Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend News And Commentary

As usual for the weekend, we have some fascinating commentaries in circulation as reflection takes place regarding current, prophetic news. 

First up, Caroline Glick who gets it right once again:

Two events happened on Wednesday which should send a shiver down the spine of everyone concerned about the future of the American Jewish community. But to understand their importance it is important to consider the context in which they occurred.

On January 13, The New York Times reported on a series of virulently anti-Jewish comments Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made in speeches given in 2010. Among other things, Morsi said, "We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews." He said that Egyptian children "must feed on hatred; hatred must continue. The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him."

In another speech, he called Jews "bloodsuckers," and "the descendants of apes and pigs."

Two weeks after the Times ran the story, the Obama administration sent four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as part of a military aid package announced in December 2012 entailing the provision of 20 F-16s and 200 M1-A1 Abrams tanks.

The Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and other prominent American Jewish groups did not oppose the weapons transfer.

With the American Jewish leadership silent on the issue, Israel found its national security championed by Sen. Rand Paul. He attached an amendment to a budget bill that would bar the US from transferring the advanced weapons platforms to Egypt.

Paul explained, "Egypt is currently governed by a religious zealot... who said recently that Jews were bloodsuckers and descendants of apes and pigs. This doesn't sound like the kind of stable personality we [sh]ould be sending our most sophisticated weapons to."

Paul's amendment was overwhelmingly defeated, due in large part to the silence of the American Jewish leadership.

The Times noted that Morsi's castigation of Jews as "apes and pigs" was "a slur for Jews that is familiar across the Muslim world."

Significantly the Times failed to note that the reason it is familiar is because it comes from both the Koran and the hadith. The scripturally based denigration of Jews as apes and pigs is legion among leading clerics of both Sunni and Shi'ite Islam.

It was not a coincidence that the Times failed to mention why Morsi's castigation of Jews as apes and pigs was so familiar to Muslim audiences.

If the Times acknowledged that the Jew hatred espoused by Morsi and his colleagues in the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as by their Shi'ite colleagues in the Iranian regime and Hezbollah is based on the Koran, they would have to acknowledge that Islamic Jew hatred and other bigotry is not necessarily antithetical to mainstream Islamic teaching. And that is something that the Times, like its fellow liberal institutions, is not capable of acknowledging.

They are incapable of acknowledging this possibility because considering it would implicitly require a critical study of jihadist doctrine. And a critical study of jihadist doctrine would show that the doctrine of jihad, or Islamic holy war, subscribed to by the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates, as well as by the Iranian regime and Hezbollah and their affiliates, is widely supported, violent, bigoted, evil and dangerous to the free world.

And that isn't even the biggest problem with studying the doctrine of jihad. The biggest problem is that a critical study of the doctrine of jihad would force liberal institutions like the New York Times and the institutional leadership of the American Jewish community alike to abandon the reigning dogma of the liberal ideological camp - moral relativism.

Moral relativism is based on a refusal to call evil evil and a concomitant willingness to denigrate truth if truth requires you to notice evil.

Below we see two timely pieces from Joel Rosenberg:

The news that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency now believes North Korea may be able to miniaturize its nuclear warheads and fit them on ballistic missiles means the crisis on the Korean Peninsula involves not just one but two dangerous scenarios.
First, that Kim Jung Un — the Pyongyang man-child dictator – will trigger a nuclear war in East Asia, either purposefully or accidentally. The last Korean war cost more than 2.5 million lives. The next one could cost many multiples of that. Seoul alone is a city of some 12 million people.

Second, that Benjamin Netanyahu — the Israeli Prime Minister — will feel compelled to launch a massive preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities sooner rather than later. Why? Because the rapid advancement of North Korea in building nuclear warheads capable of fitting on ballistic missiles means Iran is not far behind from accomplishing the same if North Korea is selling their research to the mullahs in Tehran. This could accelerate the Israeli calculus for taking decisive action since neither the Obama administration nor other world powers appear to be taking decisive steps of their own to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat.

While on the surface North Korea is creating a crisis that is unique to the Pacific theater, the sober truth is that the crisis actually has direct and immediate implications for the Middle East. Israeli leaders are monitoring the North Korean developments very closely. They are also watching equally closely how the White House is handling the Korean situation.
At this point, Netanyahu and his advisors are likely drawing the following conclusions:
  1. Pyongyang either has or nearly has not just an operational nuclear warhead, but one that can be fitted on a ballistic missile;
  2. Therefore, because Iran and North Korea are working so closely together, it must be assumed that Iran is even closer to having deliverable nuclear missiles than previously believed;
  3. The U.S. intends to take no decisive action to stop Pyongyang from becoming a nuclear weapons power;
  4. Therefore, it can be assumed that the U.S. is not going to take decisive action to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power;
  5. In the cases of both North Korea and Iran, the Obama administration talks tough, but carries a little stick — the U.S. merely intends to contain and deter these two countries from using nuclear weapons, not really prevent them from building them;
  6. Thus, Israel is on its own, and may need to move hard and fast to keep Iran from crossing the red line, after which Israel won’t have an effective military option.

