Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In The News: All Signs Progressing Rapidly

Just a glimpse at today's news reveals how rapidly things are moving now. More than any single day in quite a while, the articles below reveal what is really going on behind the scenes as the prophetic clock races ahead:

The high-focus propaganda attacking North Korea on our side and the puffer fish methodology on their side have created a social and political atmosphere surrounding our relations with the Asian nation that I believe places both sides of the Pacific in great danger. North Korea has the potential to become a trigger point for multiple economic catastrophes, and there are people in this world who would be happy to use such crises to serve their own interests.

The establishment brushes aside such facts and consistently admonishes these countries as the last holdouts standing in the way of a new world order, a worldwide socioeconomic cooperative and pseudo-Utopia. The path to this wonderful global village is always presented as a battle against stubborn isolationists, non-progressives who lack vision and cling desperately to the archaic past. The values of personal and national sovereignty are painted as outdated, decrepit and even threatening to the newly born world structure. The image of North Korea is used by globalists as a kind of straw man argument against sovereignty. North Koreans’ vices and imbalances as a culture are many; but this is due in far larger part to their communist insanity, rather than any values of national independence. It is their domestic hive-mind collectivism we should disdain, not their wish to maintain a comfortable distance as a society from the global game.

As I have discussed in numerous articles, China, the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt, has positioned itself to decouple from the American consumer and the dollar. This is no longer a theoretical process as it was in 2008, but a very real and nearly completed one. Mainstream analysts often claim China would never break from the dollar because it would damage their export markets and their investment holdings. The problem is, China is already dumping the dollar using bilateral trade agreements with numerous developing nations, Australia being the latest to abandon the greenback.
China isn’t just talking about it; China is doing it.
The development of a decoupled China is part of a larger push by international banks to remove the dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with a new global currency. This currency already exists. The International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is a mechanism backed by a basket of currencies as well as gold. The introduction of the SDR on a wide scale is dependent on only two things:
First, China has been designated the replacement consumer engine in the wake of a U.S. collapse. They have already surpassed the United States as the No. 1 trading power in the world. However, they must spread their own currency, the Yuan, throughout global markets in order to aid the IMF in removing the dollar. China has recently announced a program to sell more than $6 trillion in Yuan denominated bonds to foreign investors, easily fulfilling this need.
Second, China and the IMF need a scapegoat event, a rationale for dumping the dollar that the masses would accept as logical. A U.S. invasion of North Korea could easily offer that rationale.

The drums of war are beating, but nearly everyone is being fooled by the direction of their echo. While the situation involving North Korea is indeed serious, information provided by my military and intelligence sources are telling me to advise others to look elsewhere to accurately pinpoint the location of the drums themselves.

In this case, one’s understanding can be aided by putting the situation with North Korea in the context of a global magic show where North Korea serves as the magician’s distraction, perhaps the pretty assistant engaged in a series moves to divert our attention away from the sleight of hand of the magician that makes the trick successful.

We are watching as the final series of acts are playing our before us. Some of us are seeing through the magician’s fog, while others are merely content to watch the show unfold according to the program written by the global power brokers and distributed by the Obama regime and the dutiful corporate media.

To understand what we are seeing on the world stage, it is important to identify the actors and the different acts of the show. Do not, however, depend on the Western media to provide you with any meaningful insight, as they are facilitators in this grand illusion that is being sponsored, in part by the international bankers and globalists, who are the primary architects of all wars. Do not rely on the talking heads, political pundits or even some conservative commentators, as many have been seduced and collectively mesmerized by the special effects that are part of the show, or have agreed to become shills themselves for attendance to the “after-party.”

As events relating to Syria and neighboring Iran begin to accelerate, so too does the rhetoric emanating from North Korea. Has everyone become so enamored by the onstage machinations of the magician’s assistant or fooled by the shills in the audience that the connection between these geopolitical events have become so very effectively obscured? Perhaps, but it is more likely that it is to avoid revealing the secrets of the magic act until it is too late.

