Friday, April 5, 2013

Coming To America?

This first article hit me over the head like a 2x4. Unfortunately it seems like a plausible scenario; in fact, it is hard to imagine any other scenario unfolding - and hopefully, if this plays out as suggested, it will be a post-rapture situation. This one is worth reading slowly and digesting. It would be wonderful if somehow this portrayal of the future doesn't come to pass, but finding an alternative scenario is becoming more and more difficult. As usual, what is presented in this article has been echoed from other authors on other sites and many believe we are on a fast train to this destruction. Only time will tell.

It is also worth remembering that there is an enormous push right now towards a global government and a single global financial system with a central currency. Only a strong, free and economically viable America stands in the way, and it would appear that such an America is under attack for that very reason. Additionally, the form of totalitarianism that will be in place during the Tribulation is also inconsistent with a strong, free, economically viable America. This idea, combined with the fact that America is not mentioned at all as being a factor during the Tribulation - gives one pause.

I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with the contents of this article, but as usual, this is what is in circulation and worth posting as it may shed some light on what may be approaching:

Gun control zealots currently think they are winning. Connecticut has just passed a wildly unconstitutional new gun control law, and it was preceded by New York's similarly-outrageous assault on private gun ownership liberties. Colorado, Maryland and California are all either working on gun control bills or have already passed various measures that are blatantly illegal in America.

What gun grabbers do not yet realize is that there are three powerful reasons why their gun control laws will soon be null and void:

Reason #1) Many laws will be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court already has a track record of striking down the several key gun control laws that have been put in place by cities or states.

For example, in District of Columbia v Heller, the Supreme Court struck down a D.C. law that criminalized the possession of guns in the home for the purpose of self defense.

In McDonald v. City of Chicago, the Supreme Court further confirmed that the Second Amendment right to "keep and bear arms" is guaranteed to individuals under the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In other words, any law that denies a citizen the right to keep and bear arms is simultaneously a denial of their Fourteenth Amendment rights... and is therefore unconstitutional and illegal in America.

These two landmark decisions, if correctly interpreted by the Supreme Court when challenges rise from recent gun restrictions in New York, Connecticut and elsewhere, will cause those laws to also be struck down as unconstitutional.

Reason #2) A Supreme Court decision would expose the illegitimacy of the court and reveal the outright criminality of the federal government

If, somehow, the U.S. Supreme Court finds these new state gun restrictions laws to be "constitutional," such a decision would be equivalent to a declaration that the court has openly abandoned its only real duty, which is to halt overreaching laws that violate the individual rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

At this point, there would be widespread realization that the judiciary is an occupying enemy forceacting in violation of their sworn oaths of office. If such a scenario unfolds, I theoretically predict, but do not condone, the likelihood that disgruntled individuals, having been stripped of their freedoms by a clearly illegal and unconstitutional judiciary, would take it upon themselves to assassinate U.S. Supreme Court justices who violated the Constitution as well as key high-level members of the federal government. Again, I'm not condoning this nor advocating it, because I do not believe violence is the appropriate path to a long-term solution in all this. However, I cannot deny the possibility of a decentralized, spontaneous armed response to the "long train of abuses" that liberty-loving Americans continue to suffer under today.

Any decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to nullify the Second Amendment would be seen by millions of Americans as nothing less than an outright declaration of war... and may spark an armed revolt against the tyranny. This may be precisely why DHS has purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammunition, many of which are hollow point rounds intended solely to cause maximum tissue damage against human targets on the streets of America.

Reason #3) A civil war may be underway before any of this makes it to the courts

At some point, the law-abiding citizens of America, when repeatedly oppressed, provoked and denied justice under law, will reluctantly decide that "following the law" is irrelevant. They will take up arms and begin to physically fight for the liberties that are being incrementally stolen from them by tyrants at both the state and federal level.

Globalists appear to be attempting to trigger precisely this reaction. The gambit is to see if a small reactionary group of "terrorists" (i.e. anyone with a gun who fights against oppression) can be cajoled into committing acts of violence that would justify the declaration of Martial Law and a nationwide gun confiscation domestic military action. If such an act of resistance cannot be provoked, it can always be engineered and pulled off by the FBI which is already well-practiced at staging terrorists attacks in the USA, then recruiting hapless stooges to frame as "terrorist masterminds" to be arrested.

This is where the "stuff" really hits the fan, because we'll see all-out war between various factions of gun grabbers vs. gun defenders. Big-city police will attempt to shoot and murder sheriffs. Patriot groups within the U.S. military will mutiny and take over entire units to protect and defend the Constitution. A military coup might target top administration officials in Washington D.C. Regional wars might break out between urban (gun control) and rural (gun rights) communities. And the big kicker? Obama might call in the United Nations to aid in "halting the terrorists," setting off an international war against America and the Constitution. (This may be Obama's ultimate end game.)

During war, you are not bound by laws

During all of this, gun laws are irrelevant. If things degrade to a point where otherwise law-abiding citizens feel no choice but to pick up a rifle and start killing tyrants, then they are way past the point of politely following laws written on paper.