“The results of a classified Defense Intelligence Agency report indicate that ‘North Korea now has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles,’” reports the Christian Science Monitor. “That was the bombshell out of a House Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday. It came when Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) of Colorado began quoting from what he said was an unclassified version of the DIA report, which has not yet been made public.”

In the Mideast context, the central question is how Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his War Cabinet assess the implications and ramifications of the North Korea nuclear program and the Obama administration’s unwillingness to take decisive action to stop Pyongyang from building nuclear weapons. The more alone Israel feels, the more likely it will be to strike Iran hard and fast.

The Iranian military has test-fired three new missiles of a previously untested type, the country’s Fars news agency reported Saturday.
“Three types of missiles developed by the army and the defense industries have been successfully test-fired in the Ground Force’s recent war games,” Fars quoted Iranian Army Ground Force Lieutenant Gen. Kioumars Heydari as saying.

Heydari said the missiles were of a previously untested type, “different from the Naze’at 10 and the Fajr missiles.”
The Naze’at 10 is a long-range artillery rocket capable of reaching targets between 110 and 130 kilometers away, while the Fajr 5 artillery rocket has been used against Israel in the past few years by Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants.
Heydari reportedly added that the Iranian military would also reveal its new personnel carriers during National Army Day parades on Thursday, April 18.

A top army official told the news agency that the purpose of the trials was to deter Iran’s enemies from striking it. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made similar statements in the past.
Also on Saturday, Iranian Ambassador to Paris Ali Ahani warned that Tehran’s response to any Israeli aggression would be so crushing that it could trigger a third world war with unprecedented consequences.
“A potential Israeli attack on Iranian territories to hit a blow at its scientific and nuclear facilities is sheer madness and its consequences are catastrophic and uncontrollable,” Fars quoted the envoy as saying.
“Iran will not sit silent under such an aggression. Such a move can trigger a series of violence which will possibly lead to the World War III,” Ahani reportedly said, citing IAEA Resolution 533, which prohibits “all armed attacks against nuclear installations devoted to peaceful purposes whether under construction or in operation.”

An IDF patrol in the Golan Heights came under artillery and small arms fire Friday from Syrian forces. No injuries were reported, but damage was inflicted to an IDF vehicle, according to an Israel Radio report. The IDF Spokesperson reported that no damage was reported.
The army dispatched helicopters to the area, near Kibbutz El Rum in the northern Golan Heights, and IDF forces stationed along the border returned fire at the Syrian army post with a Tammuz missile and tank fire. The IDF confirmed a direct hit. Israeli authorities notified the United Nations of the incident.

The province of Homs and its capital of the same name were the scenes of some of the heaviest fighting during the first year of Syrian conflict. The violence has escalated there in recent weeks, with Syrian war planes hitting the city daily. On Friday, troops clashed with rebels on the edges of the province along the Lebanese border.
The border area is strategically important to both sides fighting in Syria’s civil war and battles there have been frequent in past weeks, particularly in and around the town of Qusair in Homs province. The area is considered vital to the Syrian regime because of its location along a road linking Damascus with the city of Homs, a strategic supply route for the military. The rebels also have been using the road to transport supplies and weapons from Sunni supporters in Lebanon.

This next article may reveal the most chilling news we have seen in quite a while:

Citing recent “inflammatory rhetoric” by Army officials, the head of the Family Research Council is warning supporters that President Obama could put evangelical Christians and Catholics on a “watch list” to prevent them from purchasing guns.
FRC President Tony Perkins said on his “Washington Watch” radio broadcast Wednesday that the Senate’s bipartisan proposal requiring background checks for Internet gun sales is “very concerning given the fact that the United States military has been increasingly showing hostility toward evangelicals and Catholics as being somehow threats to national security and people that need to be watched.”

In an email today to FRC supporters, Perkins explained that a recent Army briefing on “religious extremism” declared evangelical Christians and Catholics are among the biggest threats to America, along with Islamic supremacist groups such as al-Qaida and Hamas.
Perkins said it was also discovered that, in an email, Army Lt. Col. Jack Rich highlighted FRC and the American Family Association as groups that do not share “our Army Values.”

In his broadcast Wednesday, Perkins tied together the Army rhetoric with the proposed Senate legislation.
“Well, what does that have to do with gun control?” he continued. “Well, what happens if all the sudden you are identified as an evangelical, Bible-believing fundamentalist and the government decides you’ve got to be put on a watch list?”

