Thursday, April 4, 2013

Evening Update: South Israel On Alert

South Israel On Alert For Multiple Al Qaeda Strike

Incoming intelligence of All Qaeda groups in the Sinai Peninsula winding up preparations for a multiple attack on an Israeli location, such as Eilat, and a US military target in the Negev, has put southern Israel and US forces posted there on high terror alert. 

The Israeli high command decided to treat the five Qassam rockets fired at Shear Hanegev Wednesday, April 3, which were claimed by the Al Qaeda-affiliated Salafist “Jihad Brigades in Jerusalem.” as the opening salvo for this coordinated attack. An Iron Dome battery was accordingly moved Thursday to the Israeli-Egyptian border north of the southern port of Eilat and additional IDF strength directed to the South.

Dozens of armed Salafist and al Qaeda operatives in SUVs on which heavy machine guns were mounted were sighted Tuesday driving along the northern Sinai road linking Rafah on the Gazan border to Sheikh Zuweid. They withdrew hurriedly to the mountainous central region when a beefed up Egyptian military contingent drew up and was able to catch a few.
The group is believed to be preparing to mount a multiple attack simultaneously from Sinai and the Gaza Strip. Eilat may be one target but others are thought to be US forces based in the Negev and also the many American officers and men of the MFO peacekeeping force in northern Sinai.

Thousands of members and leaders of Palestinian factions gathered in Hebron on Thursday for the funeral of Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh, amid calls for a third intifada.

Abu Hamdiyeh served 11 years in jail. His funeral was delayed to allow time for a Palestinian-Jordanian autopsy carried out at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, next to Jerusalem. Israel said that he died of esophageal cancer but Palestinians believe that he suffered from poor treatment in jail.

Palestinian Authority Minister for Prisoners Affairs Issa Qaraqi said on Wednesday that the initial results of the autopsy confirmed that Abu Hamdiyeh died of cancer.

Thousands of people waved the flags of several Palestinian parties, held photos of Abu Hamdiyeh and chanted slogans about avenging his death.
Protesters labeled Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a slaughterer and called on the factions’ armed wings to target Israeli cities.
While waiting for the body to be brought out from the mosque, the crowds cheered on masked members of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah’s armed wing, fired in the air.
Later, at the cemetery, they fired a 21-gun salute.
“We are waiting for the green light from PA President Mahmoud Abbas to respond to all crimes carried out by the Israeli occupation,” said one brigade member.
Members of Fatah’s military wing urged the international community to put pressure on Israel to release all Palestinians in its jails.

“Over the past four days, Gaza terrorists have fired 11 rockets and mortar shells at Israeli civilians and cities,” wrote Prosor in a missive. “Yesterday morning, two of these rockets landed near the Israeli town of Sderot just as children were making their way to school for the first time since the Passover holiday. Instead of shuttling to school, these children and their families had to shuttle immediately to the nearest bomb shelter.”
“The only thing more deafening than the sirens that go off in Israel when a rocket is fired is the international community’s silence,” charged Prosor. “I urge this Council to condemn these attacks,
loudly and clearly, before the situation further escalates. It is time for the Security Council to start ensuring the security of Israel’s citizens.”

The holiest Jewish site in Syria – the 2,000-year-old Jobar Synagogue in Damascus – has been looted and burned, and its roof blown off. The Syrian army and rebel forces have both blamed each other for the demolition of the historic landmark.
It is believed that the Jobar Synagogue, one of the world’s oldest, was built atop a cave where the Prophet Elijah once hid from persecution. One of the earliest historical mentions of the synagogue can be found in the Talmud.


Unknown said...

If Al Qaeda is attacking Assad under US orders, would an attack on Israel be the same?

Scott said...

hmmm...interesting - I hadn't considered that angle.