Friday, April 5, 2013

Wedding Preparations

A wedding date approaches. More and more recently, I have been getting a sense of urgency regarding the coming of Jesus. Perhaps it's the Holy Spirit speaking. But that moment seems upon us. And as we approach that moment, it seems obvious that we should be completely focused on the upcoming wedding date, as the Bride of Jesus. 

For background information relating to the details around the entire wedding scenario, the Church Saints as the Bride of Christ and what the scriptures have to say about this topic, we can glimpse at this post from last summer: 

With that background, we realize that we - as believers in the sacrificial death of Jesus as our salvation - we also realize that we are cherished and loved - to the point of being considered as the Bride of Christ Jesus. What a beautiful picture. 

But importantly, we have to also realize that the groom is returning for his bride and one would have to assume that the expectation (from Jesus) is that we would have the same excitement and enthusiasm that any bride would have as the wedding date approaches. 

Consider what a bride experiences as that date approaches. The wedding is an all consuming passion. The wedding date consumes her thoughts. The life that she will share with her groom predominates her thoughts. In fact, it is hard for her to think about anything else. As that date approaches, most of her thoughts are centered on that approaching date. 

Are we doing the same? 

After all, we are approaching a date that will place us in the very presence of Jesus Himself and eternity in a place called Heaven. 

If that can't consume our thoughts then something is wrong. Very wrong. 

Additionally, by focusing on Jesus and the His upcoming return to gather up His bride, as promised, the worries of this world should melt away - because the sheer magnitude of the idea of Jesus appearing to us should completely overshadow anything this earth has to offer - good and bad. 

Having said that - I heard a sermon on the radio today that is one of the best I have ever heard on the topic and it is very timely (and biblically correct). This comes from Stephen Davey, the pastor at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina.  I highly recommend listening to this sermon as it is both uplifting and encouraging.

The worries of this world? Who cares, we have a date with Jesus.
Financial collapse? Bring it. 
War preparations? No problem. 
Loss of freedom? Not for long. 
Totalitarianism? Jesus will end it forever when He comes back with His bride.  

Regardless of what is being planned by the globalist power/control freaks, the politicians, the EU, the U.S., the UN, China, Korea, Russia, radical Islamic terrorists, the persecutors, Christian haters, you name it --- it just doesn't matter. They have no power over Christ Jesus or His plans for His Bride. 

It also doesn't matter, because all of that pales in comparison with what awaits us - Jesus coming for His beloved Bride. That is all that matters. Period. 

So whatever "they" have in store, they cannot prevent Jesus from coming and they cannot ever change our personal relationship with Jesus. Period. 

Eternity awaits us - an eternity with unimaginable glory, beauty, peace, joy, and the presence of Jesus. 

Just as the Tribulation approaches like a speeding train, so does the return of Jesus for His Bride. 


So let us await this glorious moment as we should. Not concerned about what is happening here on earth - but what is happening in our new home - the place that Jesus is personally preparing for us. 

He is coming soon. It's a promise and a guarantee. 

See you all soon - very soon - for the most epic celebration and reunion in history. 

Maranatha! Our Lord Comes!


WVBORN56 said...

Amen to that post Scott! How beautiful and encouraging. See you soon too! God Bless!

ChristineInCleveland said...

How could I add anything more to that, except to say nothing is on my mind more than the imminent return of our blessed Lord Jesus... & I can't imagine facing the future without the peace that no matter what alarming headlines we see, no one can pluck us from the Savior's hand. I talk about this coming event just about daily with my 13 yr.old son, & he's actually grasping the concept as reality & is as jazzed as I am that the signs around us are virtually flashing our Savior draweth nigh. Thank you Scott, for all the great encouragement & work you do, bringing us this blog! ♡hug♡

Unknown said...

Can't wait †

David said...

I don't know if you guys saw The Bible on the discovery channel, but for me it renewed my sense of what Christ must have went through. Its one thing to read about the events, but oh what a visual does. I saw ( in a reenactment) a glimpse of what Jesus short time here must have been like. His crucification, and the fact that he died as a way for me to live. I'm so unworthy of what he did for me on the cross. Everyday....I nails through his hands and feet. I look around and I understand no one is good....not one. And yet Jesus filled the gap that seperated us from Almighty GOD. And by his grace....we are saved....I don't know what perilous times lie ahead that the bride will have to endure. But if it brings us closer to heaven......then bring it on!!!! Stay strong family...stay strong.

Stephen said...

stocks CONTINUE to get bulled.
EVEN off of the lows this AM, stocks
refuse to go down.

BEARS are being cheated in all of
this, very sad.

IT WOULD be nice to see the END come
soon, but these pesky bulls keep
getting in the way, buying stock
on and on and on....

one piece of good news however.

for 4 straight weeks, we have less
THEN 20 percent bears in the II

the clock is ticking for bulls,
and somewhere in their greedy
little heads they need to consider

STEPHEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Unknown said...

Great post Scott!
We can all get caught up with the signs and lose sight of what the signs point toward, Jesus returning for us.
It is like driving the kids to Disneyland, they keep asking if we are there yet? They see signs, then off in the distance the Matterhorn.
Those of us not sleeping in the back seat are excited. We see the signs and try to wake our friends and family.
The signs are getting bigger and closer and soon and very soon we can all have a corn dokg together.

Unknown said...

Thank you Scott! This is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.Lately everytime I hear something about Jesus and what he's done for us,I get teary eyed,just knowing that our time on this earth is almost up just gives me peace and excitement,I cannot wait until He comes back for us,and yes it will be the most epic celebration and reunion ever! nothing on this earth can compare to what Heaven will be like.

Scott said...

A - It struck me the same way. I find myself getting more and more emotional about Jesus and what He did for me and what awaits us. Just imagining hearing that Trumpet Call is beyond my imagination :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I know Scott! just imagining hearing that Trumpet Call and meeting Jesus face to face is beyond anything we can ever imagine,it's going to be so wonderful! It puts whatever we're going through on this earth into perspective because we know that in the end it will all be worth it and Jesus Christ is our Blessed Hope..God Bless