Perkins explained that under the legislation, if “a caution comes up when they put your name in, you don’t get a chance to buy a gun.”
A slide titled “Religious Extremism” listed organizations and movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, Hamas, the Nation of Islam, the Ku Klux Klan and Christian Identity as examples.
However, the first group on the list is “evangelical Christianity.” Catholicism and ultra-orthodox Judaism are also on the list of religious extremist organizations.

The 14-page email puts FRC and AFA together with the Ku Klux Klan, Black Panthers and neo-Nazis, citing the Southern Poverty Law Center, which, according to a judge, inspired the shooting at Family Research Council’s headquarters last August.

Perkins cited Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes’ list of “recent military missteps”:
  • A Fort Leavenworth War Games scenario identified Christian and evangelical groups as potential threats;
  • A 2009 Department of Homeland Security memo identified evangelicals and pro-life groups as potential threats to national security;
  • The U.S. Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center released a study linking pro-lifers to terrorism;
  • Evangelical leader Franklin Graham was uninvited from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service;
  • At the National Cemetery in Houston, Christian prayers were prohibited at the funeral services for military veterans;
  • Distribution of Bibles was banned for a time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Christian crosses and a steeple were removed from a chapel in Afghanistan because the military said the icons disrespected other religions;
  • Catholic chaplains were prohibited from reading a letter to parishioners from their archbishop regarding the Obama HHS mandate.

Perkins noted members of Congress, led by Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., have sent a letter to the secretary of the Army calling on the Army to apologize for attacking Christians and labeling them as extremists.


Mrs.C said...

Syria appears to be copying Sadam. That was the same procedure he used to kill so many in southern Iraq. Thousands gathered, and he had helicopters fly over them spraying them with gas...

"Gas Attack By Syrian Army Kills Three In Aleppo"

"Syrian Observatory says Assad forces dropped the 2 gas bombs from army helicopter; woman, 2 children killed, 16 injured."

"Doctors in the town of Afrin, where the injured were taken, told the Observatory that victims had "hallucinated, vomited, had excess mucus and felt their eyes were burning."

Mrs.C said...

One more thought...doesn't this cross the coward-in-chiefs supposed "red line"?...come to think of it, I believe it was the UK that obtained samples from the previous bombing and they are saying "gas" was used. I guess since its not about him and his perpetual campaigning, his cold heart could care less and true to form, his "word" (lies) are evident...

Unknown said...

Not to be contrarian again but, the rebels we are arming in Syria are the same Al Qaeda Islamists that we blame 9/11 for. Which is it? Are they a reason for us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq or are the the next Hamilton & Jeffersons to build a free and open society?

Assad is no saint, but he is defending his country from outside invaders and terrorists. I would hope that a US president would use equal force to protect the US from invaders.

If we call this an uprising of local Syrians against Assad, keep in mind that Licoln killed 600,000 American citizens to "Preserve the Republic" and we name schools and national holidays after him.

I do not want to replace another dictator with someone who will be more receptive to the NWO/AC.

Anyone's thoughts?

Mrs.C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs.C said...

“Not to be contrarian again”? Your antiwar rhetoric has not changed, always the same. The point was “drwho” (BBC?) that who cares which dictator, people are being sprayed with gas, and the traitor-in-chief said that was his supposed “red line”. It is evident that “red line” has been crossed, and as expected, he does nothing. Why does it matter? Because true to Gods Word, the U.S. is no where in Prophecy, especially in the upcoming Isaiah 17 war which just in case you didn’t know, involves Syria. As for your presenting Assad as some kind of hero for supposedly “defending his country”, please, that is ridiculous. Again, your willing embracement of lack of knowledge is apparent. Assad is evil, and has been responsible for killing many on his own, without any “invaders” involved. He has been an enemy of the U.S. for a very long time. But then again, you’re apparently in agreement with the likes of Nancy P, who managed to skip around the ME (breaking the law) with a scarf on her head. She had a great unauthorized meeting with Assad, and in her typical naïve, blind ignorance, projected to the world that he was a legitimate leader. Ignoring the fact that he was a terrorist, and was at that time, sending his men across the Syrian boarder into Iraq. Do you understand what that means? We, our service men and women, where in Iraq at that time. In fact, Assad is STILL sending his soldiers into Iraq.
As for your Lincoln comments, CLASSIC left wing liberal ignorance indicating that you haven’t change. You and John Booth would get along well. Oh, you do know who he was, don’t cha? Still the same ole baiting posts with you, demonstrating your complete lack of knowledge and pure ignorance regarding History.

“I do not want to replace another dictator with someone who will be more receptive to the NWO/AC.”
Well it’s a good thing that its not up to you as to who the world leaders are. It is GOD’s Plan as to whom they are, not yours, and His Prophecy for these Last Days will be fulfilled, the way His Word says it will. Again, why are you so concerned about the NWO and the AC? We WONT BE HERE! but its been OBVIOUS for quite awhile that you believe you will be here…

Scott said...

