Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In The News:

Just a few more interesting news stories from this morning:

Israel has accused its closest ally, the United States, of endorsing a concerted European backlash against its plans to expand settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Five European countries, including Britain, have registered formal protests with Israeli ambassadors over last week’s decision by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to build 3,000 settlers’ homes and develop an area of the West Bank that could render a Palestinian state unviable.
Along with Australia and Brazil, they were joined by Egypt, threatening to destabilise its fragile regional relations.
The Egyptian foreign minister said it had registered a “strong protest” with Israel’s Cairo ambassador over the proposals.
Despite the mounting international protest however, Mr Netanyahu’s office indicated there would be no backing down over its settlement plans.
An official in Mr Netanyahu’s office told the AFP news agency: “There will be no change in the decision that has been made.”

The newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, quoted unnamed Israeli diplomats as saying the outcry could not have occurred without the complicity of the Obama administration, which has profound differences with Mr Netanyahu over settlements.
“We would not be mistaken to say that Europe was acting with Washington’s encouragement,” the paper’s commentator, Shimon Shiffer wrote. “The White House authorised Europe to pounce on the Netanyahu government and to punish it.”

The public has two months to petition against the proposed construction of some 3,000 housing east of the capital, which many claim will kill the 2-state solution
The Civil Administration Planning Council on Wednesday approved plans for the construction of some 3,000 housing units in the E1 area between East Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim. The hurriedly scheduled meeting of the council was a result of government pressure, apparently to demonstrate a determination to go ahead with the construction in an extremely sensitive area despite global condemnation.
The public now has two months to file objections to the proposal before it goes to the District Planning Committee for final approval.

Boeing has successful tested an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) missile that turns “science fiction into science fact” and could be the doomsday weapon against Iran, but media have largely ignored the development.

The U.S. Air Force and Boeing demonstrated the device more than two months ago over a military site in the Utah desert, reported the VR-Zonetechnology website.
Boeing did not keep the test a secret, but most mainstream media and technology sites overlooked the report.

The test was codenamed CHAMP -- Counter-Electronics High Power AdvancedMissile Project and was the first time a real EMP missile has been tested with positive real world results.

One of the most startling developments in the research and test is that the missile system does not use any explosives, thereby limiting damage to its intended goal of directing microwave energy that can cause instant blackouts.
Keith Coleman, who serves as Boeing’s CHAMP program manager in their Phantom Works division, stated that video camera showed “images of numerous desktopcomputers running, and then suddenly all of them go out quickly followed by the camera going to black,” VR-Zone reported.
“We hit every target we wanted to...  Today we made science fiction, science fact,” said Coleman.   

An Arutz Sheva opinion article in August mentioned Israel's possible use of an EMP bomb against Iran. The report triggered a chain reaction, allegedly influencing U.S. intelligence sources who have since been quoted in several publications with doubtful assumptions that the article reflected Israel government thinking.

The London Times subsequently reported that an EMP bomb could cripple Iran by shutting down its electronics and sending the Islamic Republic “back to the Stone Age.”
EMP causes non-lethal gamma energy to react with the magnetic field and produces a powerful electromagnetic shock wave that can destroy electronic devices, especially those used in Iran’s nuclear plants.
The shock wave would knock out Iran’s power grid and communications systems for transport and financial services, leading to economic collapse.

Below is just the introduction to this ominous article:

The FBI records the emails of nearly all US citizens, including members of congress, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney. In an interview with RT, he warned that the government can use this information against anyone.
Binney, one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in the history of the National Security Agency, resigned in 2001. He claimed he no longer wanted to be associated with alleged violations of the Constitution, such as how the FBI engages in widespread and pervasive surveillance through powerful devices called 'Naris.'
This year, Binney received the Callaway award, an annual prize that recognizes those who champion constitutional rights and American values at great risk to their personal or professional lives.


Hubae said...

This may be a dumb question but if Iran gets hit with an EMP, will that not knock out everything? Including any back up ways to keep the nuclear reactors cool? Could that lead to a melt down and a Fukushima type event where areas are totally uninhabitable? Is there prophecy with that type senecio?

Scott said...

I wonder if anybody really knows what an EMP would do. There are theoretical models but since it hasn't happened I think, like most things, there could be some surprises. But like you say, I would make similar assumptions.

Ive wondered if an EMP could hit the whole region, thus rendering the use of "horses" as seen in Ezek 38-39 the only option. Food for thought.

Mrs.C said...

Breaking News on Fox Channel right now...
They say that Syria now has 60 days to use the gas/bombs before the "mixture expires"...

WHEW! Israel...Israel is being pushed to the limit! They cannot tolerate chem weapons....

Scott said...

Updating this right now MrsC