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New Iran President Thanks Mahdi For Victory

Well, this answers at least one question as relating to Iran's new president:

Iran’s newly elected president, Hassan Rohani, attributed his victory in the June 15 voting to the 12th Imam, Mahdi, a statement with ominous overtones in the Islamic regime’s quest for nuclear weapons.
The Shiites believe that at the end of times, the 12th Imam, a 9th-century prophet, will reappear with Jesus Christ at his side, kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world. Many analysts believe Iran is seeking nuclear capability to bring on that Armageddon.
“This political [election] was due to the kindness of the last Islamic messiah [Mahdi],” Rohani said Friday.
Kayhan newspaper, the main media outlet of the regime and the mouthpiece of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ran a centerpiece headline Saturday reporting Rohani’s statement:
“This victory and the epic saga is without a doubt due to the special kindness of the Imam Zaman (Mahdi) and the measures taken by the supreme leader, especially his guidance and words. … Without his management then it was not clear if the people of Iran would witness such a day filled with joy,” Rohani said.
“I am so happy that there is a feeling of joy in our society and that the election took place in the month of Shaban [the 8th Islamic month, representative of courage and blessings], which is the month of victory,” he said.

Much of the Western media in reporting on the election results proclaimed that Rohani is a “moderate and reformist” cleric.
An op-ed in the Los Angeles Times by David Horsey, for example, called Rohani’s election good for America and bad for the “neocons.” A piece in the Huffington Post by Flynt and Hillary Leverett, long-time supporters of dialogue with the Islamic regime, urged President Obama to approach Rohani as this represents a new opportunity, but the U.S. must accept the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic. A third op-ed, in the Christian Science Monitor by Scott Peterson, called Rohani a “diplomat sheikh” and claimed that he has shown flexibility and a willingness to compromise when he served as the regime’s nuclear negotiator.
An exclusive WND report on June 16, however, showed that Rohani has been a major player in the regime’s deceitful policies. He was put in charge of Iran’s nuclear team in 2003 by Khamenei and the so-called moderate president at that time, Mohammad Khatami. He succeeded in preventing further U.N. resolutions by agreeing to suspend parts of Iran’s nuclear activity, but, as the International Atomic Energy Agency indicated, Iran’s nuclear program never truly stopped.
In 2008, Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, the former parliamentary speaker and secretary of the Iranian government during Khatami’s term, revealed that while Khatami was president and through Rohani’s efforts, “We had an agreement for the suspension of enrichment, but we were importing all the necessary parts for our nuclear activity. We were conducting our policies on two fronts: one to continue negotiations openly and keep the Americans away from such negotiations, and the other to continue our nuclear activities in secret.”
The fact that Rohani served as the representative of the supreme leader to the Supreme National Security Council since 1989, the defector said, shows that the supreme leader regards him as one of the regime’s most trusted figures. But more importantly, since all of the regime’s actions, from its nuclear activity to arming terrorists and its terrorist activities, are decided by that council, there is no doubt that Rohani participated in all of its terrorist decision-making.
Some of those decisions include the 1994 Jewish Community Center bombing in Buenos Aires, the 1996 Khobar Tower bombings in Saudi Arabia and the 2012 Burgas, Bulgaria, bus bombing.
Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani, in his Friday prayer speech last week congratulating Rohani for his election, stated that, “Before the reappearance of Imam Zaman [Mahdi], the struggle will reach its peak … in that fight there won’t even be mercy on the womb in the mother’s belly.”

The MSM have declared Rohani to be a moderate, and this idea will be used as a basis to allow for more "negotiations" with Iran, which in reality simply allow Iran to complete their nuclear development plans. 

Joel Rosenberg weighs in:

Despite the Western media’s insistence that Iran’s President-Elect, Hassan Rouhani, is a “moderate” and a “reformist,” the evidence is clear: Rouhani is actually a high-ranking Radical Shia cleric who fundamentally agrees with the terrorist and repressive policies of the Ayatollah Khamenei and has been faithful in supporting such policies. Rouhani’s son reportedly even committed suicide because of the shame he felt that Rouhani was so supportive of Khamenei’s evil ways.

The central question I have been curious about since the rigged election is whether Rouhani shares the Supreme Leader’s eschatology. Namely, is Rouhani a “Twelver”? Does he believe as Khamenei does that the End of Days has come, and that the Twelfth Imam (or Mahdi) is going to appear at any moment to destroy the infidels and establish a global Islamic caliphate, and that Iran’s regime can and must hasten the arrival of their so-called messiah by annihilating America (which they consider the “Great Satan”) and Israel (which they consider the “Little Satan”)?