Either way, though, we (The U.S.) are arming radical Islam in this civil war and I could see a scenario where once in power, these radical Islamic elements who would make up the new Syrian "government" would be more likely to hit Israel than Assad would have. This could be the prophetic significance of this "uprising", onlt time will tell. Kind of like the Muslim Brotherhood that we supported - now Egypt (IMO) is much more likely to hit Israel than before.

This is one of the reasons I believe we could be in the crosshairs of Genesis 12:3.

Unknown said...

Mrs C
I am no liberal. I am...
Pro Gun
Anti Abortion
Anti gay marriage
Low tax
Anti Fed
Anti Obamacare
Pro Family
Southern Baptist Deacon and Sunday School teacher.

I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross from your sins and mine. I believe He rose on the third day and will return for His Church when His Father says it is time. I believe that anyone who rejects Jesus will spend eternity in Hell. I am no liberal.

I also believe that killing fellow humans is a sin if not in self defense. I believe God called that murder. A fetus in the womb poses no threat to anyone and should not be killed. A Syrian teenager going to school in Damascus should not be killed by Al Qaeda terrorists funded by your or my tax money. I call that murder too.

When Christians wait excitedly for the destruction of Damascus to usher in the final judgement on mankind, we sound no better than the Twelvers calling for the destruction of Jerusalem to bring in the Mahdi.

It is selfish for believers to keep hoping for His return, when so many are still lost. You are saved. I am saved. What about your neighbor and mine.

God sealed up the door on the Ark when it was time. He will call us home when He is ready. I agree that all of the signs are pointing that His return is soon. It will be a great and wonderous day for us, but the beginning of damnation for the lost.

I mean no one any disrespect on this blog. Scott provides great information and a forum for us to inform and encourage each other.

So, am I anti-war? Yes I am. We are told to love our enemies. If by some chance we nuke North Korea or carpet bomb Syria or Iran in the next few weeks, I will not celebrate. I will mourn for those whose lives have been cut short before they could have heard the Gospel. I think that would be the Proper Christian response.

Mrs.C said...

dr no…uh I mean dr who…interesting your choice of names…secular BBC program…Interesting list you created there to open your attempted deflective response. Always the same pattern, make ridiculous comments (ie President Lincoln ), then ignore, deflect when confronted on it. The internet is an interesting thing, don’t you think. Anyone can present themselves as anyone they choose…even “Christians”, but its all good as God knows everything. “pro gun” topping yours list, lol. Right, that’s why we went endless (just as this is not surprisingly turning in to) amounts of wasted time with your posts in the past, as you were against owning a fire arm even for self protection. My, how things apparently have changed.

You supposedly teach Sunday School? Again, anyone can say anything on the internet, but lets say you are telling the truth. If so, perhaps a little bit more studying is in order, so as you are not “teaching” incorrectly and causing harm to other innocent Brothers and Sisters. You stated “I believe God called that murder” in regards to taking a life that does not involve self defense. Um, God did not call it “murder” as you once again so naively, blindly and falsely stated. The Hebrew word that is used is “ratsakh” and applies only to illegal killing (premeditated murder or manslaughter) and is NEVER used in the administration of justice or for killing in war. The KJV translation of “thou shalt not kill” is too broad. “Murder” can be figurative as well as literal. For example, Jewish teaching states that shaming another in public is like “murder”, as the shame causes the blood to leave the face. Even more, gossip or slander are considered “murderous” to a persons dignity. Have you ever done that “dr who”, have any of us? Then we are guilty of “murder”. Jesus Himself also connected the ideas of our words and attitudes with “murder”, “out of the heart”…
Matthew 5:21-22
21 Ye have heard that it was said to them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:
22 but I say unto you, that every one who is angry with his brother shall be in danger of the judgment; and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council; and whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of the hell of fire.
Matthew 15:19
19 For out of the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, railings:

A “Syrian teenager going to school”, could very well be killing at night. Just as Hamas indoctrinates evil into 2 year olds. It nothing new, the North Vietnamese used children to kill our men and women serving over there. How bout God bringing the flood, and killing all those not on the Ark? Do you not know that there were women and children killed in that event? According to your LIBERAL blind beliefs, we should have just stood around and ignored the Nazi death camps. War is ugly, and NO one wants it. But I will not stand by and let you, as you have done many times, desecrate the lives and memories of those who gave their all for this great nation. For you to say in your typical flippant comments, that President Lincoln was responsible for all the deaths in the Civil war for example, only displays your complete ignorance of history (once again) , which is typical of the Liberals in this nation and abroad for that matter. Other nations are our friends, allies, and Jesus himself said John 15:13
13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. This nation is Blessed greatly, and to whom, “much is given, much is expected”. . If Hitler had not been defeated, how many more millions of innocents would have been killed? If the Civil War had not been fought, how much longer would the African-American slaves have suffered?

