Saturday, December 29, 2012

Israel's Enemies Continue To Unite - With A Central Target In Mind

Right on schedule: 

We've seen Hamas and the PA/Fatah uniting with a common goal in mind (the destruction of Israel) - which involves a gathering of forces in the West Bank and Gaza. We've seen the early stages of Jordan meeting with the these same groups due to internal pressure from radical Islam, and now this. The prophetic significance of these alliances are profound, as we continue to watch Israel's enemies - those same enemies who will gather together in order to participate in the coming wars which are intended to destroy Israel:

Egypt To Pursue Relationship With Hezbollah

In a dramatic policy shift, Egypt will seek to forge "tight" relations with Hezbollah, Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon Ashraf Hamdy revealed in a candid interview published Saturday in Lebanon's Daily Star.
“You cannot discuss politics in Lebanon without having a relationship with Hezbollah," Hamdy was quoting as saying, before describing the terror group as a "real force on the ground" with "big political and military influence."

In this respect, Hamdy announced that Muslim-Brotherhood-dominated Egypt would begin “stretching [its] hand out in the proper, balanced way to all regional powers," including Hezbollah, in order to forge "tight" contacts with Lebanon's rulers.

"Resistance in the sense of defending Lebanese territory...[is] their primary role. We...think that as a resistance movement they have done a good job to keep on defending Lebanese territory and trying to regain land occupied by Israel is legal and legitimate,” he continued.

Egypt’s ambassador to Lebanon said his country will pursue a relationship with Hezbollah, a “real political and military force,” The Daily Star reported Saturday. If implemented, the decision would constitute a dramatic policy shift from that of the former Hosni Mubarak administration.
Egypt’s relations with Hezbollah, a Shi’ite Islamic group that is considered a terror organization by the United States, have been strained, in large part, by Cairo’s 1979 peace accord with Israel. The ambassador’s comments on the possible Hezbollah-Egyptian rapprochement came on the heels of the passage of the controversial Muslim Brotherhood-backed constitution by President Mohammed Morsi.

“In discussions we said we want Hezbollah to remain as a political force in Lebanon acting in the interests of the Lebanese first and not others,” Hamdy continued. “Resistance in the sense of defending Lebanese territory … That’s their primary role. We … think that as a resistance movement they have done a good job defending Lebanese territory, and trying to regain land occupied by Israel is legal and legitimate.”

Also see:

In an interview with Israel Radio, government minister Moshe Yaalon said that the U.S. was preparing to intervene in Syria. A final decision on intervention will come if and when the Syrian army begins using chemical weapons against its own citizens, Yaalon said.

Despite appearances, Yaalon said, the U.S. was aware of everything going on in Syria and was “very concerned” about the implications for the Syrian civil war on the region. Israeli officials were in close touch with American officials about the latest events in the country, he said. 


Caver said...

Finally, somebody had the insight and guts to say it. The physical cliff is purely a diversion from the real issues.....debt and middle class tax to oblivion.

Scott, thanks so much for the time and effort to bring all of this to us in such a condensed and systematic way....complete with good commentary.

Lord Jesus, Your bride awaits. We can't wait until Your glorious shout.

Scott said...

Amen brother, Amen!

Anonymous said...

Totally off the subject but I respect your discernment for the unusual things happening in the world today....what are your thoughts on the interest of "black-eyed children"...I'm stumbling on this subject alot...thankyou for your thoughts!

Scott said...

Anon- what is that? I haven't heard that term (?)

Anonymous said...

Scott - I first heard about "black-eyed children" on Prophesy in the News. They had a two part series on the I googled it and it was a tad disturbing...kinda like the alien thing going on...started in 1998 and people are coming forward after seeing these kids....