The much visible agitation by North Korea is successfully diverting the Obama-Saudi agenda away from the creation of this Pan-Islamic empire by purposely diverting our military resources into this additional theater of operation, while simultaneously straining our economic and even our diplomatic resources. It serves to divert our attention from the real on-stage action; Syria and ultimately, Iran, while simultaneously and asymmetrically attacking on the soft underbelly of America, which is our economy.

The “secret” to this onstage magic trick consisting of many different acts can be easily be exposed if one simply looks at the events offstage within the last month alone. And these events are indeed ramping up. As reported by The New York Times,  Chinese President Xi Jinping held historically important talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month “to promote deeper cooperation with Russia.” According to China, they are “making their relations with Russia a priority.”

It should be perfectly clear to anyone not listening to the corporate media that this new China-Russia relationship is also in response to the economic wars being waged by the purveyors of the U.S. fiat currency, the U.S. dollar. 

An intrinsically vital component to this magic show was also underreported by Western media, which is the very significant increase of the gold reserves held by both China and Russia. As reported by our own financial insider and further detailed in a recent article by Jim Willie, the Russia-China alliance is part of a larger economic initiative that will result in removing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And for good reason, it should be added, as the purveyors of the insanity of Keynesian economics is not only a deliberate ploy to destroy our own economy, but the economies of other nations.

Their intent is to usher in a global currency and with it, a global governance. After all, the old adage of “he who owns the gold, rules” applies here. And look who actually owns the gold. Has anyone been able to audit our own gold reserves, those reportedly held in Fort Knox and under the watchful eyes of the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve?

As you watch the various acts of this global magic show progress, do not become mesmerized by the diversions of the magicians’ assistants and shills. Look at the larger picture and what is taking place behind the magician’s fog. You will see that the fog obscures the real hands of the hidden actors of this asymmetrical war: Russia and China, as they attempt to stop the Saudi-backed Obama regime who are hell-bent on creating a Muslim brotherhood led Pan-Islamic state across the Middle East

Are America’s treasured National Parks being co-opted by the New World Order under the guise of designating them World Heritage Sites, thus allowing foreign troops and United Nations agencies to take over our country in a soft coup d’etat? A blogger has photographed heavily equipped armored vehicles carrying the “Special Response Team” logo in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Heritage site in Gatlinburg, TN. (1) ”It is a deadly serious piece of equipment never before used inside the US until now,” says the blogger “Sherrie” who then adds, “The vehicles don’t come more heavily armored.”

Sherrie has put up several pictures of these in-country tanks which she said she saw on and near Interstate 75 when she was traveling back roads near Winchester, Richmond, KY, and lists Rt. # 627 as an area of interest. “This spot is (around) the US Army Chemical Depot” which covers 14,000 acres in Kentucky backwoods,” the blogger says on the video which the Liberty web site is putting up for general viewing. She mentions chemical weapons involving 523 tons of nerve agents and shows aerial photography of train tracks going up to several buildings in this compound! “I’m not sure what they are,” she says, positing the notion of a possible FEMA camp in the Kentucky woods.
Now in addition to sighting of MRAP vehicles, “Sherrie” tells readers that “Russians were stopping and questioning people in the Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountain Parks region.” She quotes a high ranking individual in a local area state militia organization who she says she trusts as being truthful. The scenario developed when these apparently foreign troops wearing DHS uniforms with the Eagle insignia tried to enter Tennessee from Kentucky. “They were NOT Americans. . .appeared to be Russian or Eastern European!”

Has the Division of Homeland Security partnered with the United Nations One World military apparatus with a sleight of hand operation known as World Heritage Site designation? The observant blogger lists these US treasures also as being so designated: Statue of Liberty, Everglades, Mammoth Cave, Yellowstone, Yosemite, all former National Parks. Folks, this designation and UN involvement coincides with the ten region DHS map of the United States! Has this under-the-radar give away of America already taken place, thus allowing the constitutionally prohibited onus of foreign troops being stationed on American soil? What is your Congress doing about this?