Mrs.C said...


I do agree with you regarding “Christians” running around all excited about the coming Damascus destruction. There is far too much of these flippant comments. But you yourself were commenting about “persecution”, and that is indeed what is going to happen regarding this event. When attempting to show, bring others to the Lord, we all will use this event as a Witness to the Truth of His Word. (should the Lord tarry) . Regardless of how it is presented, with excitement or not, we Christians will be viewed by the world as being joyful about the deaths of millions! But it will not only be “Damascus”, it will also be devastating for Israel. Much death and destruction for Syria and Israel is surely coming without question, and persecution will come.

It is “selfish” to HOPE for the Coming of our Lord? Are you kidding?! You make that kind of statement, and then turn around and say we are to “encourage each other”? Without question we are to Witness for Him to others that are lost, that is a given, but DO NOT try and steel that Blessed Hope from other Brothers and Sisters by claiming it is “selfish”. God even will give those who are looking for His Coming a special Crown!

NO ONE is “celebrating” the death and destruction of war, so you are not speaking for others, nor should you be making false implications against your Brothers and Sisters. Tell us, as your complete misunderstanding of the Commandment “thou shall not kill’ is so evident, you must then believe that our brave Service Men and Women, or even the Police for that matter, are “murders”? Hey, its ok for them to kill to protect your family, but you don’t want to get your hands dirty. Or with our great Men and Women in Service, its ok for them to kill to protect our great nation so that YOU and others have a good life here, but you don’t get your hands dirty. They are the ones, that take both the physical and emotional irascible scares for us, and yes for you! Your comments are true example of your misinterpretation of Scripture, period.

“Loving your enemy” and “Turning the other cheek” is a Command for individuals. It is not for governments, and those that find themselves or loved ones in dire situations with the threat of violence against them. Jesus Himself told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword (Luke 22:36). Jesus later told Peter “put your sword away” so Christ’s sacrifice would go forward and the scriptures would be fulfilled (Mt. 26:54). But the very fact that Jesus told Peter and the other disciples to buy a sword shows that its use for personal protection is appropriate. “Love your enemies” does not mean allow your wife and family to be killed, and it DOES NOT prohibit all wars as the victims of these evil governments are “innocents” too. Should we not stop them? What about Police, they use violence, should we rid society of Police? Police protect from within our country, and the military protects us from enemies outside our country. Its ok to support Missionaries to go out into the world, but you choose to ignore the sufferings of other non Believers because you might have to physically defend them. Thought you were SO concerned about Witnessing, leading the lost to the Lord? According to you, that leaves out any physical defense of them. But then again, you obviously believe that this world only revolves around your neighborhood…isolationism always turns a blind eye to the evils of this world. You apparently are also so concerned about “sin”, but yet its ok to let others suffer? Who is our neighbor? Everyone in this world is our neighbor, and to ignore the suffering of innocents in this world, and not coming to there defense IS sinful…

Unknown said...

Mrs. C (ABC Happy Days)... If that is really your name. Interesting choice as Ron Howard's pretend mom. People can claim anything on the internet.

I never said I was anti gun. Yes, I do claim to be a Christian. Narrowing the Biblical definition of murder to exclude illegal wars in my opinion is like narrowing the definition of homosexuality to only promiscuous activity. As for the Ark, God sealed the door not Noah. Are job is to show the way of salvation, not kill those who disagree.

I am not avoiding the Lincoln argument. He sent troops to Southern states to prevent them from seeking the same independence the Northern states declared from England. Lincoln wanted the tax money from the South, the war did not start over slavery. Ft. Sumpter was set up to make sure taxes were being collected at the nearby port.

Your argument that murder is not murder if it is done collectivly through government is intereseting. The Japanese government bombed Pearl Harbor, so that must have been okay.

Yes, I am a Christian.

Caver said...

Dr Who, just for the record....Mrs C stands for Mrs Caver.

I do concur that many of our wars are immoral at some level. Not that the stated purpose is unjust, but that some politicians have immoral/selfish private underlying motivations they present to the public as justified in terms of morality.

Our difference is that some here seem to find an angle to call any self defense or protection of innocents murder, wrong, or immoral.

Its never 100% clean cut, there are always degrees of right / wrong. That is why we have the color gray and why we have special agencies to determine the truth and elected politicians to make the decisions and direct the nations actions and commitments.

Until relatively recently in history, this system seemed to work quite well.

Unknown said...

Things are different now. When Reagan and Thatcher were calling the shots, it was a lot easier to trust the government. Now that our government is corrupting marriage, promoting Islam and killing babies, they have lost their moral authority to tell me what nation needs to be bombed.

Mrs.C said...

