Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Coming Financial Collapse And New World Order

It is beginning to look more and more like the orchestrated financial collapse is imminent - a planned event that will lead to a centralized world financial system, a central currency and centralized world government. It's all part of the plan - a plan which leads directly into the Tribulation. 

The information is available and widely circulating but is being ignored by most. To a prophecy watcher we can see the plans unfolding exactly as prophecy would dictate:

First - we see the reality of the situation in Cyprus and how this will now apply to nations around the world. This reality is stark and Zero Hedge hits it square in the middle:

I have been watching articles pour forth about Cyprus all weekend. I am almost as aggravated with the majority of them as I am with what took place. People are dancing around the edges while the propaganda machines of Europe are churning out the usual bunk.

Let's get some things straight and look what has happened directly in the face. 

There was no tax on the bank accounts in Cyprus. There still is no tax; the Cyprus Parliament has not passed it and will not vote on it until tomorrow so whatever action takes place it is retroactive. Next, this was not enacted by Cyprus. The people from Nicosia did not go to the Summit and ask to have the bank accounts in their country minimized to help pay the bills. 

Far from it; the nations of Europe, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the rest, demanded that this take place, a "fait accompli," the President of Cyprus said and Europe annexes Cyprus. 

The following statement needs full comprehension and understanding:

Let's be quite clear; the European Union has confiscated the private property of the citizens in Cyprus without debate, legislation or Parliamentary agreement.

Pay attention please. The European Union and the European Central Bank and the IMF have just advocated the confiscation of private property for their own indulgence.

A bank account is not a bond or a stock or any sort of investment. This seems to be lost on many people. A bank account is the private property of a citizen or a corporation and does not belong to the government or at least that was the supposition up until now in Europe.
Bank accounts are not bonds or stocks or some other form of investments. It is private property like your house or your car. Germany, France et al came in and said, "We want it and we are taking it and it is necessary for our government."

The Daily Bell elaborates:

In Cyprus, wealthy (mostly Russian) depositors are finding up to 80 percent of their accounts are being frozen. 

Most recently, it's been widely circulated that investigative journalists are pouring over 120,000 names of offshore accountholders with huge unreported holdings. If they are lucky, some of these people may get a chance to repatriate their holdings. If they are unlucky, they will be taxed on these holdings and face civil or even criminal penalties.

Many will not be able to utilize their resources in their own defence, however, as panicked bankers will have frozen them because of sudden questions over "propriety." This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, however.

In Switzerland itself – in Zurich, that urban fortress of private banking – accounts are being frozen because bank officers have "questions." As well as in other less well-known European banking havens. The amounts can be quite large and the relationships may be quite extensive but it doesn't matter. Fear has overtaken any mitigating factors.

Again, I want to be sure people understand. All around the world this is going on. It is as if the Cyprus incident merely provided us with the sound of a starter's pistol and now the race is on.

There is no middle ground. Germany is paying millions to whistleblowers to encourage people to come forward with lists of those who hold money outside of the country.

Here at The Daily Bell we've done our best to expose this fiction, pointing out that such a focus is the rankest kind of envy and psychic manipulation. 

The West's problem is not a "wealthy" individual with five or ten million in a bank in Bermuda but a tiny handful of super-rich who control trillions via central banking around the world and foment the worst kind of hyper-aggressive regulatory democracy to ensure their control remains in place.

Whatever is bad about the current economic situation is about to become a lot worse – unless you believe that government is an efficient holder and circulator of monetary resources. And the track record here is not encouraging, unfortunately.

Last month the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) announced a 15% commission to anyone who provided information on illegal offshore accounts. Canada is moving from a nation of frontiersmen to a nation of "snitches." US officials are doing the same sort of thing.

It is like a Swiss watch, with all the pieces falling exactly into place to create a mechanism of exquisite functionality ... and brutality. The end loser is the economy itself and many of its most productive and entrepreneurial citizens.

These individuals – many of them – didn't wish to steal but simply to avoid the repressiveness of their own bureaucracies (which admittedly they helped to put in place).

Now as a result of this sudden, concerted attack, a great deal of money will flow back to governments around the world involved in these policies. The governments themselves with their bounties and other actions are engaging in a kind of criminality but government makes the rules and assesses the blame.

One needn't talk about world government hypothetically anymore. It's arrived.

Run For The Hills

The EU/IMF raiding bank accounts in Cyprus to bail out the country's financial system sets a dangerous precedent and investors should "run for the hills" said investor Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, on "Squawk on the Street"Thursday. 
Rogers said that with Cyprus, politicians are saying that this is a special case and urging people not to worry, but that is exactly why investors should be concerned.
"What more do you need to know? 

Please, you better hurry, you better run for the hills. I'm doing it anyway," Rogers said. "I want to make sure that I don't get trapped. Think of all the poor souls that just thought they had a simple bank account. Now they find out that they are making a 'contribution' to the stability of Cyprus. The gall of these politicians."

"If you're going to listen to government, you're going to go bankrupt very quickly," he added.

"I, for one, am making sure I don't have too much money in any one specific bank account anywhere in the world, because now there is a precedent," he said. "The IMF has said 'sure, loot the bank accounts' the EU has said 'loot the bank accounts' so you can be sure that other countries when problems come, are going to say, 'well, it's condoned by the EU, it's condoned by the IMF, so let's do it too.'" 

It's pretty scary what's going on in Europe, especially when they're taking money out of people's bank accounts."

On the stock market hitting all-time highs, Rogers said that "it is very artificial. If you give me a trillion dollars, I'll show you a good time too and a lot of people are having a good time. I'm somewhat skeptical because I know it's going to end badly." 

The Assault On Gold

This article is worth reading in full, but below is the bottom-line:

The Federal Reserve is creating $1 trillion new dollars per year, but the world is moving away from the use of the dollar for international payments and, thus, as reserve currency. The result is an increase in supply and a decrease in demand. This means a falling exchange value of the dollar, domestic inflation from rising import prices, and a rising interest rate and collapsing bond, stock and real estate markets.

When the Federal Reserve can no longer print due to dollar decline which printing would make worse, US bank deposits and pensions could be grabbed in order to finance the federal budget deficit for couple of more years. Anything to stave off the final catastrophe.

By its obvious and concerted attack on gold and silver, the US government could not give any clearer warning that trouble is approaching. The values of the dollar and of financial assets denominated in dollars are in doubt.
Those who believe in government and those who believe in deregulation will be proved equally wrong. The United States of America is past its zenith. As I predicted early in the 21st century, in 20 years the US will be a third world country. We are halfway there.


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To David:
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Seek But Don't Hide said...

Now is the time more than ever for the unsaved to get off the fence and change direction before it's too late. We're on the fast track to the rapture (whenever God decides it's time for us to go home). I worry about those that may end up left behind.

David said...

Hang in there Stephen.....I appreciate the financial reports you bring into perspective...keep them coming.