Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daily Headlines

Below are just the headlines for today. The purpose for this is to not obscure last night's update, which may be the most significant news in months. Given that Iran has apparently already crossed the 'red line', we should expect to see Israeli action in the coming weeks, and that is highly significant - not to be ignored. Today, we see movement towards 'the mark', pestilence, earthquakes, signs in the sky and 'rumors of war' - a usual day of birthpains:


ChristineInCleveland said...

Wow... so if Israel strikes Iran at this late a date, would seem likely will be some form of EMP/cyber attack, makes the most sense. The only question is, how will Russia & China react? Will the U.S. defend Israel once she takes the plunge? Will terror attacks go off all over our country once Israel is on the move? Crikey, with all these big earthquakes almost every day, can the day of our Lord be much longer?

Bella G. said...

I just checked CNN, not one story about North Korea. What happened to that?

Wow, what does Isreal do first? Go for Syria because of the chemical weapons or Iran because of the nukes?

I am not sure of the exact verse or words, but it says something about when the fig tree sprouts..

Lets goooooo! I am so ready!