There is no “narrowing of the Biblical definition of murder”, it is a FACT, it is HIS WORD. That is ridiculous, and Im sorry again for your misinterpretation of Scripture and you don’t understand it. God said it, Jesus said it, I didn’t, cant change that and unlike you, I wouldn’t dare want to change it! Perhaps you would like to Witness to the President of Iran, or any other evil tirent. Wouldn’t be a pretty picture when he gets done with you. But then again, you don’t believe that evil exists, nor should we defend innocents anywhere in this fallen world. Our “job” as you call it, is MORE than your narrowed definition.
Again, you in your typical fashion, state ten percent of truth, and the rest is your misguided, uninformed opinion, NOT fact. Presenting the Civil war as some kind of justification for the evil in the South, is no different than your naïve defense of evil in this world. Again, your lack of Historical knowledge is so evident, and nothing new coming from you. Classic left wing talking points. The U.S. is soooo evil and on and on it goes. Next you’ll say we deserved to be attacked on 911, or bring up the horrors of what was done to the Native Indians in this nation. Tell you what, you should perhaps sell everything you own to pay them back for taking their land etc.
Its not MY “argument” of the word “murder”, it is WHAT GOD SAYS, WHAT JESUS SAYS! It’s a good thing His Word is True, and we aren’t regulated by your conjectures. You have read the Bible with the “wars” that GOD lead His People through, right? Are Israelis “murders” too? You never answered whether under your delusional interpretation, our Service Men and Women are “murders” too? Thanks for giving the Japanese example, that’s exactly the point! Did I say that all armies for all nations are good? NO I did not, but in your typical twisting, that is what you are saying. Evil armies, are EXACTLY what we help others to defend against. But according to you, Hitler was just misunderstood, and we should have just ignored the slaughter and evil he was committing. Ignoring the plight of your “neighbor”, is a SIN. Tell me something, if you were “spreading the Word” on a Missionary in another country, and say the people of the Village or place you were in, were being tortured, and every other horrible thing, by evil military men, would you do something, or just tell the innocents you were there to only “spread the Word” and walk away from dying hurting people. Doing nothing is my guess. Ill end this with quoting what someone was forced to say to you OVER A YEAR AGO…my how your patterns never change…done with you steeling my time…

"Come off it Dr Who,
Stop the dodge and weave
You come out with a ton of leftist talking points, accusations, and innuendo and then get challenged on them and you do nothing but change the subject and come back with off target questions.

You made the how about standing up and defending them rather than the leftie two step "

Caver said...

Dr Who, now that is a statement and a clarification that I basically agree with.

Your examples, however, say something else entirely. They are referencing as far back as WWI and even the Civil War.

I just as adamantly disagree with these positions and your underlying baseline. It isn't right, it isn't biblical, and it greatly dishonors those that died giving you to the right to them.

Waterer said...

I find this kind of accusatory dialogue unbelievably inappropriate. You disagree. Fine.
You disagree for such and such reasons. Okay but there is blood leaving ALOT of our faces with this kind of attack and blame .
We will not all agree all the time but we are family.This is a dishonor to Scott and the whole blog family.

Caver said...

Miss Waterer,

I believe there is something to be said for defending those men and women that sacrificed and died for our right to be here too. I will not stand still and allow them be labeled a murderer without stepping in.

If that statement were let stand without challenging, it would imply that I agreed. I don't. And, in fact, I would be allowing myself to be painted with the same label.

I'm not!

If Scott wishes to rebuke my statements, I will humbly remove them. Until then, I will consider my understanding of his position on the subject to remain as it was.

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR,
Once again, you are not privy to ALOT of information. There is no "attack and blame", but only (as incessantly has been for years now) false intentionally inflammatory statements made, that cannot be ignored. I will NOT let the Men and Women that Serve and have died for this nation, be referred to incorrectly as "murders". This isnt a matter of bickering, or simple disagreement, but intentionally sewn divisiveness that as said before, has been going on by certain individuals for a long time. This is about false teaching of Gods Word. In that case, you dont sit around silently.
It is these individuals that are, and have been infiltrating Brother Scotts blog for quite some time, with the intention of only themselves, to undermine Brother Scott, and NOT to fellowship. Yes, we are family, some of us are without question. We, including yourself, have unfortunately said things in anger on this blog, that we should have withheld, and resisted the temptation. With this form of communication, deception is ramped, and there is plenty of that going on here sometimes. We will leave it at that...

Unknown said...

To all,

Feel free to question my view of history, stand on war and even my choice of a screen name. Do not however question my faith. My salvation does not hinge on my acceptance of war, and neither does yours.

We are saved by the Grace of God and none of us deserve Heaven, especially me.

My concern as it has been for years that we as a nation have lost our way morally and we are giving arms and money to Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. These weapons will be used on Israel and Christians and I have a problem with that.

Mrs.C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs.C said...