Furthermore, once the state declares you a "terrorist" -- which the federal government has seeminglyalready done with veterans and gun owners -- there is really no point in attempting to abide by any laws whatsoever because the government already claims to right to murder you without due process thanks to the NDAA and Obama's "kill lists" of Americans to assassinate.

DHS specifically defines "terrorists" in America as: (SOURCE)

- Americans who believe their "way of life" is under attack
- Americans who are "fiercely nationalistic"
- People who consider themselves "anti-global"
- Americans who are "suspicious of centralized federal authority"
- Americans who are "reverent of individual liberty"
- People who "believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty."

Thus, at least half the U.S. population has already been deemed "terrorists." According to the White House, this means they have no right to due process.

In a scenario when resistance fighters realize they will not be offered anything resembling due process, they will only fight harder and become even more aggressive in their tactics and stance. After all, if you are cornered but offered a fair trial that you can genuinely trust to be fair, you might simply surrender and avoid the risk of death. But if you are cornered by a regime that has already announced it's going to call you an "enemy combatant" and claims to right to secretly kill you without any due process whatsoever, there is no additional risk in fighting to the death. You are dead anyway, logically speaking.

Even more, there is no moral hesitation against people in such a position resorting to tactics that would otherwise be scorned such as targeting family members of specific enemy targets. Even, imaginably, mass public suicide bombings would be an inevitable behavior of people who exist under extreme oppression with seemingly no recourse. This is the logic behind the mass bombings in Israel, of course. Whether right or wrong, the suicide bombers feel they have no recourse and have already been placed on government murder lists anyway.

By signing the NDAA and creating kill lists of Americans to murder with drones, Obama has actuallyradicalized whatever resistance might someday rise up in America if government oppression worsens. He has put laws and executive orders in place that have essentially pre-announced to gun owners and veterans, "You will not be given a fair trial. You will be named an enemy combatant and murdered by your own government." This action by Obama is extremely irresponsible, arrogant and dangerous. It is precisely the kind of stance that could provoke a violent response that's wildly multiplied far beyond what might have otherwise been attempted.

"If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

Keep in mind that in the recent Rand Paul filibuster in the U.S. Senate which sought answers to whether the President believed he had the power to kill Americans on U.S. soil using military drones, the official answer that was eventually received still claimed Americans who were "actively engaged" in anti-government activities could be killed without due process.

"Actively engaged" could mean anything, including blogging on the web or taking photographs of government buildings. Thus, the White House already claims the power to kill practically any American at any time, without due process or even producing a single shred of evidence against the person.

War is the absence of civility

War is, philosophically, the complete absence of civil law. Although the UN has tried to set "rules of war," the U.S. government routinely and habitually violates those rules in numerous ways... torture, for example, as well as the use of weapons of mass destruction (depleted uranium).

A breakout of war means all attempts at civility have failed and one or both parties believes they are left with no other option but attempted violence to achieve their goals.

That's how America was born, by the way: by the desperate actions of a determined minority of colonists deciding they had endured enough suffering and oppression. They made a joint decision to flat out start killing (British) tyrants, realizing this was their last remaining option for achieving liberty.

Due to this application of strategic violence for a noble cause, the British empire was eventually forced to withdraw because it could not physically commit a sufficient level of violence to achieve lasting control over the colonies. Importantly, even though the British won most of the military battles, they still lost the war for numerous tactical and sociological reasons. This is important because it indicates thatmilitary might does not equal military victory when people are defending their lives, their liberties and their core beliefs. (Just ask the Afghans.)

Delusional members of the radical left think they can suppress freedom by writing words on paper

The reason all this really matters is because the radical left is wildly delusional on all this, believing that if certain gun control words and phrases can be written on paper and ratified by members of government, then those words become a reality and all the privately-held guns, ammo and freedoms simply vanish from existence.

This is precisely the same sort of delusional thinking offered up by the left's advocacy of signs that say things like "gun free zone," ridiculously believing that words on a sign will magically alter reality.

They think the same thing about words on paper held at the state capitol. But history has shown thatwords are fleeting, but liberty lives forever. While gun control zealots may temporarily succeed in creating artificial constructs of their favorite words (i.e. "laws"), all that's really happening in the physical world is that gun owners are burying their guns and ammo while mentally preparing to retrieve them when necessary to defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Gun prohibition will fail just like marijuana prohibition

Guns do not disappear simply because they are banned. They go underground. Everyone on the left should easily understand this point because most of them smoke illegal pot from time to time, and they know how easy it is to purchase marijuana even though the substance is criminalized according to federal law. Once guns are added to the list of banned objects, they will only become even easier to acquire through off-the-books networks of distributors and resellers, none of whom will pay taxes or report any purchases through government "background checks" systems.

The best way to drive guns into the hands of criminals is to criminalize guns. Gun grabbers on the left are almost mentally retarded when it comes to anticipating the real-world impacts of their laws. Their intention is to eliminate guns, but intentions do not drive reality: economics does. Economics is the study of human decision making and behavior, by the way, not the study of money.