Two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel landed in open areas near Sderot on Wednesday morning, raising fears that violence could escalate in the area after months of relative quiet.

The rockets struck just as parents were dropping off children at schools and kindergartens. The attacks triggered sirens and sent families fleeing for cover. 

The rocket attacks came after the IAF launched airstrikes on Gaza on Tuesday just prior to midnight, the first such operation since a truce ended an eight-day cross-border war in November.
"Occupation planes bombarded an open area in northern Gaza, there were no wounded," a statement from the Hamas Interior Ministry said. The IDF confirmed that it had launched airstrikes on two terror targets in northern Gaza and recorded direct hits.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon tweeted earlier Wednesday morning that Israel considers Hamas responsible for any rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, and that “we will under no circumstances allow a situation of sporadic fire at our citizens and troops.”

Ya’alon, a former IDF chief of staff who took the reins of the Defense Ministry last month, added that Israel also refuses to tolerate cross-border fire on the northern frontier with Syria, and that it would respond in kind to any such incidents in the Golan Heights.
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz also said Wednesday that Israel “would not allow the reality which existed before Operation Pillar of Defense to return.”

Israeli planes carried out bombing sorties over the Gaza Strip late Tuesday night, responding to rocket attacks out of the Palestinian enclave earlier in the day.
The bombings were the first Israeli attack on Gaza since an informal ceasefire between Jerusalem and Hamas went into effect last November, following Operation Pillar of Defense, an eight-day campaign to stem Gazan rocket fire which also saw hundreds of missiles launched into Israeli territory.
Hamas charged in a tweet from its official account that Israel broke the ceasefire by carrying out Tuesday night’s airstrikes, which followed rocket fire from Gaza earlier Tuesday.

A Syrian jet flew 20 km (12 miles) into Lebanon and fired a missile into a field on the outskirts of the border town of Arsal on Wednesday but caused no casualties, witnesses said.
Lebanon has maintained a policy of "dissociation" from Syria's two-year-old conflict. But many Lebanese officials feel their country is increasingly at risk of being dragged into the civil war, which the United Nations says has killed 70,000 people.

When a Syrian plane bombed Lebanese territory in mid-March, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman called it an "unacceptable violation" of Lebanese sovereignty.

It was not immediately clear what the Syrian jet on Wednesday was targeting. Local residents said a Syrian army helicopter was also hovering near Arsal, in Lebanese airspace, at the time.
Before dawn on Wednesday, Lebanese gunmen who back the uprising against Assad in Syria fired on a convoy of trucks heading to Syria in the port city of Tripoli, wounding the driver, a security source said.
It was the latest in a string of attacks by anti-Assad Lebanese groups on supplies entering Syria from Lebanon, which had its own civil war from 1975 to 1990.

In fierce battles with Syrian troops, Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra front is spearheading the rebels’ advance on the two Syrian army’s biggest chemical weapons depots – at the Al-Safira military and air defense base near Aleppo in the north and the Dumeir facilities 40 km northeast of Damascus.
By Tuesday, April 2, the assault force had come within 1.5 kilometers of the Al-Safira complex.
This prompted an urgent visit by Israel’s top security officials to the Golan border for a close assessment of the situation.
The group surveying the situation from the IDF position at Tel Hazaka was led by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and OC Northern Command Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.

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Unknown said...

WOW.....I can't say anything other than that. I long for the rapture! This world grow colder by the minute it seems. There in one scripture that is constantly brought to my mind "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man".Matthew 24:37(NIV)
Maranatha......Lord come quickly!!!!!

WVBORN56 said...

I'll echo that Wow, Hubae! The article on the North Korea big picture was eye opening and disconcerting. Apparently it is all a ploy to drag the USA down by weakening our economy and giving China the needed cover to switch away from the dollar as the global exchange currency. That would cause the economic collapse of America! In turn we would be placed right on the edge of one world economy/government and that occurs in Revelation chapter 6. Everyone here knows the church is long gone by Revelation 6. We are getting closer folks. Jesus can come at any time but the window continues to narrow as the tribulation events are now within view!


Stephen said...