History is FACTS, and you ALWAYS manipulate and skew those facts.
As Caver said, you ALWAYS make inaccurate, false statements referencing Historical wars not current...nuff time stolen-wasted on your intentionally divisive untrue statements...

Unknown said...

One specific example please?

Waterer said...

Brother Caver,

I did not read the comments the way you did. I did not see that he called servicemen defending their country for the innocent , murderers. In fact the examples given were of abortion and a teenager being killed by terrorists in the name of liberty. This kind of war that is civil ( not!) nor is it a protection war against communism as in Nam but a war that is difficult to define the good guu in. I can see that you are offended if you think he means all soldiering is murder. I just did not see that in what he wrote. But the offense I am referring to is the sarcasm , calling him different names, ( who? No?) There is alot of rancor towards his character,his stand as a Christian and his stand as a Sunday School teacher. He has been shamed for saying things contrary to what you think a Christiam should believe. That is really scary in analienating way to people who come here and want to make comments and are afraid they may say soemthing that would get them called out like this. It is just overboard.
I respect the military highly. Our first son served in the Marines in Kosovo. We are blessed that came home to us in one piece though with heartaches to work through.
Our times have changed SO quickly that it really is hard to understand what should be done in the ME. Our government is ineffective in so many areas that
the whole discussion about fighter jets being given to Egypt who is now more dangerous than they ever were,the redline talk that is obviously a fake line, our leadership is waverinbg and unpredictable. Like mrs. C. I think we are seeing fulfilled prophecy in the demise of our country ( ie not being in the endtimes scenario as a superpower). But I very nearly weighed in earlier today but the more the conversation went on the less "safe" it seemed.
I talk with people about this blog as I am sure others do. But lately soem sisters told me they would never comment because it is too scary. It is understandable when the disagreements become personal and judgmental.
Not a single clarifying question was asked. Only questions with sarcastic answers from the same people asking the questions.
If Mrs. C. said "I am offended by your comments because my husband is a vet and this may come across strong because I am mad at where you are coming from in this, " DR WHo could have responded very differently if he knew that was at the base of this. But calling people liberals like it is a nasty word is baffling. We can alienate each other without undrstanding what the other person really means.
My Dad used to say that if you back a dog in the corner he'll fight you"
Every comeback in this felt more and more like a corner.
I may not be saying this well. I'm sorry if I am not.For example, Saying,I can't go with you on the civil war and Lincoln would suffice but I do see your concern for the lost and this is something we share a concern in...A dialogue. I am not saying we have to agree with each other all the time. But this man is a brother who belongs to Jesus and instead he has been publically accused of being an imposter, and a liar. These accusations come from intuition not fact. It borders on false witness.
It is over the top in my opinion.

Waterer said...

Mrs. C,
I'm sorry I did not see your response. We were writing at the same time.
What you are saying makes sensse but it also looks and reads very differently form what you may intend.
Scott has not said to not listen to certsin people. Occasionally he calls someone out and asks questions that they usually won't answer and he shows them up for who they are. But Dr. Who has not been in that catagory thqt I remember.
I still pray for Dr no fog..
This is a messy medium because writing is so different than speaking and hearing inflection and more importantly clarifying statements in real time so misunderstanding is averted.
Some argumants are worth having but when they are coupled with phrases like you are a waste of time.. it is hard to read.
Yes. i am guilty too. And everyone here has not erred. I am simply saying this has really digressed to a bad conversation.

Unknown said...

Thank you

Caver and Mrs C

The murderers are the ones who lie to our soldiers to trick them into killing the enemy of the week.

These leaders sent soldiers to kill Islamists in Iraq and then turned right around and ordered our soldiers to help the same Islamists in Libya.

Our soldiers have been maimed and killed in the ME for 10 years now. Our leaders now allow Saudis to travel to the US by plane with fewer restrictions than Israelis.

We are giving F-16s and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood and someday our soldiers will be sent to fight alongside them against Israel and drag Chrisyians to FEMA camps.

You and I are the enemy in the eyes of our leaders and war will be declared on us.

David said...

Well Dr. Who, Mrs. C. I don't know the difference between murder and killing...I really don't......all I know for sure, for dang sure, is I have ended a lot a peoples lives. For country, for prosperity, for peace, for commanders, and just to keep from the enemy ending mine. So how ever its classified, I've done it. So what does that make me? Can someone answer that? What am I? These murders in question you speak of....include me. Yeah, I'm sure some innocent people were probably caught in the " mission" as well. I really would like an explanation or interpretation from people of the blood that's on my hands. Yeah, late at night, when the demons come, I too often wonder what I am. I can only hope that one day it will be well with my soul. So you see brothers and sisters even in these discussions, there are those of us who fit that label, or fall in that category. I long for that trumpet blast that will call me home. To the place of eternal peace. No more suffering. Even so, as I look around, I see people worse off than I'll ever be...I am so blessed, yet so undeserving. Build each other up, you never know, it just may be the only kind word that person has heard in a long time.

