continual process and as a result of both wars, particularly Gog-MaGog- Islam in the region will take a tremendous hit. And they will have seen God's hand act against them (and the infighting that will ensue as part of this)

As that leads into the Tribulation (or possibly occurs early in the Trib, although I believe it all happens pre-trib) - we know that many many will come to Christ during the Trib - so I do think that is a disinct possibility