Dollar bears NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL about their attitudes.

Gold, Silver, Gold mining companies
are getting SMASHED in late trading.

Like I said, CASH IS KING......

we are going into a DEFLATION SPIRAL.....just the opposite of
what so MANY are expecting.

No news on Argentina, still waiting
for the 2 hedge funds to make a
decision and notify the court in

dow down......92 points....

was lower....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>.

Stephen said...

Of course, any STALLING by the
two hedge funds would indicate
massive PUT buying programs ahead
of their response to the court.

THAT WOULD not surprise me, since
they have the power to default
Argentina once they respond.

so goes WALL STREET greed.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Yes! I am so anxious for Jesus to come and snatch us out of here. Where I work, they are trying out a new system and it is a total train wreck, everyday it gets worse, nothing is working right. Makes ya wonder, if it ain't broke why change it?! But then it's all about the money. Anyway.... what I am trying to say is I am remaining extra calm about this as I go through my day, because I can't help but think how close we must be to being out of here and I will not have to deal with it for the long run. But then God is in charge and His timing is perfect.Ok, I will step off my box now.

Grammie said...

Scott, additionally you had recently mentioned that the Chinese had been purchasing large blocks of property here in the US. My contention on reading that was they would be manned by Chinese military... and now all of this today!!! I believe that foreign troops are been placed here right under our noses under the auspices of "business" and other ridiculous assertions...

Scott said...

Grammie, yes indeed that story pops up about every 6 months or so and it seems to be true from what I gather. It does make sense to tie these two events together

Caver said...


The stock and prescious metals markets are no longer "markets". They are totally manipulated. This may help explain, its on Kind World News and is an interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant of the US Treasury.

"...“The manipulation of the bullion market is illegal, but as government is doing it the law will not be enforced. It is an act of desperation. If bullion were not a threat, the government would not be attacking it.

The fact that the Federal Reserve is short selling bullion means that there is something desperate going on, and I assume it’s related to the US dollar. If the dollar drops sharply in exchange value the Fed can’t control the interest rate and the bond price and so all of the bubbles would blow up..."

"... they are going to deal directly with China in their own currency. So this drop in demand for dollars when the Fed is creating one trillion new dollars every year means the exchange value of the US dollar is untenable.

The first move out of the dollar is in to gold. But the Fed doesn’t want that because if the price of gold rises too rapidly in terms of dollars it scares everyone. Also, if you had a sharp movement out of dollars you would in fact see a sharp fall in the exchange value. At that point the Fed has lost control and the whole scheme blows up.

So that is what the situation is. They are desperate. They are having to drive down the obvious alternative to the dollar, which is gold, in order to affect the psychology of people throughout the world..."

I think the last couple of days there has been an amazing amount of selling on the part of the Fed. It’s paper shorts, not actual people selling bullion. But they are trying to bust up the momentum in gold so they can hold on to their low interest rates, high bond prices, and continue printing money.

You see if the Fed can’t print money they can’t finance the federal budget deficit. Printing money is also how the Fed buys the bonds to drive up the derivative debt-related instruments on the banks’ books. It makes the banks look solvent.

If the Fed can’t print money they can’t buy the bonds to keep the banks solvent and buy the bonds to keep the Treasury operating. The rising gold price is a threat to that. So the Fed is taking desperate action against gold. I agree with you that this will be temporary. I don’t know how long this will last, how long they can get away with it, but certainly not for very long.”

Scott said...

That is a great explanation of the situation - and exactly what I have been reading as well. It will definitely crash and burn - its just a matter of when. I believe SDRs will be used as an interim 'currency' before we see a single world currency, resulting from the crash that is coming

Unknown said...

Dictators are competion for the NWO. Saddam, Khadafi, Assad, Chavez, Un...

We are clearing the playing field for the AC.

Unknown said...

The US spent over $1T to destroy Iraq.
China holds $1.2T in US debt.
China could wreck the US by dumping the bonds
Sun Tzu said the greatest warrior is the one who can capture a city without the use of force.

Just sayin'