Dr. who, is your screen name after the Dr. who, that came on TV 20 some years ago, about the Dr. And the time machine?

Unknown said...

Thank you for your service and all that you have done. Where Mrs. C and I seem to disagree is whether what you have seen and done should be increased or decreased.

Killing to further a political agenda, protect oil or poppy fields or for thrills is wrong. But you were sent under the directive that if you don't kill them, they will come here and kill us. That is clearly self defense for you, our leaders not so much.

We have all sinned. Some sins spilt blood and others caused tears. None of us perfect and we have all fallen short. God's Grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ allows all of our sins to be erased.

If God no longer holds these sins against us, why should we? He is much smarter. Are you a murderer? No, you were doing what you had to do to survive in a violent place. The blood is on the hands of the leaders who create these situations.

And yes, the Doctor Who is from the old TV series. BBC has brought it back, the special effects are better but not so much for the plots. A Tardis would come in handy for us all to go back in time and change things, but that is only on TV. We do have a Savior that can reach back in time and wipe away those mistakes.

To all, we need to keep our eye on the ball. Satan is our enemy and he is very talented. When we see ourselves agreeing with and supporting Islamists, abortionists, gays and his other representatives we need to stop and think and pray.

David you are as forgiven as Mrs C and myself. We have all sinned in our own special ways. As a Christian, Jesus is more powerful than the demons that come out at night. Sleep well, we are all forgiven.

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR,
Forgive me, but you missed that this person believes that ANY kind of killing is a sin and that NO war is justified?

Dr who said “I also believe that killing fellow humans is a sin if not in self defense. I BELIEVE GOD CALLED THAT MURDER.”.
Or how about over a year ago

dr who said “Killing, stealing and lying are sins whether they are done individually or sanctioned by 300,000,000 people”.

Do you see how long this SAME false statement (misinterpretation of Scripture) has been going on? A long time, and ALWAYS the same. Now what does that say to our Service Men and Women?!!! What is written may make sense, and may as you say read differently, but that is what they count on! A response, bait, to get the attention by provoking, that is how sick these individuals are. Notice the SAME responses, never answer the questions directly, always answer with another question or change subjects, its all a game. These people live to cause division, how “Christian” is that? As Ive said many times, face to face, they would not behave this way nor try to pull this fake stuff off, especially in Church. That’s how dark this is. They float around the Internet, creating numerous blogs, personalities, even going as far a steeling others Facebook information for their creations of “characters”. This medium is very dangerous as I have said before. FACT, there are people posting on here that make fake request for Prayer!!! And use it as a distraction, take the heat away, from the other fake person causing an issue. And sometimes its the same person playing both persons! How disgusting and dark is that!
Sister, they are a “waste of time” because we KNOW there is nothing sincere about them, and DECEIVING others. Its all about them, not God. How can a person sit by, and watch them intentionally draw other innocent Brothers and Sisters into their nonsense. We know for a fact, and that includes Brother Scott knowing. Dr no, is not who you think he is, nor are MANY others. On the Internet, you have no idea with whom you are really talking to. I will say for a FACT kr, that you and others would be shocked as to who is real, and who isn’t, who are actually the same person presenting themselves as different people. We know, Brother Scott knows, but more importantly God Knows. Ever wonder why Brother Scott had to turn the Mod on, or why they have to use Google account now? How many have just disappeared should be the clue...

Unknown said...

Mrs. C,

I thought I only had to worry about the NSA storing my posts.

I am still waiting for a specific example of a lie you have accused me of posting.

Just because we disagree on US Foreign policy, it does not put my soul in danger.

I did not say that no wars are ever justified. I was fine with the one in 1776. The reasons behind wars since then have been questionable.

I do not understand your anger toward me. We disagree. Does that make me evil?

David has seen the horrors of war up close and personal. I pray that he will have the Peace of Jesus comfort him.

If I have offended you with the tone of my comments, I apologize for the delivery but not the substance.

By the way, my real name is Mike. I am married, 3 kids, 6 dogs and I am a commercial insurance broker. I would love to see Jesus come for us all today and His promise gives me hope. I am a real person and my words are from my heart.

Caver said...

Sis Waterer, thank you for your explanation. Mrs C does have a very valid point which you had no way of seeing....there is a long history here. Many painful comments had been made in the past which tied into these comments and put them in better context for those that knew the history.

David, again Brother....thank you for your service.

Dr Who, actions have consequences. Past actions help frame and place into context current actions for observers and readers of your words. God given memory combined with current search features make a simple task of locating and identifying past comments.

We've all said our peace. Let us walk away from it with the knowledge we agree to disagree on certain issues.

God Bless!