 Rouhani is a trained Shia cleric. As such, he most certainly believes in the Twelfth Imam. What’s more, he was approved to run for President by Khamenei and the regime, when 686 other candidates (including Rafsanjani) were prohibited from running. Thus, Rouhani surely shares the same essential theology and eschatology of the Supreme Leader. If this is true, then Rouhani’s problem with Ahmadinejad was likely not that Ahmadinejad believed in the Mahdi but that Ahmadinejad was not a trained cleric, and he was making all kinds of wild claims about the imminence of the Mahdi’s appearance, and he seemed to be bringing discredit to a subject the Supreme Leader and Rouhani consider dear.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told troops practicing maneuvers on the Golan Heights Wednesday that their training may be put to use in the near future, as opposed to exercises in past years, which were just “theoretical.”
“The reality around us is changing and is volatile. We need to be suitably prepared,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu was joined by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz as he watched soldiers from the Golani Brigade during drills that included tanks and armored personnel carriers.
The exercise came as an increasingly skittish Israel is preparing for the possibility of the Syrian civil war spilling across its borders. Earlier this month, rebels briefly took control of the Quneitra border crossing, bringing the two-year civil war to the Jewish state’s doorstep.

In yet another remarkable display of Obama’s determination to secure the Middle East for Islamofascists, 400 U.S. troops will reportedly be deployed to Egypt to augment the police force of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. They will be part of a 13-country force stationed in Egypt in anticipation of protests, scheduled for June 30th, calling for the removal of Morsi. Curiously, whereas Obama readily threw former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus in 2011, the White House is now eager to defend the regime of Morsi, who, like his Muslim Brotherhood sponsors, is well on his way to imposing the Saudi Arabian model of governance on Egypt.

A Fort Hood Press Center release reveals that a battalion task force from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team will be part of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) peacekeeping contingency based along the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula between Eilat, Israel, and Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. Once there, they will man positions and checkpoints, report any violations of the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, and remain prepared to respond to threats. That treaty required Israeli forces to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula and for Egypt to keep the area demilitarized. An exception to the treaty was authorized in 2011 when Israel allowed several hundred Egyptian troops into the area to quell violence that occurred then.

Troops assigned to the MFO are not under operational command of their respective nations, but commanded by the MFO itself. The MFO’s headquarters are located in Rome, Italy. With regard to American troops, the MFO website notes they will be expected to provide a Quick Reaction Force should the need arise.

 Since former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was ousted–with the blessing of the Obama administration–Mohamed Morsi has moved swiftly to consolidate his power. He has suppressed the media and the arts, and issued an edict boosting his power and sidelining the judiciary in the process. He removed key officers from the Egyptian military, and allowed Muslim Brotherhood loyalists to rewrite the nation’s constitution. Attacks on Coptic Christian churches has occurred with alarming frequency, and women also face a dark future in a nation sexual harassment in endemic, and Muslim Brotherhood members condemned a UN report that gave judges, rather than husbands, authority in cases of divorce while granting women full rights to file legal complaints against their husbands for rape or sexual harassment.

Adding to the spectacular absurdity of U.S. troops protecting Morsi’ thuggish regime–and by extension a Muslim Brotherhood that spawned al Qaeda and Hamas–is the reality that some of the troops deployed there come from the same military base where another Islamist, Maj. Nidal Hasan, killed 13 and wounded 32 of his fellow soldiers in 2009. That attack was labeled “workplace violence” and troops and their families were denied Purple Hearts and survivors benefits when the administration claimed that such awards, given to those ”wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States” would ”set the stage for a formal declaration that Major Hasan is a terrorist,” thereby jeopardizing his ability to receive a fair trial.

Also see:

 ”Canada’s  foreign minister has warned Iran that it has only two to three months to prove to the West that it seeks a negotiated resolution to the crisis over its rogue nuclear program,” reports the Times of Israel “The diplomatic process is ‘nearing the end,’ John Baird said in an interview with The Times of Israel, though he declined to say what consequences that could bring.”

Other key points from the article:
  • If incoming president Rouhani “wants me to say something kind or generous, he’s going to have to solicit that by his actions, not by any perceived notion of being a reformer,” Baird said, adding, “These people don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.”
  • Asked whether diplomacy had run its course, Baird said, “There’s always a reason to wait another two or three months… If they want to prove the naysayers wrong, they can make meaningful progress with the P5+1. I’m pessimistic on that but I hope to be proven wrong.”
  • The diplomatic process, he went on, “is nearing the end, and should have been nearing the end in my judgment. If Iran wants to seek out concrete, meaningful solutions to this, they have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world in the coming weeks that they’ll do that… And you have someone [in Rouhani, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator] who doesn’t need to have any time to read up on the files. This person does not need anytime to be briefed up.”
  • And if at the end of two or three months there isn’t some kind of concrete progress? Then, said Baird, “I think fair and reasonable people will have shown that they have taken every reasonable measure, every diplomatic measure, to try to successfully bring this to a conclusion.”
  • And then comes the time for intervention? “I’ll just leave it at that,” the minister said.


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stocks up again, never dies.
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Stephen, I have been following your posts on the stock market. Sometimes its at a record low, then it climbs back up, sometimes to a record high. It seems to always level itself out. I'm still convinced that a crash would have to be orchestrated from some man made cause. Just a thought.
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Feeling sickened and saddened by our so called supreme court's ruling today. Soooooo ready to go home!!!

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Gold Mining companies ALL AT NEW
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xau, hui, gox.

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Conclusion ??

dow follows the gold MINING stocks
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The powers of DEFLATION are REAL
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