Driving guns into the underground economy will effectively construct a huge infrastructure of underground gun production, distribution and delivery, allowing anyone who can buy pot right now to be able to buy guns in the near future. Gun shops that presently follow federal laws for background checks will be put out of business and replaced by underground gun smugglers who follow no laws whatsoever.

In response, the federal government will multiply the budget of the ATF and declare a "war on guns" that will be roughly as successful as today's miserable "war on drugs" -- a police state fiasco that has done nothing more than fill the prisons with innocent victims while justifying the outrageous growth of police state agencies like the DEA.

Leftists who advocate gun control are really advocating a massive expansion of the police statewhile invoking the organic, spontaneous economics of underground trade. The state cannot stop people from getting what they really want. The failed war on drugs proves that. It's far smarter for the state to decriminalize the trade, regulate it and tax it -- and that's where gun sales are right now,before any new gun control laws are put in place.


My conclusion in all this is straightforward: The best "gun control" (from the perspective of those wanting more gun control) is to keep guns legal and readily available through legal retail shops that abide by government background checks and are licensed by the ATF. In this manner, gun sales are taxed and tracked, and it avoids the rise of underground gun-running gangs.

The worst form of gun control is to criminalize guns and drive the entire gun economy into the underground, where no sales are tracked or taxed and consumer demand will inevitably drive the spontaneous creation of a massive underground "gun gang" distribution network. This will have the effect of making guns far easier for criminals to acquire, and the net effect of that will be more violent crimes committed with guns, which is exactly what the gun control zealots claim they wish to prevent.

Thus, the outcome that is desired by gun control advocates will be the exact opposite of what actually unfolds. Such is the nature of "unforeseen consequences."

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, my friends. Try to make sure you are not blindly running down it.

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wehillusa said...

As a Christian,a husband,a father,a son,a brother,and as a member of the military I sit here with tears rolling down my cheek and can only say,your absolutely right on all counts. I've had the exact same thoughts and visions.I want to do something to stop or change the course but finally realize the only profitable thing I can do is share the love of Jesus,its the only way to win!

WVBORN56 said...

Wehillusa, well said. I think most here would agree. It is sad but the only option for the church is to pray and witness. I think our time here is short anyway. God help those friends and family who get left behind.

I'm not saying I would never fight for saving my Country but I just don't see that happening. Most American's don't see this as a big problem and the ones that do are going to be complacent so long is it does not rock their world too much. We are just too spoiled and too comfortable.

And I'll go back to my original point....I just don't see the church age lasting much longer. Once we are gone along with the Holy Spirit the flood gates of evil open unrestrained.

Caver said...

And a big Amen from this corner. You just feel it in your soul, the time is soooooo near.

Agree, the article is spot on. Still, ya gotta consider there are 30 million hunters here, most comfortable with dropping a deer at a 100 yards with one shot. The military has the firepower, for short range. The civilians have the equipment for the longer range engagement.

I don't want to be part of it, but its going to be brutal.

Scott said...

Wehill, WV, Caver- I share those feelings, as I believe many of us do. In complete agreement, There is no stopping this train.

The interesting thing is - throughout this entire generation, plans have been laid for this epic climax and its coming faster and faster as the globalists see their long awaited moment. Man, will they be in for a surprise when the Trib hits. Quite a big surprise indeed.

I look forward to our time in New Jerusalem when it hits here :)

Bella G. said...

I have a question. I have always wondered this. The global elite know exactly what they are doing, but do they know what awaits them? I mean, I would like to think that one or some of them have read the Bible and know whats to come of them? Right?

I just dont get it.

Caver said...

Bella, About 6 months ago I read something so cilling reference your question, it sent shivers down me.

It was one of those "insider reports", supposedly originating from an inside member of what we can only refer to as the elite. What this person said was that their plans were predicated on the Bible being exactly true, up to the time of the trib. Of course, they had different plans for after that, but they considered the Rapture to be a "given". They assumed many of their plans were for the aftermath and how to rule and control "after" that event.

Do they understand and believe the Bible....According to that report, some of these folks had whole teams of experts studying the Bible and prophecy and have proven, at least to themselves, that God, Jesus, and prophecy is absolutely true and real.

What manner of delusion or power or whatever these folk must live in is beyond my comprehension. They MUST believe they can defeat their Creator.

Many, if not most, appear to be Freemasons and, at the upper levels, separate Lucifer and satan as different entities and Lucifer is the Angel of Light.

Scott said...

Bella, I've read similar accounts as what Caver is discussing. I also believe in some cases they have no clue either - because in their arrogance they dismiss the Holy Bible.

But as Caver says - many do have some knowledge of the bible and even prophecies. ALso - don't forget, during the Tribulation they will KNOW that God is in control and dictating events and STILL refuse to accept Christ and rather, shake their fists at God in defiance. As Caver says "What manner of delusion or power or whatever these folks must live in is beyond my comprehension" - exactly.....

Bella G. said...

Thank you for answering Caver and Scott. That has just always bothered me, if they knew...then why follow through with it? But like Caver said its beyond our comprehension. Wow.

I cannot Thank You enough for this Blog, I have learned so many things from You, Caver, Mrs.C & the countless other people that post.

I look forward to meeting you all in person!